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 Flaws in Shujinko's timeline in Konquest View previous topic :: View next topic  
The Shadowy Usurper
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Post Posted: Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:35 pm   
Post subject: Flaws in Shujinko's timeline in Konquest
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So last night I watched through all the main cinematics of MKD's Konquest Mode and noticed there were a lot of errors with the timeline, as well as the location of certain people at points in time. Here are some main examples:
-Sub-Zero trains Shujinko as a Lin Kuei warrior at a time when he should be significantly younger himself, or not even born.

-Noob Saibot is in the Chaos Realm, many years before he is killed as the original Sub-Zero during the Mortal Kombat tournament.**
**EDIT: Having played through the Konquest Mode, I now realize this was only addressed as a Brotherhood of Shadow member, not Noob Saibot. My mistake.

-Jade claims she was sent to retrieve the Outworld Kamidogu from her queen, but this is before even the first Mortal Kombat tournament where Liu Kang won, and therefore before Sindel's rebirth.

-Shujinko was about to fight in the MK tournament when he spends years training with Nightwolf. When his training is finished, the tournament still hasn't been held yet.

-Just as the Mortal Kombat tournament was about to be held, Shujinko goes to the Neatherrealm where he meets Scorpion, who is already pursuing Quan Chi (something he does not do until the end of MK4)

-Shujinko is put in jail in the Realm of Order for "untold years" just before the tournament in MKDA, yet he escapes before the beginning intro of MKD. As we know, the main story of MKD takes place immidiately after MKDA, so this should not be possible.

-Shujinko encounters Kitana in Edenia, yet she was supposedly defeated by the Deadly Alliance and then revived/controlled by the Dragon King. She also references Shao Kahn, who was killed by the Deadly Alliance (Raiden mentions earlier that they killed Liu Kang, which happened after they killed Shao Kahn). Oddly Sindel seems shocked that Kitana is still alive when Shukinko mentions it.

-Scorpion's MKD profile says he was with the Elder Gods when they all witnessed the re-emergence of the Dragon King and the death of Raiden. However, in Konquest mode the Elder Gods had already made Scorpion their champion when they sent him to stop Shujinko, before Raiden's fight with Onaga.

Those are the major errors I found in the timeline. I watched most of the Konquest Mode played out on youtube, and unless I play through the whole thing again I won't know where other timeline errors are (some characters may be located in other realms during periods of time they should be elsewhere, for example).

Any other timeline errors you guys know of? Any ideas on how to explain these errors?


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The Winter Witch
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Post Posted: Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:54 pm   
Post subject:
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That Sub-Zero one has always irritated me besides Sub's in his Deception uniform as well so completely out of step plus when Shujinko later enters the Netherealm Damashi (was the orb called that?) informs him that his association with the Lin Kuei has tainted his soul allowing access to the realm. Now surely if it was supposed to be Sub-Zero leading the Lin Kuei in Shujinko's youth that taint wouldn't have been there as Sub-Zero had been building the clan as a force of good (depending on how you define good). If it was still the old clan that that taint will be there which will tally with MK: Mythologies Sub-Zero but why is the Grandmaster obviously Sub-Zero and if it's Sub's father/grandfather/etc why is he wearing Sub-Zero's deception armour? Also Sub-Zero's estimated age wouldn't tally with the timeline at all as presented in Deception.

Also is the Tanya timeline correct? I'm sure I encountered her during the MKDA events rather than MK4 but I'll have to look into it.

His approach will be as silent as new fallen snow...his attack as fierce as winter's blizzard...his devastation as brutal as winter's relentless chill...he is complete (Lin Kuei Grandmaster)

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The Shadowy Usurper
TMK Sage

Joined: 23 Jul 2002
Posts: 2022
Location: Toronto, Canada

TMK Koins: 1010


Post Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:29 am   
Post subject:
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Having played through that part of the Konquest Mode, I think that this was during a time when Sub-Zero was not the Grandmaster. Evidence for this is the fact that the old, red-robed Grandmaster uniforms are seen. This was likely a young Sub-Zero Sr. who trained Shujinko, though even then I think it was too early for the older Sub-Zero to be alive, let alone old enough to train Shujinko. Maybe it was their father?

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