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 The Query of Detective Grey (my first MK fanfic) View previous topic :: View next topic  
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Post Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:50 pm   
Post subject: The Query of Detective Grey (my first MK fanfic)
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"Yeah I'll see you later, Norm," said the bartender as a tall, dark trench coated figure wearing a fedora whose face was usually concealed with shadow exited the crusty downtown bar to retire to his apartment. "What do you think of his theories?" a regular asked to the bartender from across the dimly lit tavern. "You can't think to much on what someone like Norm says," the bartender began to reply, "people that have lost that much are bound to be a bit loopy."

Norman pondered as he walked the dark, quiet streets on his way home. 15 years ago. What an odd time. What happened? The issues plagued detective Norman Grey's nightmares ever since 1995. What cataclysm could have caused billions to lose consciousness and plowed a crater in the middle of a city? Everyone on the news said it was a medium-sized asteroid surrounded by a curious energy, but somehow, maybe by instinct, detective Grey knew that there had to be more to it than that.

Detective Grey climbed up the iron stairs to his small second floor apartment. He shooed away some stray cats and opened the wooden door to his musty living quarters. Every time he entered the filthy apartment he was reminded of his wife, because his wife kept things generally tidy while she was alive. She was killed by a bunch of kids that called themselves a gang as revenge for grey arresting their leader. The kids got off free because they were minors. That was a whole ten years ago, and Norman had since accepted that there was nothing he could have done about it then and nothing he could do to bring his wife back now. He switched on his television to find some refuge from his thoughts.

"What the hell?" asked Norman rhetorically when he saw the visage of his ugly, wrinkled, graying-haired, noggin on the news. He turned up the volume. "Detective Norman Grey has been suspected of brutally murdering members of the notorious Demons gang. The bodies of several gang members were found brutally butchered on the corner of Oak and Seaward streets-..." Grey turned off the TV. He was not guilty of the crime, and that was all he needed to hear. He started a pot of coffee, because he knew it was going to be a long night. There were a lot of people that had motive to get rid of the Demons gang, but no one more than detective Grey. The juries of this city where usually conviction happy, and they liked nothing more than to see a lethal injection whether the recipient deserved it or not. Eluding the police wasn't going to be an easy task, Grey thought, because he was well into his forties and he didn't have the vitality he used to. "Maybe the coffee will help," Norman said to himself as he gulped a cup of joe, grabbed his .357, put on his hat and headed out the door.

Taking a taxi would have been to risky, so for fear of being seen by the police or being recognized by civilians. Grey crept through back alleys being careful not to be seen, but also not being able to shake the feeling that he was being watched. When he got to the scene of the crime, the first thing he noticed was that the air was thick with the red and blue lights of the police cruisers that were blocking the detective from the sight of the bodies. Grey decided to sit behind a nearby dumpster and wait. After about and hour's wait, he got his first stroke of luck of the night. He overheard that all of the cops and detectives, save for one guard were going out to get dinner and coffee. Grey waited for the inept rookie to turn his back and pistol whipped him in the back of the head. Grey proceeded past the blockade of police cruisers and ambulances to find a gruesome scene of death and brutality.

The way those boys were butchered, Norman couldn't have even done it with a chainsaw. The cuts were rather clean and one of the boys had even been halved. Whoever did it could cut through muscle and bone like warm butter. Norman also noticed that some of the boys had been impaled, and one of them was alive, leaned up against the building. Detective Grey pointed the .357 magnum at his head. "I didn't fire any shots, and today obviously isn't your lucky day, so tell me who did this, or I'll put another hole in you," Grey threatened. "I don't know man!" the gangster pleaded. Norman cocked the gun. "It was some kind of monster that had swords coming out of it's arms, he asked if we were part of the demon clan and if we knew anything about you!" "Anything specific?" asked the detective. "I don't know,.... he said something about the resurrection of queen Sindel!" the gangster pleaded one more time before bursting into tears. "Don't worry, I ain't gonna kill you," Norman began, "I'm just gonna leave you here unguarded except for that sleeping paramedic over there, that is, unless you saw or heard from me?" "I didn't even know you were here," replied the gangster. Grey started running again when he heard cars start to pull in.

Norman was getting very tired. He didn't want to go back to his apartment. That would have been too obvious for the police. Norman's former best friend, riot officer Kurtis Stryker disappeared shortly after the incident 15 years ago. Detective grey saw this as a little more than a coincidence because in the days following the incident, Stryker refused to leave his room. Since Stryker's building had long since been deemed condemned and the wasn't anything obviously wrong with it, it made the perfect place for detective Grey to rest. Norman's second stroke of luck was that the building was only a couple of blocks away from the crime scene. When Grey arrived at the building he broke into Stryker's room, sat on his coutch, and went to sleep. When Grey woke, he saw pictures on the wall across from him that struck fear into his heart. The pictures were photographs of four-armed monsters, brutal murders, and a group of sword-armed creatures marching led by a really angry looking one. There was also a picture on the wall that confirmed all of Norman's suspicions. A picture of a giant temple rising out of what is now ground zero in the center of the city. Hungry for more knowledge, detective Grey continued to search Stryker's room. The first thing Norman noticed was that it was somehow cleaner than his own apartment, and the second thing he noticed was a card lying on Stryker's desk with the heading: EARTHREALM SPECIAL FORCES. "Earthrealm?" Grey asked himself aloud; he deducted that there were more "realms" than just the one containing Earth. There was a strange 27 digit phone number on the back of the card.

Because detective Grey was an old-fashioned guy that didn't believe in cell phones, he decided to go across the street and use the phone booth. When he walked outside the sunlight blinded him for a second. It must have been past noon. Norman had to make the phone call quick, because it was broad daylight and he spotted a police cruiser just across the street. When he opened the graffiti-covered phone booth, there were a couple of teenagers in there making out. "Get out, NOW!" yelled Norman, brandishing is trusty .357. The cops across the street saw the teenager running out of the phone booth like bats out of hell, and kept a close eye on the guy that was actually in the phone booth. Norman dialed the awkward 27 digit number and started listening to it ring. The female teenager, a cute brunette girl, ran across the street and alerted the policemen that there was a man with a gun in the phone booth, and everybody knows how policemen like to believe what girls in distress say. Someone finally answered the phone with a calm female voice that asked "How did you get this number?" "I'm detective Norman Grey, and I found this number in Kurtis Stryker's apartment. "Alright, Kurtis told me about you," said the female voice, "Listen carefully, Kahn knows that you know what you know, so he sent one of his best men to try and kill you." "Who the hell is Kahn?" said Norman, noticing the police cruiser creeping towards him. "There's no time to explain, just go to the warehouse by the waterfront, and I'll meet you there," said the female voice right before hanging up. Shortly afterward, a cop came and knocked on the door of the phone booth. Grey replied by using the door as a weapon to swing open and knock the cop down. A second cop walked forward and pulled a handgun on Grey. Grey responded by twisting and breaking his arm, disarming him, and then kneeing him in the head for a knockout. Grey picked up the extra handgun, a nine millimeter semi automatic, and put it in his coat. Norman took the chance while both cops were down to steal the cruiser, rip out the radio, and drive like a madman towards the waterfront.

When detective Grey got to the waterfront, he put the cruiser in neutral and pushed it into the water so that the police wouldn't find him there. Norman started walking towards the old warehouse; outside, he saw a payphone on a a wall of the warehouse that was ringing. Because Grey had a hunch it was for him, he picked it up. "We've had a small technological malfunction," said the female voice, "we will be there a bit later than expected, so stay in the warehouse and don't let your guard down until we get there." "Alrighty," said Grey with the slightest hint of frustration. Norman hung up the phone and entered the warehouse with his .357 drawn.

Again, Norman had the strange feeling that he was being stalked. Grey looked to the side for no more than a second while he was walking forward and something darted in front of him from the other side and kicked the gun out of his hand. When Norman looked at the creature he realized that it was the leader sword monster from Stryker's picture wall. Out of fear and desperation, Grey pulled the handgun he picked up earlier. Before Grey could even think about shooting, the monster extended a blade and sliced off the barrel. Normal threw what was left of the weapon away and anticipated the creature's next attack. The creature extended his other blade and swung it at Norman, who dodged the attack and started running back toward the door he entered from to put some distance between him and the creature. While he was running, detective Grey heard a weird noise that was followed also immediately by a sharp, burning pain in his back that brought him to his knees. The creature jumped clear over Norman's head and asked, "How did you like my blade spark?" in a rough monstrous voice. "I don't know," began Grey, "How do you like good, old-fashioned, American-made crowbars?" "What?" the creature asked from behind his gruesome metallic teeth. While the creature was the slightest bit confused, Norman picked up a nearby crowbar and, as fast as he could, he hit the creature in the head with it as hard as was possible, but accidentally struck with a dull part. The blow, which landed with a sickening skull-crunching crack, was still great enough to stun the creature. While the creature was stunned, detective Grey jumped on his back and attempted to choke him out with the crowbar. The creature came back around and threw the detective across the warehouse toward the entrance and into a steel beam sticking out of the ground. Grey landed with a thud, but luckily, he landed right on his trusty .357. "You will pay dearly for defying the mighty Baraka, leader of the tar-..." Baraka was interrupted with a shot from one of the most powerful guns in the world that ripped agonizingly through the meaty part of his shoulder right next to his neck. Baraka, maimed and no longer able to fight, let out an inhuman scream as he made his way jumping on crates toward the roof to escape.

Detective Grey didn't have long to hear the familiar female voice. A helicopter landed outside and a beautiful blonde girl in an odd type of military uniform jumped out. "Are you alright?" asked the girl. "Let me ask you something," Norman began while getting up and putting his black fedora back on, "What's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?" "Originally, I was going to kill you for obtaining restricted information," the girl began, "but after seeing Baraka run away with his tail between his legs like that, I was thinking that we could use a man like you in the special forces." Norm smirked. He had a feeling all his questions were about to be answered.

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Post Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:15 pm   
Post subject:
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Remind me to read this dude I keep putting it off lol

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Post Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:39 pm   
Post subject:
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Excellent piece of writing there, bro. Really enjoyable. Any chance of seeing a second part posted here?
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