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 For Sale Brand New Blackberry Bold 9780==$400..HTC HD7==$350 View previous topic :: View next topic  
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Post Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:52 pm   
Post subject: For Sale Brand New Blackberry Bold 9780==$400..HTC HD7==$350
Reply with quote
We are importer & exporter dealers on all brand new models of Mobile phones with complete accessories in original factory sealed box.They are unlocked to any network.No contract and sim-free they also comes with an additional one year warranty and a six months return policy from our store.Delivery time is 3-4working days,Also we deliver to any location in the world,the minimum order is 1-100unit and we work in 24hours .

Please review our returns policy for more details below:
Before you return your items, you must contact us and receive a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA). Any returns sent without an RMA number will not be accepted by MOBILE ABILITY LIMITED We assume all responsibility for the package until it arrives at our office.
Please include the following information when returning an
1) Your RMA number on your invoice (Do not write on the items box).
2) A copy of your original invoice with the RMA number (inside the shipping box).
3) A note stating the problem if you would like the return for replacement or exchange.


For live chat on MSN::mcnet09
For live chat on Gtalk::mcnet09

HTC Phones
HTC Desire HD ====$400
HTC Desire Z ====$450
HTC 7 Surround==== $450
HTC 7 Mozart ====$350
HTC Trophy ====$380
HTC 7 Pro ====$300
HTC 7 Pro CDMA==== $350
HTC HD7 ====$350
HTC Gratia ====$400
HTC HD2 ====$200
HTC Tattoo ====$300
HTC Pure==== $300
HTC Touch2 ====$300
HTC G1 ====$200
HTC Touch 3G ====$300
HTC TOUCH PRO2==== $300
HTC Touch Viva==== $250
HTC DIAMOND ====$250
HTC Touch Cruise ====$250
HTC Magic ====$300
HTC Snap ====$250
HTC Hero ====$280
HTC Ozone ====$260
HTC Desire ====$300
HTC Legend ====$255
HTC Google Nexus One ====$300

Apple phones
Apple Iphone ====$150
Apple Iphone 3G ====$200
Apple Iphone 3G 8GB ====$250
Apple Iphone 3GS 16GB ====$300
Apple Iphone 3GS 32GB==== $350
Apple Iphone 4 16GB ====$450
Apple Iphone 4 32GB ====$500

Nokia N97 Mini============$350
Nokia N95 8gb============$200
Nokia N96 8gb============$300
Nokia N97 32GB============$300
Nokia N900============$250
Nokia X3============$250
Nokia X6============$300
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music============$200
Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition==$300
Nokia 6760 slide===========$300
Nokia 3720 classic============$250
Nokia 6790 Surge============$300

T-Mobile Phones
SIDEKICK LX ====$220
SIDEKICK II ====$200
SIDEKICK LX 2009 ====$250
T-Mobile G2 Touch ====$300
T-Mobile myTouch 3G ====$300
T-Mobile MDA Basic ====$300
T-Mobile MDA CompactV ====$280
T-Mobile MDA VarioV==== $200
T-Mobile Dash3G ====$250
T-mobile Pulse==== $300

Apple Ipads
Apple Tablet iPad 64GB (Wi-Fi + 3G) ====$550 USD
Apple Tablet iPad 32GB (Wi-Fi + 3G) ====$450 USD
Apple Tablet iPad 16GB (Wi-Fi + 3G) ====$350 USD

Nokia Phones
Nokia N97 Mini ====$350
Nokia N95 8gb ====$200
Nokia N96 8gb ====$300
Nokia N97 32GB ====$300
Nokia N900 ====$250
Nokia X3 ====$250
Nokia X6 ====$300
Nokia X6 8GB==== $380
Nokia X3-02 touch &Type ====$400
Nokia E7 ====$380
Nokia C5-03 ====$280
Nokia C6-01 ====$300
Nokia C7==== $360
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music ====$200
Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition ====$300
Nokia 6760 slide ====$300
Nokia 3720 classic ====$250
Nokia 6790 Surge ====$300
Nokia 5250 ====$350

Samsung i8910 ====$300
Samsung Omnia i900 ====$250
Samsung Q1 Ultra ====$250
Samsung T559 Comeback ====$250
Samsung S3100 ====$250
Samsung A887 Solstice ====$300
SamsungB7610 OmniaPRO ====$300
SamsungB7610 Omnia2 ====$300
SamsungT469 Gravity2 ====$300
Samsung S9110==== $250
Samsung A177 ====$250
Samsung S5600v Blade ====$300
Samsung B7620 GiorgioArmani ====$300

Blackberry Phones
Blackberry Curve 3G 9330 ====$470
Blackberry Bold 9780 ====$400
Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 ====$450
Blackberry Storm 9520 ====$300
Blackberry Storm 9550==== $300
Blackberry Tour 9630 ====$250
Blackberry storm 9530 ====$300
Blackberry storm 9500 ====$250
Blackberry Gemini 9300 ====$250
Blackberry Bold 9000 ====$200
Blackberry Bold 9700 Onyx ====$300
Blackberry javelin==== $250
Blackberry curve 8900 ====$280
Blackberry curve 8520 ====$300
Blackberry Curve 8310 ====$300
Blackberry Torch 9800 ====$400

Xbox 360 Core System============$200
Xbox 360 Prenium pack ============$220
Xbox 360 Platinum Bundle Console ===$240

Nintendo DS Lite NDSL Game Console (Pink) ========$130
Nintendo DS Lite Black (US) ============$130
Nintendo DS Lite Enamel Navy (HK) ========$130
Nintendo Wii Game Console (White (Japan Version )========$160
Nintendo Wii (Jap) (Downgrade version) ============$160
Nintendo Wii Game Console (White (US Version Wii sport included)==$180

ipod nano 4gb============$150
video ipod 20gb============$170
VIDEO IPOD 30GB============$200
VIDEO IPOD 60GB============$200
VIDEO IPOD 80GB============$200

Playstation 3 60GB ======$200
Playstation 3 80GB ======$230
Playstation 3 40GB ======$180

Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD ========$700
Pioneer DVJ-1000 Professional CD/DVD Turntable=====$1500

Pioneer EFX-500 mixer==========$350
Pioneer EFX-1000 Professional Performance Effector===$700

Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3====$600
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2====$450
Pioneer CDJ-900 Tabletop Multi Player====$700
Pioneer CDJ-800 MK2 Digital Vinyl Turntable=====$400
Pioneer CDJ-400 Tabletop CD/MP3 Player========$400
Pioneer CDJ-200 Tabletop CD/MP3 Player=========$300
Pioneer CDJ-2000 Professional Multiplayer=========$1000
Pioneer CMX-3000 Tabletop CD/MP3 Playe==========$600

Apple Macbook Air============$750
Apple MacBook (MA700LL/A) Mac Notebook.============$500
Apple MacBook Pro (MA611LL/A) Notebook============$600
Apple MacBook (MA254LL/A) Mac Notebook============$450
Apple iBook G3 (M7698LL/A) Mac Notebook============$600
Apple MacBook Pro (MA609LL/A) Notebook============$550
Apple MacBook Pro (MA600LLA) Notebook============$500
Apple MacBook Pro (MA610LL/A) Notebook============$600
Apple Macbook Pro (885909119400) Notebook============$600
Apple Powerbook G4 1.67ghz Drive Bluetooth======$600

Dell XPS M1710 PC Notebook ============$500
Dell XPS M2010 PC Notebook============$550
Dell Lapto 1100-BX7ZT21============$350
Dell Latitude C640 - 2.0GHz, 512MB, 40GB==$400
Dell Inspiron Model 8500 Laptop==========$400
Dell Latitude D810============$500
Dell Inspiron 6000 Notebook Computer========$400
Dell Laptop,Wireless,Intel M,60GB============$560

Sony VAIO VGN-T1============$680
Sony VAIO VGN-FS315============$720
Sony VAIO VGN-S3============$850
Sony VAIO VGN-TX1============$540
Sony VAIO VGN-FS215============$710
Sony VAIO VGN-S4============$870
Sony VAIO PCG-K35============$750
Sony VAIO A170 Laptop============$550
Sony VAIO GRT250 Laptop ============$550
Sony VAIO V505DC1 Laptop============$600

And more...
We give one free units for every 3 Units been purchased.
Delivery time is 3-4working days,Also we deliver to any location in the
world,the minimum order is 1-100unit and we work in 24hours .


For live chat on MSN::mcnet09
For live chat on Gtalk::mcnet09

Thanks for taking a view.

Mr Roudonane

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