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Post Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 1:59 am   
Post subject: Frozen Heart
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*Pre-read: I know you're scared 'cause you're thinkin', 'Man, this is gonna be long!' And you're right! Though I'm not adding anymore to it. My best friend Ren helped me with the more...intimate...part of the story, and she referred to it as, "A tale of forbidden Love." So I'll just go with that. She also wants to read any feedback so please reply if you're brave enough to read the whole thing. (I apologize for not trimming it down, Ren would have slaughtered me.) Um...enjoy...*

“Where will we find him?”

“He will be walking through the hallway to the top of the temple.”

“Alive,” she smirked, staring into darkness, “or dead?”

“Dead,” the shadowed figure began to back away, “and make him bleed.”

Sareena, Kia, and Jataaka waited for the warrior they were sent to kill. They didn’t know what he was doing, what he looked like, or who he was.

A sound rang through the halls, “He’s coming!” announced Kia. Jataaka leaped to the other side, preparing to strike. Sareena found a crevice and waited in the darkness. Then there was a man who was running, she couldn’t tell from far away, though his eyes looked angry and worn. His muscles were strained and his body seemed weary, and he wore blue, a ritualistic suit of blue.

He ran just before them, Kia leaped from the side, and he didn’t seem surprised. He caught her and threw her body into the wall. She moaned and ached though found her way to her feet. Jataaka hid well in the shadows as she fell upon the man from the air, she caught him around his back and she tore skin from his shoulders. He grabbed her head with both hands and threw her forward. She fell though immediately stood as if unaffected. He caught Jataaka by the throat and lifted her above the ground, Sareena stared in awe. Her throat began to chill and ice spread like a flame to her body, to her face, to her hair. Sareena’s awe turned to horror as she saw one of her only friends freeze.

Sareena leaped in some primal anger though she lost sense of silence and he heard her approach. She was caught in mid-air and thrown to the stone path. Kia found herself far away and pulled out two daggers as she began running towards him. The man waited for her to catch him though when she attacked he slid back. Kia’s daggers were stuck in some artificial ice clone. Then he seemed to prepare for a running start and quickly slid with ice on the ground to kick through the ice clone and into her stomach. She flew far back and fell, screaming in agony. He looked down on her as blood began to flood her lips. He kneeled and put his hand to her face, soon she was engulfed by ice.

The sorcerer was not prepared for Sareena’s arm to grasp his neck and seize him back to the floor. Though he was able to grasp her arms and throw her in front of him. He held her down and she fought for life and death. He held both of her arms in one hand though put his other to her throat. She snarled in anger, staring into his eyes, “Slay me.” He heard her though was confused, and never expected to hear disparity from the Brotherhood of Shadow. “Slay me!” she screamed unknowing of why she was still alive.

He let go of her and stood, then began running toward the door again. She looked up and yelled, “Why won’t you kill me?”

He stopped before he reached the passageway and looked to the left. She saw his eyes and breathed hard. He looked back to the door and then to the stone beneath him, “I don’t know.”

She paused, now panting, “Who are you?”

He turned around and stared within her eyes; she looked back and only saw sorrow and blood. “I am Sub-Zero, of the Lin Kuei,” he turned without question through the gateway.

Quan Chi stood waiting for him, “Sub-Zero, assassin of the Lin Kuei, are you not?”

“Silence sorcerer, let me pass, or your blood will spill.”

Quan Chi laughed, “Why would you want my blood to spill?”

“For you and Shinnok are evil and I have been sent to stop you.”

“Fool, we are all tainted with evil, even you.” Sub-Zero’s ears pricked open, “Since you’ve entered the Netherrealm your soul has darkness over-powering it already. You would be an excellent member of the Brotherhood of Shadow. Join us and worship Shinnok, so you can reap the benefits your Lord Rayden will never allow.”

“Silence your lies sorcerer!” Sub-Zero’s hand stretched forward as he sent a ball of ice to freeze him. Quan Chi attracted the ice around his right arm laughed, and then he ran towards the confused warrior. Quan Chi’s shoulder went first, sending the ice lord to the hallway he had come from.

Sub-Zero stood tall and Quan Chi smirked, “If you can’t defeat me, how will you defeat Shinnok? You have no idea of his power!”

Sareena grabbed Quan Chi’s armor and elbowed him to his knees. He tried to counter-attack though Sub-Zero acted quickly with an ice shard in Quan Chi’s stomach. The sorcerer moaned, and then Sub-Zero threw another. Quan Chi moaned again and Sareena kicked his face to the earth. Sub-Zero walked beside him and looked down, with his hand extended. Sub-Zero made sure Quan Chi became one with the ground by ice.

“My name is Sareena.”

“Of the Brotherhood of Shadow, should I betray myself and save us both the trouble?”

“I may be a Demon, though I understand loyalty.”

“Only after you’ve served in blood!” he screamed, being the first to put her in her place.

“Blood is beauty.”

“No, sin is beauty.”

“So you’re saying I’m beautiful?”

Sub-Zero looked to her and she smiled. “Don’t twist my tongue, Demon.”

“Don’t give me riddles, Ice Angel.”

“I have no time for dark trickery,” he looked to her eyes, “Sareena.” He began towards Shinnok once again, though she stopped him.

“Wait!” she yelled, showing a sign of disparity again. “Let me go with you.”

“Why should I trust you?”

“Why did you let me live?” He looked deep into her eyes, and she walked to him. Her lips moved again, “Please take me with you, I need to leave here. I need to leave Hell.” She rested her hands on Sub-Zero’s shoulders and laid her head gently on his chest, listening to his heart beat. They stood for a while in silence, and then Sub-Zero moved his arms around her and held her close.

Sareena felt the chill air and her body relaxed. She looked up into his eyes, as he looked down on her. “Take off your mask.” Sub-Zero hesitated, unsure if he could trust a Demon. “Please, trust me.” Her voice was lower than a whisper, and it reminded him of the dark. Sub-Zero didn’t move, not even to resist her fingers slowly lifting his sheath. Her fingers reached over his mouth and she felt an icy mist. Both of them were breathing hard.

She let the mask fall to the floor and she pulled her hand through his dark hair. She tasted his breathe and felt the mist soothe her throat. She tasted his lips and felt the ice like tentacles spreading over her cheeks and down her neck. He gently set her away and she looked up at him, exhaling. She smiled as ice mist escaped her breathe. “This is the first time I’ve been cold in Hell.”

Sareena knelt down and lifted his mask. He eased it over his head quickly and looked at her again, “You can come with me, though I have to steal the amulet from Shinnok.”

Sareena smirked, “I can help you with that.”

Sareena entered through the passageway, walking confidently towards Shinnok. “We have slain him my Lord.”

“Good, now bring Quan Chi to me.”

“I have asked him to follow, though he wishes for you to come with me, Lord.” Shinnok grunted and followed behind her as she walked to the entrance. Sareena saw the door spring open and she jolted forward. Sub-Zero fired his freeze attack at Shinnok though he ignored it as it hit his right arm and he shot a jolt of energy into Sareena’s back.

She fell with her mouth open from pain into Sub-Zero’s arms. His eyes opened wide and he was in mixed emotions between sorrow and fury. He held her looking at her face, and he knew she was breathing her last breathes. He leaned his head forward and gently touched his lips upon hers. She breathed ice into the air and he saw a tear fall down ice-covered cheek. He looked into her eyes and listened in silence, “I,” she gasped into the air, “I Love you.”

He eased her body to the floor, mouth closed, nostrils flaring. He stood tall and looked into the darkness of the sky, “NOOOOO!” Ice encompassed the path he was on and the building he had left. His muscles had bound beneath his icy skin, and his head shook as he lowered his eye level to Shinnok.

Shinnok waited for Sub-Zero to attack, without any emotion on his face or in his movements. Sub-Zero shot a freeze attack and it hit Shinnok’s left arm though he counter-attacked with an energy bolt. Though Sub-Zero swiftly slid under the attack and lifted his fist into Shinnok’s face by uppercut. Shinnok fell backward though lifted himself up with his powers and then spread his right arm forward forcing Sub-Zero to fly back. Shinnok didn’t have time to tend to his left arm without Sub-Zero striking so he used another freeze attack on Shinnok’s right arm.

Sub-Zero clenched his right fist extremely hard as ice protruded around it, making solid layers. He then ran towards Shinnok who attempted to use his arms though couldn’t restrain. Sub-Zero lifted his right arm into the face of the helpless Shinnok. He had lain near death and Sub-Zero snatched the amulet around the chain from his neck.

Sub-Zero ran back from the entrance he had come from only to see the true Demon that Loved him. Youth, beauty, and humanity had all vanished from the lifeless body.

Sub-Zero closed his eyes and remembered her soft lips, her desperate eyes, and her beautiful smile that gave him hope. “I Love you too.”

"...don't think it's yours just 'cause you marked it with your urine."

Ínformatíos sumus memorías æternus.

~Totus Moratlís Kertamen

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Smokeish from the blunts
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Post Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 9:06 am   
Post subject:
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eh i liked it 7/10

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The Winter Witch
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Post Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 9:48 pm   
Post subject:
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Short but sweet Cool first time I read a Sub-Zero love story not about Subby but his brother Shocked
His approach will be as silent as new fallen snow...his attack as fierce as winter's blizzard...his devastation as brutal as winter's relentless chill...he is complete (Lin Kuei Grandmaster)

So fair... yet so cold... like a morning of pale spring still clinging to winter's chill (Grima Wormtongue)

In the depths of Winter I finally learned that within me there lay an invinsible summer (Albert Camus)

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TMK FanFic Kreator
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Post Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 10:38 pm   
Post subject:
Reply with quote're the first to compliment it...I thought it was different and put a lot of thought into it...
"...don't think it's yours just 'cause you marked it with your urine."

Ínformatíos sumus memorías æternus.

~Totus Moratlís Kertamen

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Post Posted: Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:25 pm   
Post subject: cool story
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that was in anwsome story you made with sereena and sub - zero
was it about the first sub -zero or his younger brother?

i am a shadow. that lives in the darkness

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Post Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:50 am   
Post subject:
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Yeah ! the story was too good and I lost in so thoights while , were reading it .

Rango Online

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