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Post Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2006 8:45 am   
Post subject: Mortal Kombat Konquest: Brother's Keeper
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This is a story about a character that I've created on Armageddon and how he fits into the Mortal Kombat History. His beginning is somewhere between MK3 and MK4. Bear with me as it's been some time since I've written a story but I'd like to share his history and how he comes into Mortal Kombat.

Thank you for reading. Smile Comments are most welcome.

Chapter 1

I could give you a whole history of Josyph and I, but I won't bore you back that far. My name is Klark and if you're reading this then congratulations, you've found my journal. I'll simply start at the night that has since been my entire reason for my journey.

Josyph and I had been out for a boys night on the town. Josyph, my younger brother, thought it'd be great to take a shortcut home. Well, we've all seen the movies. We all know how shortcuts lead to disaster and this one was no different. We were singing our old college song as we drunkingly made our way toward home. Unfortunately, we never made it.

From out of the sky came this flash. It moved so fast that we couldn't know what was happening. It seemed like only a second, but the pain was considerable. My hand touched the side of my neck and blood was everywhere. I dropped to my knees staring at the sight of my own blood. The last thing I remember is looking around for Josyph before completely falling to the ground. My breath drew shorter and the darkness filled my eyes. A voice from nowhere gently spoke to me. It said, "Don't be afraid....I've got you."

I awoke to find myself almost literally in the middle of nowhere. I didn't remember going camping but I was in a tent or a teepee of some sort. My head throbbed as I struggled to sit up. My caretaker must of heard me grumble. He stepped inside. He was a large man, to say the least. His hair was long and black. I didn't understand at the time why he wore facepaint, but I spent more of my time trying to remember how I had gotten there.

"Ahh, you're awake finally." my native american friend said.

"Wha...where am I?" I asked.

"You're somewhere very safe. Forgive me, I haven't introduced myself. I am Nightwolf."

"Klark...Klark Parker. WHere's Josyph?"

Nightwolf looked down to the ground as if he had something terrible to relate. Fear gripped my stomach that he would give me news that Josyph was dead.

"Your companion was taken." he said.

"Taken? By who? Where?!" I demanded.

"By the one that attacked you, Klark. The vampire known as Nitara took your companion."

"Companion my ass! He's my brother! I've gotta find him!" I absurdly spit out.

"You must rest. Regain your strength. I'm afraid you've got much to learn."

"Learn about what? Vampires?! I've seen the movies!"

"What you've been brought into is much more than a movie." he calmly stated. "If you allow me to be, I'll be your guide. But I must warn you, You are much different than you used to be."

"How so?"

"Nitara....she bit you."

"Sooo, I'm a vampire now?" I asked nervously. I had no want or need to be a vampire.

"No. I was able to remove most of the venom from her bite, however, I wasn't able to remove it all. I have used the magicks of my people to ensure that you don't become a vampire slave to Nitara."

"Then, what am I?"

"You have become a werewolf, Klark."

"A WEREWOLF?!?!" I screamed, only causing myself more pain as my head thumped.

"Yes, and if you let me, I'll train you to use your new abilities. I'll teach you the skills you'll need to travel to Outworld to find your brother."

This was all too much. I was only out for a night of celebration with my brother and the next thing I know, my brother has been kidnapped by a vampire bitch who bit me as well. As if matters weren't bad enough, I was now a werewolf.

I sighed as I nodded my consent to have Nightwolf be my teacher. I would do anything to get my brother back. He's all the family I've got. My only hope is that I would be able to get to him in time. God only knows what evils that vampire has put upon him. Hell, my situation is bad, but I knew that his could be much worse.

"When can we start?" I asked.

"Tomorrow. You need more rest. Drink this and sleep peacefully." he said as he handed me a little cup. The liquid was bitter, but sleep I did.

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Post Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 5:11 pm   
Post subject:
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More to come, I promise. I'm just working out some details so that I don't interfere with the actual character storylines and the actual game storylines. I'll post soon.


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