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Post Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 1:23 am   
Post subject: No Eyes, No Heart: A Kenshi Story
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Introduction: Added April 30, 2007. Well, no comments is fine, I just hope you read it. It may seem useless and unconnected and now that I look back, there was very little detail, though the story's strong and I'd suggest it to any reader. If you do enjoy it please leave your opinion so I know this wasn't just more practice. Positive or negative feedback, I can take it. Enjoy...

The children played in the room beside the door, laughing and screaming. Their mother rested in her seat when someone had knocked on the door. Dusk had effaced the light of the sun and the air was too cold to leave the door open for when her eldest child completes buying meat for the family and returning home. She walked to the door to see a man, standing with his head faced down and a sword strapped behind him. The man looked toward her to reveal his eyes, his flawless, destructive eyes, and he stepped forward, thus she immediately stepped back, gasping.

“Daddy!” the children yelled as their father raced from his room, blade in hand. The woman fell to the floor in horror and the stranger reached for his blade, drawing it slowly, treacherously.

The father yelled at the man, “Stay back from her!” as he raced forward. The man stepped back as the father leapt to the earth before him, drawing his blade. He wasted little time, looking into the man’s eyes. He leapt toward the warrior and swept his blade towards the waist though the foe spun his sword to counter the blade and sent his foot to crush in the man’s sternum. He fell in pain, looking back to the warrior. He stared within his eyes and breathed hard, whimpering, “Spare them.” The stranger finished him, slicing his neck, watching the blood swim on the earth.

He looked back at the house and entered. The mother was standing in front of her children with a small sword; “Stay back!” she screamed helplessly, “Don’t come near them!” He walked toward her and she had thrust her sword toward his heart though he simply evaded and sliced her stomach. She fell in pain for only a moment.

The kids screamed in horror and wept without perception. This man, this monster, peered down unto them, “The demon’s seed shall end.” A family massacre…all but one.

This man was Kenshi, known as the blind warrior. Those times were different, when he had no purpose, searching for a challenge…always. Now, his eyes are gone, and he stands for the powers of light and good. Without sight his strength has increased in powerful telekinesis and he has become a warrior all have heard of. The times of wicked killing had passed.

He entered a village, searching for a demon. His katana had drawn him here. The demon is active, most likely drawing life from the innocent while he thought. He sped up to find it. Many people had gathered in a viewing of something Kenshi could not make out with so much screaming. He created a path and found the center where his katana had screamed the demon’s visage. Kenshi sensed it, dying. A woman stood beside it with a blade entrapped in its back, “For though gods I claim the death of this demon, and cast unto Hell!” Her voice commanded and persuaded. It echoed in his mind inquisitively, insidiously.

She attempted to finish the demon with her blade through his heart, though Kenshi’s katana spoke of a different result. He pulled the demon towards him where it fell on the ground. The woman’s blade struck the earth and she gasped in confusion. Kenshi revealed his katana as it happily escaped its sheath, and he vented the fury of the gods with his impalement, cracking the skull with the blade directly through the back of his head. The woman stared angrily, “Who are you?!”

Kenshi laughed lightly, “I am Kenshi.” His blade sang beautifully while sliding joyously into its sheath. The crowd forged of the village people awed at his voice. The ‘Demon Hunter,’ the ‘Blind Warrior,’ many had heard his name leap from mountains, through rivers, all have heard of the blind Kenshi, and his katana. He stood, not surprised, “Now we must bury the demon.” She nodded, and followed.

He found a dark, desolate marsh and dropped the demon’s corpse, watching it sink down to hell already. The woman looked toward him, “Can you see me?”

Kenshi looked up and sensed her eyes, embracing him. “Yes,” he replied, concentrating on her dark hair, her winsome voice, and her silent eyes. “I can feel you.” She stared, puzzled. “I can hear your heart beat.” They stood there, standing over dead marsh and a demon, fervently. “I can hear your thoughts, and feel how you feel.” She became entangled in his words. “I have become you, the same as everyone else.”

The woman walked to him, and felt his face. She clenched his hands and put them to her cheeks so he could feel her mind and body. She leaned toward him and rested on his chest, though the moment passed too fast, too fast for time to follow.

Kenshi left the village the next day, and years passed before his return. His katana led him here once more, calling him to demon’s blood. He neared the scent when he saw her, pouring water from the well. He walked toward her and as she saw him he heard her heart beat stop, twice. She ran and embraced his arms. “Kenshi,” she whispered, “it has been so long.”

“I know,” he replied, looking toward the well.

“Would you like some water?” she assumed.

He stood there, peering, in question, or horror. “No.” He looked back to her.

“I have news,” she smiled. “I have become married.” His face gave no expression to possibly represent the swarm of thoughts, panicking, scattering throughout his mind. “I have found I will have children too.”

Kenshi’s breath draws and releases, though refuses to take in more air from this demented place. “A demon lurks here, a powerful demon.”

“What? No demon is here, I swear it, as you have been the only comer.”

“You are wrong,” Kenshi draws his blade, “it’s here.”

She turns and sees her husband, and she runs to him. Kenshi watches her, rest on his chest. She tells him there is a demon, and Kenshi is here to slay it. Then she tells him…who Kenshi is. He looks to her, “Stay back.” She looks confused, “Stay back.” Then the man turns to Kenshi, “You!” He calls out, drawing his blade, “The blind warrior, yes, I know of you.” Kenshi waited, watching the man bend and leap viciously, savagely toward Kenshi, swinging his blade in a twisted, chaotic fashion. Kenshi’s katana laughed and met the sturdy blade on the field.

The woman screamed, “No!” confused and alone to question life in itself. The man was ferocious, attempting to stab Kenshi from behind. Kenshi reaches backward and catches the warrior with his mind, sending him over Kenshi’s head. The warrior fell on his leg in front of the blind sorcerer, though he appeared unhurt.

The man was skilled, though frantic, “Die demon!” He leapt with his blade forward, though Kenshi mentally forced the warrior back to the earth and as he attempted to recover he felt the sorcerer’s fist from the air send him back to the groove in the soil. His body lifted in mid-air then fell again, pounding his heart, slowing his breathing. Kenshi’s katana smiled, peering down unto the unworthy. The warrior still stood, “Do you remember my family? The family you slaughtered? I remember the stories of you, the wicked warrior that stole lives from those worthy. Do you remember?”

Kenshi felt his thoughts and his heart clenched in amazement. He used his mind to throw the sword in the man’s hand to the dirt and he walked forward. “Your father was the demon…the demon that had slain…her.” Kenshi stood there, wandering his mind, “His blood is in you.”

The husband stood there, weary and torn, sensing Kenshi’s thoughts. “Spare them.” Kenshi didn’t move, though he could not stop his katana. It tore through his ribs, negligible to the slaughterer of demons, and pierced his heart. He fell to his knees and Kenshi felt him, dead.

“No!” she screamed, weeping, running toward her husband and holding him.

Kenshi removed the katana and felt her holding him, and felt her tears. He saw her face in his mind, the pain she felt, and he spoke, “The demon’s seed shall end.”

Kenshi left the village to never have to return. He knew the only way to survive as a demon slaying demons was to always remain…heartless.

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