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Post Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 6:53 pm   
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Part XV: Allies Forever

Kindrock entered the palace’ armory and he stood below great walls of shokan strength. Swords, shields, armour, helmets, maces, hammers, spears, and weapons from worlds effaced amongst the history of the shokan’s wrath, clenched to the walls, hungry for the same all shokans hunger for...blood. He felt a cold pain, freezing the fire in his raging spirit. He felt the blood of his warriors spilling on the fields of battle, creating an ocean of memory that will quench the abyss of time.

Kindrock erased his wicked thoughts and left the palace, halting above the steps to view the masses of his race. Vain had been walking up the steps. “How’re your men? Ready for the party?” the Edenian asked, standing beside Kindrock. He turned around to see the warriors, quiet, yet roaring power. “I’ll take your silence as a yes.”

“The rise of a new era has dawned!” Kindrock held his arms high above his people, watching, listening, intently. “The alliance of Shao Kahn is no more, and our people need not be servants of tyrants…EVER…AGAIN!” The shokan roared immensely, shaking the walls of the city and stirring anger and revenge in every soul. “We shall fight among our new allies, the loyal Edenians who shall never proceed greater than us, though shall always remain…our allies! Though for now, we celebrate this great treaty, in honor of our hosts!” The cheers quieted before Vain and they thanked him, bowing to their kind ally.

Vain stood on the steps to the palace of ancient warriors, elder, greater fighting experienced, where an entire civilization of titans bowed below him. He had no response that could meet his thoughts. Kindrock fell to his knees and let all fists reach the stone floor, “Bow, for it is you they feel have brought this alliance to us all.” Vain stared in awe still, and bowed, raising his head up once again.

The shokans revived from their cease in movement and continued with their preparations. “We’re preparing the festivities in the Royal Courtyard,” started Vain.

“Then cease, and bring them here, for my people fear leaving the fortifications of their city ill-prepared.”

Vain nodded, “Makes sense, alright.” Vain voiced the matter to Sindel through the connection in his mind and soon many Edenians ventured the city, preparing for the festival soon to begin. “Hope you’re ready,” Vain smirked, “it’s gonna be a big night.”

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Post Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 12:32 am   
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Part 16: A Night to Remember

Everyone gathered around the tables, begining their feast with Queen Sindel and King Gorbak at the head.

"A toast!" Sindel rose from her seat, holding a glass of Earthrealm Rice Wine. "To new allies, and eternal happiness!"

"Hazzuh!" Everyone cheered. They resumed eating and chatting amongst one another. Shokans and Edenians comercing and enjoying their company.

"So tell me, what do you find to be an effective kill tactic?" One Shokan asked an Edenian.

"I prefer to jam my battle rod up the foes throat. And yourself?"

"Stomp on their heads and tear out their entrails!"

"What's your favourite alchoholic beverage?" An Edenian started.

"Earthrealms Molson."

"Ah, a beer man, I prefer the hard stuff, like Chaos Realms Vadka."

And as the feast came to an end, the next phaze of the party began as music began to play, and couples moved off to dance. Even some Shokan had became enticed by the heavenly music of the Edenian choir and began to dance. However, there were some who had more important matters to attend to...

"You know Queen Sindel, it's only a matter of time before Kahn starts another invasion, and with talks of this 'prize' spreading throught the realms, many more may come here for clues to as what it is." Gorbak leaned a bit in his chair.

"Indeed, it as we feared, but planned for. Tonight we shall be festive and celebrate our allaince. And tomarrow, we train and and brace ourselves. We also have some allies in Earthrealm who wish to aid us."

"This is good, the more to aid the better, but don't you think to many more allies could create leaks and uprises?"

"How so?"

"Think about it, if we gather too many allies, it could lead to turn coats, and even those who aren't our allies to begin with."

"That is true... that is why we are only letting in close the ones who have aided us since the begining."

"Ah, Earthrealms remaining chosen ones."


Vain and Kindrock were sitting at a far end table, away from most of the company.

"Vain, what are we goin to do?"

"About what Kindrock?"

"Kahn. He should be coming for us, and I have the feeling you and I will be the main targets."

"Well, if that is the case, I have a few tactics, taken from the book of Zhuge Liang."

"Wasn't he an Earthrealm stratigiest from the early 100's?"

"Yup. And to this day his tactics, if used correctly, can prove to be among the best. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a tactic not in his books to employ."

Vain got up from his seat and walked over to Jade, who was sitting with Kitana. Jade was wearing an elegant emerald silk gown that was slit at the sides to show off her legs, with elbow length silk gloves, black lingerie stockings and emerald heel pumps.

"May I have this dance?" Vain bowed to Jade and extended a hand to her. Her face flushed and she nodded, grabbign his hand and moving to the dance floor.

They locked together for a slow dance and she tried to keep some distance between them. Vain leaned in and began to whisper in her ear.

"It's been ages since we had been this close." This made her blush worsen to the point where anyone could see it.

"Vain..." She sighed.

"What? Am I being to foward?" He leanedback and gazed into her eyes with an uneasy smile.

"It's not that, it's just... don't you think it's a bad idea to publicly display your emotions like this?"

"Not at all, we're in good company. But, if its privacy you want, after the dance, you are more then welcome to come over." Jade's eyes widened at his offer and she looked puzzled on how to respond.

"Um... alright... But no funny business ok?"

"You have my word." Vain dipped her as the music ended and gave her a kiss on the lips.

Everyone cleared the dance floor and Gorbak stood center stage.

"Thank you all, this was an evening I am sure we will all remember as the day we became one. Now, this festivities were great and all, but I'd like to have a sort of sparring match, so we can train more. Tomarrow at our camp we will have some of our best warriors sparring off, and I would like to welcome any Edenian warrior who wishes to learn Shokan tactics to join us in training. Who knows, we may even learn a trick or two."

Once he finished talking, the party came to an end and the Edenians all went to their homes, and Jade and Vain walked side by side to Vain's home to perhaps make their romance offical, after all these years.

Amphibious wrote:
As the great VainZiller said so long ago...

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