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 Mortal Kombat - The Final Battles (WhyteLotusConcept) View previous topic :: View next topic  
TMK Kid Thunder
TMK Kid Thunder

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Post Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 1:07 pm   
Post subject: Mortal Kombat - The Final Battles (WhyteLotusConcept)
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This is something I wrote about three or four years years ago with my mastery of Mortal Kombat trilogy. Some features have been tweaked and I welcome any correction to the storyline I put forward. Characters you haven't heard of are new, created by msyelf. Becuase of when it was written, MK4 had been released, but I had not played it and still haven't, so references to charcters from MK4 will not be based on the storyline of MK4 - this is something I am happy to correct if someone enlightens me. Do not look for references to DA or Deception - I haven't thoroughly played DA and I am still unlocking Endings and Alt Bios from Deception. Originally there were no references to Seido or the Chaosrealm either - these have been added subsequently to completing MKD's Konquest. Enjoy.

Mortal Kombat:The Final Battles
----A Whyte Lotus/k2 Concept----

The Kombat Story Now:

After being defeated by Lui Kang in the Mortal Kombat Trilogy Tournament, Shao Kahn is made to lose his grip on the Earthrealm and is forced to retreat back into Outworld. Upon his return his armies are attacked by his dissenting Tarkatan followers, led by Baraka. Enlisting the aid of the treachorous Shang Tsung, Baraka is able to banish the exiled Emperor of Outworld to the Hellrealm, and Shang Tsung appoints himself as the new Emperor of Outworld, allied with Baraka and his Tarkatan army. Utilising his position as Emperor, Shang Tsung brokers an alliance between the Centaurs and Shokan races of Outworld. His army recuperated and its strength renewed, Shang Tsung prepares once more for an invasion of the Earthrealm.

Banished in the depths of Hell, Shao Kahn wastes no time in striking an alliance with Lucifer and his demon army, using the promise of access to the Earthrealm and the souls of its inhabitants as leverage to ascend to the High Command. Shao Kahn bides his time - unable to open a portal to the Earthrealm himself, he must wait for Shang Tsung to open a portal and weaken the boundaries between the realms before he can lead the Hellspawn into a interdimensional crossover.

However, circumstances beyond Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn's control catch them unprepared. In Umbria, the Shadowrealm, a virtual prison of a realm where the Elder Gods banish the most evil of the realms creations and the lines between reality and non-reality are skewed and blurry, the recent instability between realms has caused the boundaries of the Shadowrealm to weaken. Umbria is the boundary of reality - it acts as a buffer between all things that can phsyically exist, and those things that cannot possibly exist. These things wait for an opportunity to breach into the realms of existence, where they can take upon their true shape and unleash their impossible power. Where they to break into the realms of reality, they would extinguish all life they encountered. Even in the state of the weakened boundaries, however, the beings were too weak to cross over to reality. Instead, they found they could influence the thoughts and actions of those imprisoned in the Shadowrealm. They chose a champion - Shikkoen, a being who was long imprisoned by the Elder Gods for causing inter-realm genocides of mortals. Millenia of imprisonment in Umbria caused Shikkoen to become demented - the Beings easily took control of his mind. Shikkoen broke through the boundary of the Shadowrealm and into the Netherrealm, whereupon he called upon his minions to join his cause - the eradication of each realm's protector. Within a matter of days the realms of Seido and the Chaosrealm fall to Shikkoen's army, leaving Edenia, Hell, Outworld and the Earthrealm. Princess Kitana, the ruler of Edenia, sends an emissary to the Earthrealm champion Lui Kang to alert him of the iniment danger. Lui Kang and the Earthrealm warriors have a more immediate problem to deal with - the inter-realm instability was heightened by the fall of Seido and the Chaosrealm, and Shang Tsung opened a portal from Outworld, leaving the Tarkatan army to destroy the Earthrealm warriors so he can claim the realm for himself. His Shokan and Centaur fighters remain in Outworld to defend against the onslaught of Shikkoen's armies. Simulataneous to the Tarkatan invasion, Shao Kahn and the Hellspawn breach the Earthrealm. Unable to cope with the onslaught of two armies, and the impending threat of a third, the Earthrealm warriors retreat to Nightwolf's spiritual homeground, where no evil can enter - thus thrusting a stalemate upon the aggressors.
In the safety of a vast desert, the Lin Kuei dojo remains remote from the turmoil. The Grand-master Sensei Sing Luo has built his most efficient cybernetic ninja - LK-2K2, Meknex, who has been assigned the task of accomplishing what Sektor and Cyrax failed to do: find the renegade ninjas Sub-zero and Smoke and eliminate them. Kurukaze, once a close friend of Sub-zero, learns of the plan and sets out to warn and protect her friend.
In the face of the stalemate, Shikkeon is unable to destroy the guardians of each realm. He proposes that the warriors from each realm partake in a tournament in which they fight for their lives against his best warriors and amongst themselves. The winners protect their realm - the losers die. They have no choice. The warriors must now take part in "The Final Battles".

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TMK Kid Thunder
TMK Kid Thunder

Joined: 25 Feb 2006
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Post Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 1:55 pm   
Post subject: The Kombatants
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The Kombatants
N.B. Following MKDA and MKD's addition of fighting styles, these will be implemented at some point. God knows when though, as I know nothing about actual fighting styles. Help welcomed.
N.B.ii The Final Battles is aimed to be set in 3D. NL (non-linear) means that the opposing fighter doesn't have to be directly in front of the attacker to be affected. NA (non-airborne) means that the opposing fighter will not be affected if they are in the air. For all others, assume linear rules apply.
N.B.iii Hara-Kiris were implemented after seeing them in MKD.

The Bosses
N.B. Bosses are no longer super-strong with limited moves. they contain a range of punches, kicks and throws as a normal character, but with 5% more damge per hit and are about 10% faster.
Shikkoen: Taking Shao Kahn's place as the main Boss, Shikkoen's demented mind has been tempered with the absolute fury of the Beings of the non-reality realms. His strength and speed is unparallelled, as are his devestating evil attacks.
Fighting Styles: ????
Special moves
Demented Yell - A scream of rage that momentarily stuns fighters. (NL)
Earthquake - Shikkoen smashes the ground, causing the fighter to fall to the ground (NL, NA)
Impaled throw - Shikkoen thrusts his sword into the enemy and throws them overhead. (linear only)
Fatality: Head Spike: Shikkoen swiftly decapitates his opponent and catches the head on the point of his sword.
Fatality: Undying Rage: Shikkoen picks up his opponent and tears off his arms, legs and rips the head from the torso.
Fatality Combo: Shikkoen impales the body with his sword, grabs hold of the opponent's head and throws the body in the normal manner, severing the head in the process.
Friendship: Shikkoen cooks a spitroast on his sword.
Hara-Kiri: Shikkoen tears himself apart in the manner of undying rage (obviously missing an arm out).

Play As Shikkoen: Defeat Shikkoen as Lui Kang, Kitana, Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn and Satan.*

Attagacka: Attagacka is an Elder Dragon, the Commander of Shikkoen's armies, and his personal body guard. Attagacka also has a personal rivalry with Motaro as his race of Centaurs is destroying the land of the Elder Dragons. [Author's note] Attagacka is essentially what Onaga is - remember I came up with this about three years ago [/Author's note]
Special Moves:
Dragon Flame: Attagacka unleashes a burst of flame (linear, performable whilst flying)
Flying: Attagacka can fly in the manner of Sindel in MK3/MKT.
Swooping Bite: Attagacka swoops down at his opponent and takes a large bite out of them (in air only)
North Wind: Attagacka beats his wings and causes his opponent to fall. (linear, affects airborne)

Fatality: Snack: Attagacka morphs to his full size, scoops up the fighter and crunches down hard.
Fatality: Well Done: Attagacka morphs to his full size and unleashes a prolonged stream of flame at the fighter.
Fatality Combo: Toast: Attagacka morphs to his full size, toasts his victim with a stream of fire, and eats him.
Friendship: Attagacka scoops up the fighter onto his back and flies around for a bit.
Hara-Kiri: Attagacka morphs into full size, opens his mouth and swallows his tail and torso up to his neck - then bites down.

Play as Attagacka: Defeat Attagacka as Motaro.*

*The logic behind this will be explained later. I'll be back later with the remaining Kombatants.

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TMK Kid Thunder
TMK Kid Thunder

Joined: 25 Feb 2006
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Post Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2006 10:57 am   
Post subject: The Netherrealm Warriors (Shikkoen's Army)
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The Netherrealm Warriors - Shikkoen's Army

Some new and some classic characters that make up the Champions of the Netherrealm.

Rendux: A powerful sorceror previously banished from Outworld to the Netherrealm after falling out of favour with Shao Kahn. He seeks to destroy his successor - none other than Shang Tsung.

Weapon: Staff

Special Moves:
Spirit Guard: Rendux becomes invulnerable to projectiles for a few seconds.
Spirit Grasp: Rendux summons spirits to grab hold of his opponent, paralysing them momentarily. (NL, NA)
Dark Matter Blast: Rendux fires a ball of compressed dark matter from his staff, causing damage. (linear)
Sweep Dash: Rendux rushes his opponent and sweeps his legs out from under him with his staff. (linear, NA)

Fatality: Curse: Rendux summons spirits that invade his opponent's body and cause them to start battering their head off the ground until it splits open.
Fatality: Implosion: Rendux releases a large ball of dark matter that causes his opponent to collapse in on himself until he explodes.
Fatality Combo: Rendux uses his Spirit Grasp and smacks his opponents head with his staff so hard that it flies off.
Friendship: Rendux is thrown a baseball, which he hits with his staff (followed by "Charge" music)
Hara-Kiri: Rendux sets himself on fire.

Play as Rendux: Defeat Rendux as Shang Tsung.

Xeroxus: A demon from the Netherrealm that is able to mimic the abilities of his opponent. Xeroxus is a spy for Shikkoen's army.

Weapon: Twin Daggers

Special Moves:
Mimicry: Once his opponent performs any kind of special attack or combo, regardless of whether or not it hit Xeroxus it will be added to his move list for the duration of the fight (ie, he can still perform a move seen in Round One in Round 3). Obtained moves can be checked in the Pause Menu's Attack List. They do not remain from fight to fight.
Flaming Punch: Rushing punch attack (linear, NA)
Rising Knee: Xeroxus jumps to put extra power into thrusting his knee into his opponents body.
Dagger Toss: Xeroxus throws his twin daggers, one at standing height, one at crouch level (linear, NA)

Fatality: Flaming Uppercut: Xeroxus' flaming fist knocks his opponent's head clean off and causes it to burn to a crisp.
Fatality: Cinder: Xeroxus thrusts his hand inside his opponent's chest and causes him to burst into flames before crumbling to ashes.
Fatality Combo: Trial By Fire: Xeroxus performs Cinder and then Flaming Uppercut while the body is still burning.
Friendship: Xeroxus pulls out a funhouse mirror and examines himself.
Hara-Kiri: Xeroxus simultaneously stabs himself in the heart and slits his throat.

Play as Xeroxus:
Defeat Xeroxus as any character without using Combos or Special moves.

Ursa: Ursa is a Gremlong, a humanoid hybrid of man and bear that exist in the lower planes of the Netherrealm. She commands the majority of Shikkoen's army, comprised mainly of her race. A vicious fighter that wishes to move her race to a higher plane of habitation, and has been promised a section of Edenia in return for her services to Shikkoen.

Weapon: Scimitar

Special Moves:
Grab and Slash: Ursa grabs her opponent and slashes them repeatedly with her claws up to five times.
Jaw Clamp: Ursa grabs the fighter in her jaws and tears at their throat.
Forest Call: A loud roar that stuns Ursa's opponent. (linear)
Double Fisted Smash: Ursa brings both paws heavily on the opponent's head.

Fatality: Throat Rip: Ursa grabs her opponent and rips her throat out.
Fatality: Mating Call: Ursa roars and a larger male gremlong appears from the background, who tears the opponent in two.
Fatality Combo: Feast: Ursa rips her opponent's throat out and calls for her mate to join her in devouring the corpse as it bleeds to death.
Friendship: Ursa sets out a picnic (complete with uh Pic-i-nic basket hur hur Wink)
Hara-Kiri: Ursa uses her claws to gouge out her eyes and open up her throat.

Play as Ursa: Defeat Ursa as any character.

Naplam Charlie: Napalm Charlie is an Earthrealm human who survived Shao Kahn's extermination squads by camping out in a National Guard base. An ex-arms dealer who has been suspected of ties to the Black Dragon clan, he is contracted by Shikkoen to train his army in the use of the Earthrealm weapons.

Weapon: Billy club

Special moves:
Assault Rifle: Napalm Charlie uses a 3 second burst from an AK-47. (linear)
Mine Throw: Napalm Charlie tosses out a mine that will remain until the end of the match. Charlie and his opponent can both be damaged by the mine if they stand on it.
Tazer Shock: Naplam Charlie delivers a quick burst of 10,000 volts into his opponent

Fatality: Good Morning Vietnam: Napalm Charlie radios in a napalm strike on his opponent.
Fatality: Tanks A Lot: Napalm Charlie disappears off screen and returns in a tank, with which he drives over his opponent.
Fatality Combo: Napalm Charlie uses his AK to fill his opponent with lead and then unleashes the Tazer, which results in a magnificent fireworks display.
Friendship: Napalm Charlie pulls out a Super-Soaker and soaks his opponent.
Hara-Kiri: Napalm Charlie pulls out a handgun and blows his brains out.

Play as Napalm Charlie: Defeat Napalm Charlie as Sonya Blade, Jax, and Law.

Noob Saibot: A member of the Brotherhood of Shadow, Noob Saibot has chosen to follow Shikkoen as the evil being his society worships.

Weapon: Sword
Special Moves:
Teleport Throw: Noob Saibot disappears and reappears behind his opponent before executing a throw.
No-Block Ball: Noob Saibot unleashes an energy blast that prevents his opponent from blocking or performing breakers for a short period of time. (linear)
Teleport Kick: Noob Saibot disappears before reappearing in the air behind his opponent and delivering a neck kick. (can be executed on ground or in air)
Clone Throw: Noob Saibot clones himself and the clones dashes towards his opponent and tosses him up in the air. (linear)

Fatality: Super Slam: Noob Saibot grabs his opponent, jumps high in the air, and slams his opponent down head first, resulting in a splattered skull.
Fatality: Tele-Slash: Noob Saibot teleports 4 times in quick succession, slashing his opponent each time her appears. When he finishes, the opponent's body falls apart.
Fatality Combo: Noob Saibot uses his Clone Throw to toss his opponent towards him and slashes him on the way past. The body lands in two halves.
Friendship: Noob Saibot plays bowling.
Hara-Kiri: Noob Saibot tosses a number of throwing stars straight up in the air, and waits for them all to fall on him.

Play as Noob Saibot: Defeat Noob Saibot as any character.

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TMK Kid Thunder
TMK Kid Thunder

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Post Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2006 1:36 pm   
Post subject: The Outworld Warriors (Shang Tsung's Army)
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The Outworld Warriors - Shang Tsung's Army

Shang Tsung: Having usurped and banished Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung turns his attention to once more attempting to take over the Earthrealm and strengthen his newly acquired Empire.

Weapon: Quarter Staff

Special Moves:
Morph: Shang Tsung now can only morph into fighters he has defeated in a battle and saved his profile after. An AI controlled Shang Tsung is not limited by this constraint.
Fireball: Shang Tsung launches a fireball at his opponent. (linear)
Double Fireball: Shang Tsung launches two fireballs at his opponent. (linear)
Triple Fireball: Shang Tsung launches three fireballs at his opponent.(linear)
Rising Hellfire: Shang Tsung raises three fireballs from the ground. (linear)
Spinning Kick: Shang Tsung throws his staff into the ground and spins round it, delivering up to three kicks to his opponent.

Fatality: Soul Drain: Shang Tsung raises his opponent in the air and drains their soul.
Fatality: Soul Crush: Shang Tsung uses an invisbile force to continually crush his opponents body until his soul is squeezed out.
Fatality Combo: Shang Tsung uses his Rising Hellfire attack and impales his opponent on his quarter staff.
Friendship: Shang Tsung blows up a balloon until it bursts.
Hara-Kiri: Shang Tsung drains his own soul.

Play as Shang Tsung: Unlocked from the outset.

Motaro: Motaro agrees to support Shang Tsung's overthrow of Shao Kahn in exchange for a peaceful treaty negotiated between the Shokan and the Centaurs. Shang Tsung has facilitated the peace negotiations and has allocated the higher planes of Outworld to the Centaurs. Motaro has began to exterminate the race of Elder Dragons that currently inhabit these planes.
N.B. Given Motaro's unusual shape and size, Motaro does not possess the same individual punchs and kicks in the same manner as the rest of the Kombatants. He has one high punch resembling a right hook, and kicks with his hind legs. He can throw his opponent but not be thrown, and can sweep with his tail. Sweep attacks will damage Motaro and cause him to stumble, however he will not fall down. Projectiles are only reflected if Motaro is blocking. Motaro's strength and speed have not been re-adjusted. No form of finishing move can be performed on him but he has his own fatality - as normal his opponent can perform a Hara-kiri or Second Wind.

Weapon: None

Special Moves:
Fire Ball: Motaro launches a fireball from his tail. (linear)
Grab: Motaro grabs his opponent and punches them.
Tail Whip: Motaro lashes out his his tail at head height, knocking the opponent to the ground. (linear)
Teleport: Motaro teleports behind his opponent.
Projectile Reversal: Motaro blocks his enemies projectile and deflects it back to them.

Fatality: Head Rip: Motaro grabs his opponent and tears their head off.

Unlock Motaro: Defeat Motaro as Sheeva, Goro and Kintaro.

Kintaro: Having failed to defeat Lui Kang, Kintaro banished himself from the Court of Shao Kahn, rather than face up to his punishment for his failure. When he learns of his former Emperor's own banishment, Kintaro returns to the Emperor's Palace - determined to prove his worth to Outworld's new Emperor, Shang Tsung.

Weapon: Pike

Special Moves:

Air Stomp: Kintaro leaps into the air and lands on his opponent, crushing them into the ground. (linear)
Fireball: Kintaro unleashes a fireball. (linear)
Cage Punch: Kintaro grabs his opponent with his lower arms and delivers a ferocious beating with his top set.
Pike Drive: Kintaro charges the other player and thrusts his pike into them.(linear)

Fatality: Clean Cut: Kintaro grabs each of his opponent's limbs in one hand, and pulls outward, ripping his victim in two.
Fatality: Mind Blowing: Kintaro claps his upper arms together on his opponent's head, causing it to burst open.
Fatality Combo: Fore: Kintaro hammers his opponent into the ground down to neck height, then takes out his pike and swings it at the opponent's exposed head, severing it.
Friendship: Kintaro plays the children's clapping game "Pat-a-Cake" - with himself.
Hara Kiri - Kintaro sets his pike in the ground, and throws himself onto it.

Unlock Kintaro: Complete Goro's Storyline Mode

Goro: The immortal Shokan Prince Goro was sidelined by Shao Kahn after his defeat in the first tournament. However his burning rage at his humiliation and at Shao Kahn for beginning to favour Centaur warriors has further improved his mastery of dark Kombat. Shang Tsung sees Goro as a valuable ally in securing a peace between the Centaurs and Shokan, and gives Goro a second chance in exchange for his co-operation in making peace.

Weapon: Halberd

Special Moves:

Green Fireball: Just like any other fireball, but green. Ooh, watch out. (linear)
Spinning Punch: Goro delivers 3-6 punches, spinning to put extra strength behind them. (linear)
Pound: Goro lifts his opponent and proceeds to deliver up to four hammer blows to their torso.
Halberd Throw: Goro throws his halberd at his opponent. (linear, can hit airborne)

Fatality: The Fly: Goro pulls off each of his opponent's limbs one by one before pulling their head off.
Fatality: Head Pop: Goro chops at the neck of his opponent with his halberd, executing it so well the head never loses contact with the neck, until Goro blows in the direction of his opponent, causing his head to fall off.
Fatality Combo: Goro performs his spinning punch whilst holding his halberd, and finishes with an uppercut, causing the opponent's body to fall apart.
Friendship: Goro plays the drums.
Hara-Kiri: Goro drives his halberd deep into his skull.

Unlock Goro: Complete Sheeva's Storyline Mode

Sheeva: Originally hand-picked amongst the Shokan by Shao Kahn to serve as bodyguard to Queen Sindel, Sheeva discovered that Shao Kahn was conspiring with Motaro and his fellow Centaurs to destroy the Shokan on Outworld. She chooses to follow Shang Tsung's rebellion but is unable to trust Motaro and has her suspicions about Shang Tsung's dealings with the Centaurs.

Weapon: Twin battle axes

Special Moves:
Fireball: The female Shokan's flame is hotter than the males. Sheeva's fireball does 1.75 as much damage as a standard fireball. (linear, can hit airborne)
Earthquake: Sheeva jumps and causes the ground to shake, unbalancing the opponent and causing damge (NA, NL)
Teleport Stomp: Similar to Kintaro's Air Stomp, Sheeva performs here Teleport Stomp faster.
Shokan Fury: Sheeva slams her opponent off the ground up to 6 times.

Fatality: Skin Peel: Sheeva rips off her opponent's flesh, leaving only a skeleton dripping with blood.
Fatality: Shokan Flame: Sheeva incinerates her victim with a powerful stream of fire.
Fatality Combo: Sheeva performs her Shokan Fury attack and on the last slam, drives her opponent deep into the ground.
Friendship: Sheeva strikes a number of different poses for a photoshoot.
Hara-Kiri: Sheeva performs a double cross chop with her twin axes, decapitating herself.

Unlock Sheeva: Sheeva is available from the outset.

Kano: Serving as a General in Shao Kahn's army and safe from Lt Sonya Blade and Maj Jax Briggs, Kano is learning to enjoy life in Outworld - he has power and is able to practice increasingly vicious forms of Kombat on daily basis. Returning from quelling a skirmish between the Shokan and the Centaurs in a peripheral region of Outworld, Kano discovers that his former master has been exiled from Outworld. He immediately cleanses himself of any loyalty to Shao Kahn and embraces Shang Tsung's take-over, in the hope of attaining an even more powerful position. As a test of his loyalty, Shang Tsung sets Kano the task of killing Shao Kahn on the Earthrealm.

Weapon: Butterfly

Special Moves:
Cannon Ball: Kano launches himself at his opponent. (linear)
Knife Toss: Kano's projectile attack (linear)
Chrome Headbutt: Kano grabs his opponent and headbuts them with his metal plate.
Laser Eye: Kano sends a laser blast from his bionic eye. (linear)

Fatality: Stole My Heart: Kano rips out his opponent's heart.
Fatality: Meltdown: Kano subjects his victim to a prolonged blast of his Laser Eye, causing them to melt.
Fatality Combo: Grand Finale: Kano maks numerous slashes with his Butterfly and then cannonballs his opponent, knocking his body apart and covering himself in blood.

Unlock Kano: Kano is available from the outset.

Baraka: A loyal ally and a gifted leader, Baraka is a key element of Shang Tsung's alliance. He leads the assault on the Earthrealm, and has been tasked with personally overseeing the deaths of Lui Kang and Shao Kahn.

Weapon: Blades

Special Moves:
Shredder: Baraka slices his opponent repeatedly.
Neck Swipe: Baraka swipes his blades at his opponent's neck.
Blade Spark: Baraka launches a blade at his opponent. (linear)
Blade Charge: Baraka charges his opponent with his blades outstretched (linear only)
Spinning Swipe: Baraka spins to deliver up to four fierce swipes.

Fatality: Blade Lift: Baraka thrusts his blades into his opponent and lifts them up. His opponent slides deeper onto the blades.
Fatality: Head Pop: Baraka smoothly decapitates his victim.
Fatality Combo: Baraka performs his Spinning Swipe attack, and fires off a blade on each spin.
Friendship: Baraka offers his opponent a kebab.
Hara-Kiri: Baraka stabs himself with his blades.

Unlock Baraka: Baraka is available from the outset.

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TMK Kid Thunder
TMK Kid Thunder

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Post Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 9:23 pm   
Post subject: The Earthrealm Warriors (Rayden's Chosen Ones)
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The Earthrealm Warriors - Rayden's Chosen Ones

Rayden: Having shown selfless intent by relinquishing his power as an Elder God in order to defend the Earthrealm against Shao Kahn's assault, the remaining Elder Gods are quick to return Rayden his place within the Pantheon. With the deaths of the Elder Gods of Chaos and Order, Rayden realises he must return to the Earthrealm and gather his chosen Kombatants to prepare for the new danger of Shikkoen and his followers.

Weapon: Bo-jutsu Staff

Special moves:
Static Teleport: Rayden teleports behind his opponent, briefly leaving a static clone in his place that, if attacked, electrocutes the aggressor.
Thunder Ball: Rayden throws a ball of electric energy at his opponent. (linear)
Electric Grab: Rayden grabs his opponent and delivers a high voltage shock.
Flying Thunder God: Rayden launches himself at his opponent in a powerful physical attack. (linear)

Fatality: Thunder Uppercut: Rayden charges himself up with electricity and delivers a shock-filled uppercut, causing his opponent's head to explode.
Fatality: Strikes Twice: Rayden summons a thunderstorm that repeatedly strikes his opponent until they explode.
Fatality Combo:[b] Thunder Fury: Rayden charges a super Thunder Ball and while his opponent is writhing in shock, performs his Flying Thunder God, shattering his opponent's fragile body.
Storm clouds draw in - Rayden banishes them to reveal a sunny day.
Hara-Kiri: Rayden produces a large ball of electricity which explodes, taking him with it.

Unlock Rayden: Rayden is available from the outset.

Lui Kang: A Shaolin monk with extraordinary fighting skills, Lui Kang has defended the Earthrealm in three consecutive tournaments. Honouring an agreement with Princess Kitana of Edenia, Lui Kang has pledged his assistance to Edenia's plight against Shikkoen after he removes the immediate threats of Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung.

Weapon: Nonchuku

Special Moves:
Lightening Kick: Lui Kang performs an extremely fast and powerful flying kick. (linear)
Dragon's Breath: Lui Kang executes a fireball attack (can be used crouching, standing or in air, linear)
Bicycle Kick: Lui Kang unleashes a powerful mutlitude of flying kicks (linear)
Dragon's Roar: Lui Kang roars and stuns his opponent, stopping them in their tracks. (NL, affects airborne)
Cartwheel Uppercut: Lui Kang performs a two-hit helicopter kick and finishes with an uppercut. (linear)

Fatality: Dragon Fatality: Lui Kang morphs into a dragon and bites his opponent's torso off.
Fatality: Human Torch: Lui Kang runs towards his opponent and vanishes. His opponent begins to catch fire and as they are engulfed in flames, Lui Kang re-appears.
Fatality Combo: Feeding the Dragon: Lui Kang executes his Cartwheel Uppercut, then morphs into a dragon and catches his opponent before he hits the ground.
Friendship: A disco ball lowers from the ceiling and Lui Kang dances to a funky 80s track.
Hara-Kiri: Lui Kang roars until his head explodes.

Unlock Lui Kang: Lui Kang is unlocked from the outset.

Kung Lao: After Shao Kahn's withdrawal from the Earthrealm, Kung Lao sets about reforming the White Lotus society and restoring the Shaolin temples that Shao Kahn had annihilated first after arriving from Outworld. Whilst training a new generation of Shaolin warriors, Kung Lao is contacted by Rayden and informed of the new threats to the safety of the Earthrealm. Kung Lao immediately sets off to combat the Earthrealm's invaders.

Weapon: Katana

Special Moves:
Hat Throw: Kung Lao throws his razor-edged hat in an a high ark. (linear, affects airborne)
Deadly Spin: Kung Lao spins and draws his opponent into him, cutting them on the edges of his hat. (NL, NA)
Shaolin Teleport: Kung Lao vanishes and re-appears in right in front of his opponent. (can press any attack button to execute any attack on re-appearance)
Diving Kick: Kung Lao performs a fast jump kick from above his opponent. (executable in air only)

Fatality: Multiple Hat Toss: Kung Lao throws a hat that splits into four hats, severing his opponent's arms, waist and head.
Fatality: Vacuum: Kung Lao spins very quickly, drawing his opponent in and dicing them.
Fatality Combo: Teleport Decapitation: Kung Lao performs his teleport, throws his hat and teleports again behind his victim, catching and putting back on his hat after it decapitates his opponent.
Friendship: Kung Lao throws his hat and a dog runs to fetch it off screen. Followed by Kung Lao wincing as there is a buzzsaw cutting sound and a high pitched yelp.
Hara-Kiri: Kung Lao throws his hat straight up in the air, and it lands squarely on him, splitting him down the middle.

Unlock Kung Lao: Kung Lao is available from the outset.

Nightwolf: A North American historian who foresaw the invasion of the Earthrealm and whose protected Holy land gave the Earthrealm warriors a platform from which to fight back against the Outworld invaders. Having foreseen another impending invasion, Nightwolf once again prepares his land for the arrival of the Earthrealm warriors.

Weapon: Tomahawk

Special Moves:
Buffalo Charge: Nightwolf charges at his opponent. (linear)
Rhino Charge: A more powerful charge. (linear)
Spirit Arrow: Nightwolf shoots an arrow into his opponent. (linear)
Eagle's Wing: Nightwolf summons the spirit of a mighty eagle that causes his opponent to be blown away to gain some distance between them. (linear, affects airborne)
Guardian Spirit: Nightwolf summons the spirits of his ancestors to repel and reflect projectile attacks.

Fatality: Scalping: Nightwolf uses the blade of his tomahawk to cut through the scalp of his opponent, and rips the top of their head clean off.
Fatality: Ancestral Plains: Nightwolf summons the spirits of a herd of buffalo, which trample his opponent to death.
Fatality Combo: Triple Arrow Shot: Nightwolf fires three arrows into his opponent's head in rapid succession.
Friendship: Nightwolf passes round an old hashish pipe.
Hara-Kiri: Nightwolf scalps himself.

Unlock Nightwolf: Nightwolf is available from the outset.

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Post Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 4:32 pm   
Post subject: [b][u]The Earthrealm Warriors - Lawmen and Felons[/u][/b]
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The Earthrealm Warriors - The Lawmen and Felons

Sonya Blade: Enraged that Kano has escaped and denied her revenge for her partner once more, Lt Sonya Blade sees no alternative but to give up the chase and return to her shattered city and conduct rescue operations to find survivors. Of all Earthrealm warriors, Sonya is the only one who can be described as happy when the portal to Outworld materialises again above her city. She has picked up the chase again and is determined that this time, Kano will not escape her.

Weapon: Morning Star

Special moves:
Ring Bolt: Sonya fires a bolt of energy at her opponent. (linear)
Rising Kick: Sonya propels an upwards bicycle kick into her opponent. (linear, affects airborne)
Square Wave Punch: Sonya rises in the air and delivers a powerful blow to attacking airborne enemies. (linear)
Resisting Arrest: Sonya grabs her opponent in a headlock and punches them up to four times.
Leg Grab: Sonya flips forward and grabs her opponent between her legs, then slams them into the ground.

Fatality: Kiss of Death: Sonya blows her opponent a kiss, which sets them on fire.
Fatality: Squash Orb: Sonya throws a steel net at her opponent, which tightens around them until they are crushed.
Fatality Combo: Ashes and Dust: Sonya performs the Kiss of Death, then uses her squash orb on the fiery figure.
Friendship: Sonya poses in a police uniform.
Hara-Kiri: Sonya lies down on her stomach, grabs hold of her ankles and yanks hard, breaking her back.

Unlock Sonya: Sonya is available from the outset.

Jax: Returning with Sonya to their home city, Major Jackson Briggs assists in mounting rescue operations. One survivor he uncovers is Special Investigator Micheal O'Donnell, who in his semi-delusional state manages to tell Jax about a line of enquiry he was following in South East Asia concerning an arms dealer called Napalm Charlie and his dealings with the Black Dragon organisation, before he passes out. Leaving O'Donnell in the care of Sonya, Jax sets off for Indo-China, where he is certain he can finally track down Kano and Kabal, and destroy the Black Dragon.

Weapon: Autumn Dao

Special Moves:
Ground Punch: Jax smashes his fist into the ground, causing an earthquake that throws his opponenet off balance. (NL, NA)
Bionic Rush: Jax rushes his opponent and delivers a fearsome blow with his metal arm. (linear)
Missile: Jax fires a missile from his arm. (linear)
Backbreaker: Jax grabs his opponent in mid-air and slams them down on his knee. (airborne only)
Homing Missile: Jax fires a homing missile from his arm, which will track his opponent for 5 seconds before detonating. (NL)

Fatality: Arm Rip: Jax rips off his opponents arms and beats them with them.
Fatality: Head Crush: Jax grabs his opponent's head between his hands and crushes it.
Fatality Combo:Jax rips off his opponents arms, and uses them to crush his opponent's head.
Friendship: Jax has an arm-wrestling match with his opponent.
Hara-Kiri: Jax rips off one of his own arms and beats himself to death with it.

Unlock Jax: Jax is available from the Outset.

Law: Special Investigator Micheal 'Law' O'Donnell was an FBI counter-terrorism agent investigating the activities of the Black Dragon clan. Law spent oveer twelve years as a street agent, earning a reputation as a ruthlessly efficient operator who managed to get results due to his extremely flexible interpretation of what the law is. Believing to have finally tracked Kabal and Kano to a North American city, Law prepares to make his arrest as the Outworld portal opens and the extermination squads crash through, led by none other by Kano. Beaten and left for dead, Law is found during Sonya and Jax's survivor hunt. Semi-recovered, Law is filled in by Sonya and prepares to enter the tournament in order to find Kabal and defend the Earthrealm.

Weapon: Hatchet

Special Moves:
Street Spirit: Law disappears and re-appears behind his opponent and grabs them in a chokehold, throttling them before releasing them by slamming them down onto the ground. (NA)
Citizen's Arrest: Law catchs his opponent using a set of handcuffs and pounds them up to four times while they're caught.
Hatchet Throw: Law throws his hatchet at his opponent. (linear)

Fatality: Body Search: Law slices open his victim's torso and rummages around, pulling out organs and throwing them away.
Fatality: Razor Cuffs: Law pulls out a large set of handcuffs and closes it round his opponent's head, swiftly shutting it and decapitating them.
Fatality Combo: Street Law: Law attaches his razor cuff around his opponent's neck, then disappears and re-appears after a few seconds behind his opponent and throws them using the other cuff, decapitating them at their body hits the ground.
Friendship: Law pulls on a latex glove and winks. (Voice-over: "CAVITY SEARCH!")
Hara-Kiri: Law beheads himself with his hatchet.

Unlock Law: Law is available from the outset.

Kabal:Kabal is the last surviving Earthrealm member of the Black Dragon clan. After surviving an encounter with an extermination squad, he fought back with anrestrained fury and was responsible for slaying hundreds of the warriors of Outworld's extermiantion squads. However, upon learning that his former clansman Kano was leading the invasion, Kabal swore to destroy Kano. He also hunts Napalm Charlie, whom he believes has played informant to the Special Forces and is thusly responsbile for the pursuit of Sonya, Jax, and Law. The Code of the Black Dragon is unequivocal - those who betray it must die.

Weapon: Tiger Head Hookswords

Special moves:
Speed Dash: Kabal rushes his opponent and spins them off their feet, leading them to disorientation and imbalance for a few moments. (linear)
Purple Rage: Kabal blasts a fireball at his opponent. (linear, can be performed while airborne)
Respitory Infection: Kabal jumps backward and leaves a noxious gas in the air, which damages his opponent and causes them to cough uncontrollably for a few seconds.
Blade Summon: Kabal summons a spinning blade, which speeds in along the ground behind his opponent. (linear, NA)

Fatality: Dead Man's Fury: Kabal lets loose a flurry of slashes with his hook swords. When he finishes, he steps back, and his opponent's body slides into lots of tiny little pieces.
Fatality: Dead Man's Chest: Kabal takes off his mask and coughs on his opponent. His opponent then begins coughing, drops to their knees and swells up before exploding.
Fatality Combo: Tornado Slice: Kabal performs his speed dash and while his opponent is spinning, stabs in with hooksword. His opponent slices into hundreds of pieces.
Friendship: Kabal puts down his hookswords and pulls out a light saber. (Caption at bottom: I am your father!)
Hara-Kiri: Kabal pulls off his respitory pack and asphyxiates.

Unlock Kabal: Kabal is available from the outset.

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Post subject: The Earthrealm Warriors - The Lin Kuei
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The Earthrealm Warriors - The Lin Kuei

Sub-Zero: Having so far evaded his cybernetic assassins, Sub-Zero has established a hiding place deep within the Soul Valley caves. The renegade ninja has helped his old friend Smoke maintain his humanity in the heart of his mechanical exo-skeleton and the two of them are plotting to exact their revenge on the master sensei of the Lin Kuei, Sing Luo. When they learn of Shikkoen's tournament, they come forth from their hiding place with the intention of challenging Sing Luo and taking over the Lin Kuei.
NB - Sub-zero is Unmasked Sub-Zero.

Weapon: Kori Blade

Special Moves:
Ice Ball: Sub-Zero unleashes a ball of ice which freezes his opponent. (linear)
Ice Clone: Sub-Zero jumps backward and in his place is a frozen replica, which freezes his opponent if touched.
Stalagmite: Sub-Zero steps back and raises an inverted icicle.
Frozen Charge: Sub-zero quickly freezes the ground in front of him and slides along it to charge his opponent. (linear)

Fatality: Stalagmite Thrust: Sub-Zero concentrates on making a large icicle appear in front of him, which he then throws through his opponent.
Fatality: Shatter: Sub-Zero freezes his opponent and swings his Kori blade at them, shattering them.
Fatality Combo: Twice as Ice: Sub-Zero raises a stalagmite up through his opponent, which freezes them as it touch them. He then pushes his opponent over and they shatter on the ground.
Friendship:Sub-Zero constructs a snowman.
Hara-Kiri: Sub-Zero freezes himself from head to toe and falls backward, breaking into pieces.

Unlock Sub-zero: Sub-Zero is unlocked from the outset.

Smoke: After being co-erced into the Lin Keui's autotmation programme, Smoke was sent by Sing Luo to hunt down Sub-Zero. As a part of Smoke's soul survived the autmoation process, Sub-Zero was able to appeal to his friend's humanity and convince him to abandon his clan. Together they plan to use Shikkoen's tournament to face and kill the Lin Keui master-sensei Sing Luo and change the Lin Keui into a dojo for training the next generation of warriors to defend the Earthrealm from any external threat.
NB: Smoke is Robo-Smoke.

Weapon:Straight Sword

Special Moves:
Stealth: Smoke activates his exoskeleton's stealth camouflage, rendering himself invisible to his opponent. (can be undone by using the same button sequence or by taking damage from the enemy.)
Rocket Punch: Smoke propels himself rapidly across the arena and delivers a powerful blow to his enemy. (linear)
Propellant Spray: Smoke attacks his opponent with a blast of his propellant gasses, which causes them to cough up blood uncontrollably for a few seconds. (linear)
Teleport Throw: Smoke teleports behind his opponent and throws them. (NL, NA)

Fatality: Armageddon: Smoke's chest opens and fires out hundreds upon hundreds of bombs. The view zooms out to show the whole arena and the surrounding area, which is subsequently blown to pieces.
Fatality: Stealth Slash: Smoke activates his stealth camouflage and draws his sword. Limbs are randomly sperated from his opponent before they are decapitated. Smoke re-appears, covered in blood.
Fatality Combo: Look-A-Like: Smoke sprays his propellent gasses down his opponent's throat and then stabs them repeatedly with his sword. Smoke leaks out from the holes in his opponent's body.
Friendship: Smoke dances the robot to a funky techno backbeat.
Hara-Kiri: Smoke shuts himself down, then falls backward, shattering as he hits the ground.

Unlock Smoke: Smoke is available from the outset.

Kurukaze: Kurukaze is a novice of the Lin Keui who was under the tution of Sub-Zero before his exile. As an insignificant member of the clan she has so far evaded the automation process. However, when she witnesses the creation of Meknex and overhears of Sing Luo's plan to strike a bargain with the Outworld forces in exchange for the learning the whereabouts of her former master and lover, she leaves the dojo to warn Sub-Zero of the consequences of his remaining in hiding.

Weapon: Kama

Special Moves
Tornado Kick: Kurukaze launches into a flying flurry of kicks, delivering four powerful blows to her opponent. (linear)
Sudden Storm: Kurukaze uses a strong gust of wind to knock her opponent off-balance, leaving them open to attack. If opponent is in the air, they are blown to the ground, causing slight damage. (linear)
Hurricane: Kurukaze performs a series of punches and kicks, sidestepping after each one so that her opponent cannot fight back or block effectively. (linear for first move)

Fatality: Four Winds: Kurukaze summons four tornados around her opponent, causing them to be ripped apart by the opposing forces.
Fatality: Chest Rip: Kurukaze drives her kama deep into her opponent's chest, then pulls them apart.
Fatality Combo: Angel's Breath: Kurukaze summons a giant tornado that sucks up her opponent. She then jabs the blades of her kama into the tornado, slicing her opponent.
Friendship: Kurkukaze hangs some windchimes and makes them play a tune.
Hara-Kiri: Kurukaze gouges out her eyes and lodges her kama in the sockets.

Unlock Kurukaze: Kurukaze is available from the outset.

Author of "Mortal Kombat: The Final Battles" - check out Fan Fiction and feel free to post comments! *Updated 08/04 - Smoke and Kurukaze*
I've always firmly believed in Cod.

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Wow. I'm impressed. I've actually been working on something like this. I've been working on it for a while, but never thought about posting it. Maybe I should. Even I made some new characters and changed the alignment of some characters.

I'll explain to you my trademark character:

-Realm of Orgin: Earthrealm
-Alignment: Good
Bio: A traveling warrior who wanders the lands of Earthrealm slaying evil with the Crystal Sword entrusted to him by the Elder Gods. When he heard of the latest invasion of Earthrealm, he ran right to the scene where he encountered exactly what he expected to see...

Fighting Styles:
-Hua Chuan
Weapon Style:
-Crystal Blade

Fatality 1: Lucky Strike------------
-Siege uppercuts his opponent into the air. He then throws his sword in the air. While it spirals, it slashes the airborne victim. The opponent lands head first where he/she splits into 2 equal slices. Siege then grabs the falling sword by the hilt, and victory poses.

Fatality 2: Crystal Laser------------
-Siege takes hold of his sword, and slashes some powerful crystal lasers at his opponent. Each laser goes through the opponent. The victim remains intact still twitching. Siege then walks over to the victim, and thumps him/her. The opponent then falls to pieces.

Friendship: I'm an ARTIST!!------------
-Siege uses his sword and fires this crystal substance that hardens and becomes a crystal statue of his opponent. The words on the statue say: "See? I'm a nice guy!"

Hara-Kiri: Not worthy of the blade------------
-The Crystal Blade starts to glow a red color. The sword has denied Siege. As his final act, the sword devours his life as he stabs himself with it. Siege's final words are "I am not worthy..." Siege then draws his dying breath.

I haven't quite named the Mortal Kombat game he's gonna be in, but I have included how you unlock him.

Unlocking Siege------------
You must defeat Siege in Mortal Kombat without blocking as a chosen Earthrealm warrior. His attacks will also do double damage. When you win, you must spare him. If you execute a fatality on him, he cannot be unlocked. You will have to start a new file. (I kno it sounds unfair, but It offers a bit more of a challenge.) Once he's unlocked, you can do anything on him. Fatalities and all.


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That sounds cool mate, but would you mind posting it in a seperate thread so's people don't confuse it with Final Battles? Cheers.
Author of "Mortal Kombat: The Final Battles" - check out Fan Fiction and feel free to post comments! *Updated 08/04 - Smoke and Kurukaze*
I've always firmly believed in Cod.

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lol. sry bout that... i just thought you'd like to see. I apologize. Great idea for a game. Would you put it on the DS?? PLZ???

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u should check out my fan-fic its called final clash and is kind of like an MK battle royal lol now back to the topic at hand i realy like this fan-fic and i hope you make more!

- Reptile rules


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