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Post Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2005 6:44 am   
Post subject: Memory (FanFic)
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This isn't a real FanFiction off of anything, just my own story. I've actually posted stories on other forums and people liked them. Here goes nothing..


Raizden crouched in the cold sand of the artic reigon. It was -20 degrees and he worn nothing but thin blue pants and a red sleevless t-shirt. He wasn't shivering or even cold for the matter. Some of his blue bangs stuck out from his mask, which covered all of his face except for his eyes. Raizden stared at one spot with his teal eyes. He touched the snow with his robotic claw, feeling it, though he had lost his sense of touch long ago. Both of hids hands were robotic and had tubes that stuck out his skin, from his arm, to his torso, and ended at his hips. The tubes were like worms, they came out of his skin then back in and out again, all across his arms and torso.

Somthing about this particular spot of snow interested him. Raizden felt he had been here before, but he could not remember. He was sure somone had died here by his hands, but he could not remember. He remember all deaths that he had experienced, they were recorded in his brain. For some reason he could not remember this one. Raizden stood up. He began to walk away. Beyond was nothing but a plain of the cold ice. The dark clouds loomed over head and they decided it was time to make Raizden suffer.

Tears of the night fell from the sky. Raizden stopped. The way the rain touched his skin, it wasn't pleasurable. It was pain. Before his current memory he knew he was somone else. But pain clouded his mind whenever he tried to remember. He had figured out that when the tears of suffering came from the heavens, he had to go back and do somthing. They were his master and he was the apprentice. Raizden did not want to stay in the tears any longer, so he headed back to the spot that now was haunting him. When he reached there once again, he knelt down, and waited. The rain sitll fell but it was a test to Raizden, and he was going to pass.

An hour passed, and Raizden did not move. Now the tears were heavier. Raizden was as silent as the air and as still as a boulder. Even though he was relaxed, he was always on guard. As quick as lightning, Raizden jumped up and caught a knife in midway, aimed at his head. He looked straight and found somone hiding in the snow. "Clever" he said. Raizden then threw the knife back as the white shadow blending with the sand. They jumped up and avoided it. However by doing so, Raizden got a good look at them.

It was a she trying to assassinate him. She had long flowing, slighty curly, white hair. She was paler than a ghost and all of her robes were white. She held a very basic staff witch was all white except for a blue stone in the middle of it. She looked ahead, fearlessly, into the eyes of Raizden. Her eyes were also white. Raizden took two steps ahead, bowed, and said, "Greetings my young warrior wizard. May I ask of what you are and why you were trying to behead me?" The girl seemed anxious and replied, "I am Mono. You are a murder and a liar! You must be killed Raizden!" He took a closer look at her. It seemed to stir somthing. He faintly remembered killing an old man when he was a little boy, a girl was with him, but somhow, she escape. This was that girl.

Raizden took out two extremely thin swords. They were shiney silver. They were also known as "Skinny-Dippers" He then charged at Mono with full speed. Mono jumped thinking she had dodged him. Raizden predicted what she was going to do and was right. He too jumped and with one of his swords tried to slash her. Mono blocked with her staff but was hit in her side but another skinny dipper. Mono landed on her feet in the snow. Her heart was pounding. I know this day was going to come, I prepared for this remember, she thought. Mono had been training ever since her master was slain by the machina boy.

Raizden wasted no time, he charged again. This time Mono hit her staff into the ground and a whiteish smoke went everywhere. Suddenly the ground beneath her exploded and snow went everywere, blindg Raizden, or so she hoped. He spun around just in time to block a sharp crystal about to stab him. He ran foward, through the smoke and snow until he was free of it. No more fooling around decided Raizden. Mono now floated abouve him and fired another crystal at him, right below. Raizden took advantage of this. He jumped up, jumped on top of the crystal, threw down a skinny dipper, jumped again and grabbed on Mono's staff. He stabbed Mono right in her chest with his claws.

Raizden moved his hand around until he had a good grip on an organ. Mono slung around, hit him directly with her staff, and created a mini whirlwind. Nothing worked, he was hooked on. Raizden Began to stab her and over with his other hand, holding the skinny dipper. Feeling desperate Mono flung herself, at full speed at some ice. When she hit the ice, her staff glowed a bit. Raizden knew she had cast a spell but he didn't know what. Franticly, he tried to loosen himself from Mono. His blood covered claw wouldn't come out. Mono was bleeding from the hole in her chest. She had tangled up Raizden's hand with her organs. (She can move her organs around at will)

The ice began making this cracking sound. Mono then moved her organs to a position where Raizden could free himself. Raizden tore out whatever organ he was holding and tried to escape. Mono then flew out of the ice's range. Tired and bleeding, she tried to rest and heal. The ice then made a cracking noise. An ice claw grabbed Raizden and an Ice Dragon formed out of the small circle of ice. Raizden quickly cloned his remaining skinny dipper and had enough. He began to scream. He was a horrifying scream. A scream of pure torture. Mono, look at him. Through his screams she saw somthing. It was a soul, crying for help.

Mono then made a desicion. He must be killed. A tortured soul is dangerous and cannot be healed. She then floated up and put her hand on the blue stone of her staff. Mono stored energy and aimed, then waited. Raizden was now furious. His scream become more and more unbearable. Finally, his mind collapsed. The Ice Dragon began to squeal. Raizden was firey, extremely hot. The dragon dropped him and began to melt but Raizden wasn't finished. He went into a beserk and slashed at amazing speeds at the dragon. Before the Dragon could fully melt, Mono turned into back into a circle of ice. Then she flipped it over, sending Raizden into the frozen ocean.

Mono prepared herself, she could end it now. A tiny dart was in her hand. It was pale, like her, and had much energy in it. She took aim and prepared to fire. Raizden could not control himself now. The machine side took over. Maddened, Raizden swam near the surface and torn threw the ice. Almost at the same time, Mono threw the dart. It was a direct hit. Raizden fell backward into the frozen ocean beneath the ice. Mono , tired and losing way too much blood, went back to the ground. She sat down and decided to rest. After all, he might not be dead.

It was several hours later. Mono healed up and decided he was dead. She just barely turned around when Raizden blew up the ice and flew toward her and stabbed her. Mono managed to spin around the try to block before his beserk mode. Raizden attacked with both skinny dippers. Mono had never seen anyway so fast. It seemed like 1,000 swords were coming at her. Mono was trying to dodge each blow with her staff. Raizden then reached toward her and grabbed her. He threw her on the ground and mixed his skinny dippers into one.

Mono knew what was about to happen. She concentrated and had to relax. Before Raizden could even began to behead her, a frozen firewall appeared across both of the fighters. Mono manged to get out of the way. Raizden, decided to try one more trick. Mono suddenly sensed a presence behind her. She used her staff to block a pair of skinny dippers from slicing her head off. There was a soul version of Raizden standing before her.

Mono stuck her staff through the skinny dippers, which were crossed, jumped up and hooked the swords around the souls neck. Finshing her move, Mono grew a blade at the end of her staff and sliced the head of the soul. The head rolled off and the spirit vanished. Raizden, himself, was suddenly grabbing his neck. His neck was torn and sliced. Mono decided the try and kill him now, even thought past attempts had failed. She took her pain from her past, stole some of Raizden's pain, and combined them.

Mono then hooked the pain to each one of them. As long as she could stand it and hold the spell, the longer it would hurt Raizden. Raizden began whining and whimpering. The fire was stiff there and the rain began to die away. The pain was incredible for Mono, did he really suffer this much? She grabbed her head and tried to stay focused. Raizden began to scream again. Mono couldn't hold anymore. She broke the spell,did her smoke and exploding snow trick, and flew away, a succesful escape.

Shs had to leave, she wasn't ready for him yet. Raizden was much stronger than she thought. He woke up a few min later. Raizden got in focus and studied himself. He had horrible frostbite and burns across his body. His shirt was torn and frail. Yet...and yet the just got a little hole in her chest, not a robe out of place. Raizden took his anger out on a group of nearby scientists. How did he lose? What did he do wrong? Raizden looked down and went to the spot that he had stared out before.

Now the cold sand was covered in blood stains and holes in the ground. Raizden bent down and studied the spot. He sat there, and stared at it, and thoguht about Mono.

Okay, I'm done. This is a bit cheesey than normal but let me know what you think. If you guys think this is good then I can post a prequel, which will explain their past. (my eyes hurt)

I wish I had an album, just one Nightwish album....

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