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Post Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2006 2:45 pm   
Post subject: Mortal Kombat final clash
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"ATTACK!" shouted Shao Kahn as he and
many other familiar villains ran on the battle field towards the heroes of Mortal Kombat. Stryker was falling behind of everyone else as he thought
"What have i gotten my self into know?" As he finished his thought he saw fighting all around him Scorpion against Sub-zero Goro against Jonny Cage and quite a feel other battles. Stryker ran into battle towards Noob Saibot because he was just standing there not doing anything.” yes someone I can catch off guard" thought Stryker but he was mistaking.
As he was about to fight Noob a robotic ninja
materialized out of smoke and shot a grappling-like hook out of its chest holding Stryker while Noob finished him off with a brutality. "NO Stryker" yelled Jax as he finished off Motaro badly injured in the process. "Your mine" Jax yelled as ran towards Noob but was countered by Smoke The two of them exchanged powerful blows and kicks until Jax slammed his fist on the ground causing a tremor to shake up the damaged Smoke.
Ten Jax uppercuted Smoke high into the air when a stray fireball hit him and the force of the fall ruined his circuits so Smoke self destructed killing Jax,Mokap,Baraka,and Sheeva. Noob however had vanished.
"My sunglasses your going to pay for those" said Jonny Cage as Goro broke his glasses. "HAHA" chuckled Goro. "I mean it" said Jonny as he did a shadow kick to Goros stomach then he did his famous nut punch on Goro as Goro stood there groaning in pain. "Whose laughing now" said Jonny as he punched Goro only to have his hand caught and be tossed into the air. On his way down he tried to kick Goro but missed and fell to the ground breaking his leg. "AAHHGGGHHH" Jonny screamed in pain. Goro was about to pick him up when a flying hat came by and cut off 2 of Goros arms. Goro screamed in pain as he turned the see the Shaolin monk Kung-Lao standing there holding his hat. "I came to even the odds" he said as he spun around fast cutting Goro some more. Then Goro fell unable to fight any longer. "FINISH HIM!" a voice said Kung-Lao then decapitated Goro with his hat.
As Kung-Lao helped up Jonny a red missile
flew and blew up Jonny "no!" shouted Kung-Lao as a red cyborg stood not far away. The robot tried to shoot another missile but Kung-Lao dodged it and threw his hat damaging Sectors missile compartment so he could no longer use it. Sector then grabbed Kung-Lao with a shoulder arm attachment and threw him Kung-Lao then threw his hat cutting off Sector's robotic arm attachment. Sector realized he couldn’t defeat Kung-Lao so he self destructed killing himself,Kung-Lao,Jarek,Kano,Kobra,Kira,Kabal,Hsu Hao,and lastly Mavado.
A few yards away Moloch and Drahmin saw Scorpion and started
attacking him while Scorpion was fighting Sub-zero. As the 2 oni began to over power Scorpion Sub-Zero helped him since Scorpion had saved him from harm once before. Sub-Zero froze Moloch then he dropkicked the frozen Oni and he shattered to pieces. Meanwhile Scorpion use his spear to pull Drahmin close to him then Scorpion summoned his Hell-fire and burned Drahmin to cinders. "Thank you for helping me but I didn’t need it he said as he teleported away. Scorpion then teleported to where Quan Chi had been fighting. "Die sorcerer!” shouted Scorpion as he shot a fire ball at the wizard’s head. The fire ball hit Quan Chi and he fell to the ground his head on fire screaming. Then he shot a skull blast at Scorpion but Scorpion dodged it and performed his fatality on Quan Chi. then Scorpion's mission completed returned to the neatherrealm.
Farther out in the battle field Shang Tsung was
fighting Sonya and winning. "Your soul will be mine!" he shouted as they fought. Sonya punched at him but Shang Tsung turned into Sub-Zero and froze her then he punched her frozen body and it shattered into pieces. "your soul is mine"he laughed as he absorbed her soul.
Shang Tsung then turned into Sonya as a trick.
He saw Bo' Rai Cho fighting Havik and Bo' Rai Cho was beating Havik into a bloody pulp although Havik did control the earlier half of the fight as Shang Tsung stood disguised as Sonya he did her kiss of death attack which injured Bo' Rai Cho badly and allowed Havick to break Bo' Rai Cho's neck then Shang Tsung took Bo' Rai Cho's soul. Shang Tsung then tried to fool Raiden but Raiden was already aware of Sonya’s death and as Shang Tsung approached Raiden acted as though he had no idea of Shang Tsung's presence. "Hello Sonya did you defeat Shang Tsung?"
"I sure did he said as he turned back into his true form. "I knew that was you the Whole time Shang Tsung. Then Raiden shot a lighting bolt which Shang Tsung countered with his fire ball. Then Raiden did a sky tackle while charged with electricity shocked Shang Tsung and then he threw him against a wall. "its not over yet Shang Tsung said as he got up.
When he got up he changed into Sub-Zero and
tried to freeze Raiden but Raiden made a wall of electricity in front of him then he got his lighting staff and electrocuted Shang Tsung after every hit until Shang Tsung blew up and all the stolen souls passed freely to a higher place. Then Shao-Kahn marched towards Raiden with Kintaro by his side. Shao-Kahn pulled out his war hammer and threw it at Raiden who managed to dodge it but Kintaro shot a fire ball at him and blasted him out of the air. As Raiden got up he zapped Kintaro allot with 80,000 volts of electricity causing Kintaros brain to Burn to a crisp. Then Raiden began fighting his brother. Shao-Kahn reclaimed his hammer and struck Raiden in the back with it. While Raiden was on the ground he summoned all of his god-like essence into a mighty energy blast which destroyed Kahn but also himself, Tonya, and Sindel
Meanwhile Noob has been telling Shinook of all that
has occurred. "Master a war is being fought between the realms good versus evil. Shao Kahn and Raiden are both dead plus countless others".
said Noob. "excellent soon I will enter the battle and clame the throne of both realms" said Shinook. Then out of no ware Noob was being lifted into the air by psychic energy. "what’s happening!" shouted Noob as the energy slammed him full force against Shinook."Get off me" shouted Shinook as he pushed Noob off of him. "We are here to destroy you" said some voices as a ninja named Ermac stepped out of the shadows.
"Noob destroy him!" shouted Shinook. As Noob tried to punch Ermac, Ermac began to lift Noob up again and toss him even harder the stone wall killing Noob. "your turn fallen god" said Ermac as he began to lift Shinook. "HAHAHAHAH you dare defy me!" shouted Shinook as he used the amulets power and broke out of Ermac's energy. "I believe its your turn fool” said Shinook triumphantly. Then he used the amulet to blow Ermac up.
Back on the battle field the war was still being
waged. Mileena was fighting Kitana over existence. "When I kill you i will steal your identity" said Mileena as she punched Kitana in the face. Then
Kitana Pulled out her fans and attacked Mileena. Mileena pulled out her weapons and the 2 began to fight cutting and slashing until Kitana's top fell off. Then Mileena stared and said "at least I didn't get cheated out of those!" Then Kitana sliced at Mileena but She missed and Mileena Impaled Kitana with her weapons. "Time to claim your identity" said Mileena as she broke Kitana's neck.
A few hours after Kitana's death Jade finds
Kitana's lifeless and topless body on the ground with Mileena's weapons impaled into her. "Mileena im not going to forget this and you will pay with your life!" shouted Jade. As Jade searched everywhere on the battle field she couldn’t find Mileena anywhere. Except Jade saw a woman dressed exactly like Kitana then Jade ran and kicked the woman in the face and when she saw the Tarakata mouth she knew it was Mileena.
"I’m going to kill you Mileena" Jade said as she pulled out her staff and slammed it at Mileena. It hit Mileena clear on the mouth fracturing a few of her teeth. Then Jade busted out a string of massive combos. "FLAWLESS VICTORY!" she said as she shoved her staff through Mileena's chest killing her slowly and painfully. Then Jade walked off leaving Mileena’s body where she died.
Back in Shinook’s palace…..”I’m ready to begin my devastation on these
Mortal fools” said Shinook as he escaped through a portal and made it to the battle field. There he attacked
1 of the remaining earth warriors Kai. “Kai!” shouted Shinook as he fell from a portal towards the warrior “your time has come and I will kill you and steal your soul” Shinook yelled. “Not if I kill you first!” screamed Kai as he shot a raising fire ball at Shinook. “HAHAHA was that supposed to hurt or tickle?” laughed Shinook. Then Kai threw his Ghurka Knife at Shinook. Shinook screamed in pain when the knife stabbed into his arm. “YOU LITTLE RAT!” shouted Shinook as he pulled the knife out of his arm and threw it at Kai. “NOOO!” shouted Kai as the knife stabbed into Kai’s chest slowing his breathing until he died, then Shinook took his soul and then left farther into the battle field.
As Shinook flew around the battle field he saw his minion
Reiko fighting the god of wind Fujin. “Reiko for your actions against earth realms warriors you will parish in this battle” said Fujin, then he wielded his cross-bow and shot Reiko multiple times. ”Fujin im not paying for anything” said Reiko as he threw a few Shurikens at Fujin stabbing into his arms. “NO!” shouted Fujin as he performed his fatality on Reiko using his wind force to peel off Reiko’s skin and flesh.
Shinook then took his opportunity and finished off the badly injured Fujin
With his Hand Clap fatality.
In the earlier areas of the battlefield Hotaru was fighting
Sub-Zero. “Sub-Zero your time of judgment has come you will pay for destroying countless Tarakata and vowing to destroy Onaga.” Shouted Hotaru as he sent a lava ball right at Sub-Zero’s head but Sub-Zero turned around and froze it solid. “Your lava ball was impressive but I will not be judged by Onaga” said Sub-zero as he shot an ice blast at Hotaru. “Is that all you’ve got warrior I’m not impressed” Hotaru said as he shot another lava ball at Sub-Zero this time sub-Zero got mad and froze the ground under Hotaru’s feet causing him to slip and fall on the rock-solid ice. Then sub-Zero began to form an ice ball in his hands. “Hotaru this is your judgment!” shouted Sub-Zero as he froze Hotaru and ripped out his frozen spine and held in the air triumphantly, then he threw his trophy on the ground as he set off to find Frost.
On his way to find Frost Sub-Zero ran into Li Mei she said she was going to
Confront Onaga alone. “Are you mad Li Mei?” Sub-Zero asked confused. “No I just think im ready for him” she said arrogantly. “Do you need my help?” Sub-Zero asked. “No” she said as she walked off in the distance. Sub-Zero followed her anyway in hopes that she may lead him to Frost. After what felt like days of walking they reached Onaga’s
Palace. Inside they saw a tomb, “This must be where his original body is not the one he stole from Reptile.” thought Sub-Zero as he walked passed it. “Onaga!” shouted Li Mei as she walked through his halls until they heard loud foot steps, then they saw him a massive green reptilian body walking towards them. Li Mei began to feel a strange attraction to Onaga and then she thought “I must join him and destroy Sub-Zero”. “Onaga
I want to join you as your queen” she shouted. “WHAT!” exclaimed Sub-Zero as Onaga pulled Li Mei towards him and said “you can be my queen if you destroy that intruder”.
“It shall be done” she said coldly.
“Li Mei don’t make me do this” said Sub-Zero.
Li Mei then tried to kick him, but Sub-Zero dodged it.” You leave me no choice but to destroy you”. Sub-Zero said as he blasted Li Mei with ice and froze her solid then he kicked her causing her to shatter into ice shards. Then Onaga blasted Sub-Zero disintegrating 1 of his arms. Sub-Zero stood there frozen in fear colder than his ice.
“DIE MORTAL” said Onaga as he disintegrated Sub-Zero’s torso. Onaga then leaped into the air and flew towards the battle field.” Everyone has played right into my hands” Onaga said arrogantly. “Now to destroy the remaining warriors with my ultimate army!” said Onaga, after Onaga said this all of his mummified soldiers sprang into life and began marching towards the battlefield.
“I see the few remaining warriors!” said Onaga as he began landing on the battlefield. “Onaga!” yelled a badly injured Liu Kang “you’re the only evil left on this battle field” said Liu Kang smugly. “Think again!” shouted Onaga as his army began marching towards the few remaining warriors Liu Kang, Jade, Rain, Cyrax, and Frost.
The five warriors were easily destroying Onaga’s soldiers since most of the souls were freed from there mummified hosts. “There’s not that many left!” said Liu Kang as he did a bicycle kick to the face of one, and then propelled himself off of its face and drop kicked a second soldier. “There not that tough!” said Rain jokingly as he shot some lighting bolts at a few soldiers turning them to ashes. As they finished off these soldiers the fallen god Shinook appeared out of nowhere, and blasted Frost with a fire ball sending her several yards away knocked out. Then Shinook saw Onaga standing before him. “This is my realm to conquer!” bellowed Onaga as he grabbed Shinook and slammed him on the ground repeatedly. Shinook then broke free of Onaga’s grasp and kicked the dragon in the face. Meanwhile the earth warriors just stood there. “Whose side are we on? Asked Jade as they watched the two selfish monsters battle. “Let’s wait for one of them to kill the other then we will kill the weakened victor” replied Liu Kang as they stood there.
“Shinook your power is nothing compared to mine” said Onaga
As he blasted Shinook with some energy. “Not while I have this!” replied Shinook as he pulled out his amulet and tried to use it, but Onaga knew what the amulet was capable of so before Shinook could use it Onaga tore off Shinook’s hand and stole the amulet. “WHAT ARE DOING!” screamed Shinook in pain as Onaga crushed the amulet in his hands. Then Shinook kicked Onaga and tried to freeze him using sub-zero’s moves.
“I already killed that ice ninja!” replied Onaga as he stomped on Shinook’s leg. Shinook was unable to fight any longer so Onaga ripped out his heart and threw it on the ground.
“WHOE”S NEXT?!” screamed Onaga as Jade charged at him and swung her staff-like spear at him but Onaga caught her weapon in his hand and used it to throw her. As Onaga was throwing Jade Liu Kang shot a fire ball followed by a bicycle kick to Onaga’s stomach. “CYRAX NOW!” screamed Liu Kang as Onaga threw him. Then Cyrax dropped a few small bombs at Onaga’s feet then they blew up causing Onaga to get blasted back and injured badly. “You little insect!” yelled Onaga as he grabbed Cyrax by his head and slammed him on the ground. Then out of nowhere Onaga suddenly froze in solid ice. “What?” Liu Kang thought until he saw a badly injured Frost standing there almost completely out of energy. Then Onaga broke out of his ice tomb and grabbed Frost
And crushed her ribcage which made it impossible for her to breath then he threw her on the ground where she died a few minutes later. “ONAGA!” shouted Liu Kang “DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO FIGHT A REAL DRAGON!” screamed
Liu Kang as he performed his animality and transformed into a dragon.
“HOWS THAT POSSIBLE?!” screamed Onaga as
Liu Kang ripped of 1 of his arms, but Onaga ripped one of Kang’s arms off!. Then Onaga picked up Cyraxs’s lifeless body and threw it at Liu Kang hitting him in the mouth breaking his jaw. Jade then returned to the battlefield to find two dragons fighting.
She picked up her spear and threw it at Onaga, the spear impaled Onaga’s ribs.
As Onaga screamed in pain Liu Kang finished off by slitting his throat with one of his remaining claws. As Onaga’s body fell Liu Kang could no longer hold his dragon state and changed back into an unconscious monk as Jade carried him off the battlefield to Wu-Shi Academy…….Something began to twitch in Onaga’s lifeless body as Reptile ripped out of Onaga’s body back to his original self. “Excellent!” he chuckled as he made his way to the Living Forest.

-I know its odd and there’s probably a lot of spelling and grammer mistakes but hey im only 13 im not perfect! Boring PLEASE COMMENT!


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Post Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 9:04 am   
Post subject:
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wow i liked it 8/10 good job

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