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Post Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 8:05 am   
Post subject: Mortal Kombat: DECEPTIONS
Reply with quote
( This is my own version of Mortal Kombat: DECEPTION. These events will lead up to Armageddon once it wraps, and that too will be written to follow those in this story afterward. I have a small portion of this story already written on Word, so I'll post a couple of parts. Enjoy your read, and please leave Feedback! )



Chapter One: The Begining

It had been a great blast. Raiden, the Thunder God, risked us all to destroy Onaga..however that attempt was in vain. I was shocked to see the Dragon King unharmed by Raiden's blast..and even more shocked to see that I was still alive. It had seemed as if Raiden had risked his own life, and teleported myself and Shang Tsung off into the Living Forest. Once allies...then enimies..then..allies once more? I questioned Shang's loyalty to our partnership..but I knew if the both of us were to ever have control of all the realms, we'd have to stick together, and destroy Onaga. We'd have to join the Earthrealm Champions to bring Onaga to his knees..

"We must go back." Quan Chi spoke, getting off of the dirt of the Living Forest. Shang Tsung stumbled to his feet, his eyebrows frowning inwards."Are you mad? Onaga would have our heads! Not even with the help of Raiden could we stop him!"

Quan Chi growled, realizing his amulet had been taken away from him."That does not matter, Shang Tsung..The two of us may not be able to defeat Onaga..but..if we could convince Earthrealm's champions...maybe we will have a chance?"

"You have gone mad! Earthrealm's Champions wouldn't be so foolish.."
"Unless they all want to die they will be as foolish!"
Shang Tsung began to growl, stepping before Quan Chi. "This plan will not work.., but it is still a plan no will we go about this?"

Quan Chi turned his back to Shang Tsung. "First..we must ask ourselves..who is most willing to save the realms?" The Two began to ponder upon this subject."Well..Liu Kang is out of the question.., parhaps...The Lin Kuei Grand Master would understand our plea.."

A devilish grin came across The sourcerer's face as he turned back around. "We will..make a 'deal' with him...In return for his services, we will..'turn' ourselves in...ha ha ha.."The two shared a mythyacal laugh as their plan was made..the handshake ensued. Within the eyes of Shang Tsung..still was his greed...he alone wanted to rule the realms..and if he could gather this army of Earthrealm Champions and Fighters from all over...he could use them to destroy Quan Chi, and Onaga...Quan Chi, however, was foolish enough to put trust in the shape-shifter...this would prove to be..interesting. "Let us go to the Lin Kuei.." Shang Tsung cackled releasing Quan Chi's hand...

[ To be Kontinued...]

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Post Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 8:07 am   
Post subject:
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[ chapter 1, Part 2 ]

From the Evil Forest, Quan Chi and myself snuck through Outworld, seeking the gateway to the Nexus. On our Journey..we saw the ruins of my palace from afar..the Takartan forces swarming about the ruins, left over warriors re-building it to Onaga's needs. If they did not..they were killed...split in two without a moment's hesitation. I could not help but feel the anger build up inside of was Quan Chi's own fault for holding the item Onaga was after. I hid it behind my smirk, and friendly pats at his shoulder..I would have my revenge on Quan Chi..for his humiliation after we defeated Raiden. Soon, we left, not wanting to be spotted by those mutated freaks of men. Within that very day, we arrived at the portal to the Nexus.

"Earthrealm is near..only a matter of transporting ourselves.." The sorcerer, Shang Tsung looked to his right to his 'comrade' Quan Chi. The pale skinned male frowned somewhat, nodding back to Shang Tsung. "We musn't waste time." He grunted shaking his head left and right as he stepped towards the portal."Each second that goes by is giving Onaga more of what's rightfully ours!" so badly he wanted to say his but he needed a partner in this..showing his own greed would only ruin it, again.

As soon as Quan Chi materialized, and was transported to the Nexus, Shang Tsung began to follow, only to pause a moment, looking back towards the area where Onaga's Castle was being built..he felt a strange force begin to gather through his bones, but he did not make an attempt to resist. Stepping backwards, seemingly forced to do so, he was too transported from the Outworld realm, into the Nexus, rolling over himself, onto the cold stone floors. Quan Chi stood before the Earthrealm Portal, looking to Shang Tsung, somewhat amused. "Why, I didn't know you'd been drinking, Shang."The deep short-lived chuckle escaped his lips, as the red-clad shape-shifted got to his feet, dusting himself off. "Just a swig or two." he too chuckled, making his way towards Quan Chi. Stroking his chin over, the near-bare chested Sorcerer began to think. "Maybe we can get all of the Lin Kuei to join us.." little did he know Shang Tsung was grinnin behind his back, clasping both hands together. "Yes...all of the Lin Kuei would do us well..don't you agr--"before he could continue, Shang Tsung's clasped hands smashed into the back of Quan Chi's head, rendering him unconcious. "No...I think I've realized who's side we should be on. You've gotten softer than a woman's anatomy, Quan Chi. To think..siding with Earthrealm's Champions.."Shang bumbled on, lifting the heavy Quan Chi onto his shoulder, walking back to the Outworld Portal. "The Dragon King shall deal with you..for he is not the enemy...with him, I can still rule all!" heaving, he tossed the limp body through the portal. "And with your plan..I can help pick off Earthrealm's Champions one by one..and this time..kill them all.."

Quan Chi In Prison
Feat. Scorpion, Ermac, Jax, Sonya, Kitana,Kung Loa, and Johnny Cage]

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Post Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 8:16 am   
Post subject:
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Chapter Two: Quan Chi In Prison

"Set the corpse in the cell!" The voice of a Tarkata rang through the mind of the helpless, unconcious sorcerer, Quan Chi. He flet his body being slung forwards, smacking against a stone wall, then landing upon cold, damp stone floors. Slowly, his eyes began to open hearing the Tarkata walk away from the cell, right after slamming and locking it shut.

"Uugh.."Quan Chi groaned, gloved hands groping the cold pavement for something to grasp. He managed to grab onto one of the thick metal bars of his cell, and soon enough pulled himself up. He peered into the cell next to his, and saw nothing but an empty cage just awaiting to house an unlucky soul who dared to rebel against Onaga..and would suffer torture before a brutal death at Onaga's hands..or maybe even become a slave of Onaga. Taking a breath, Quan Chi could relax a spell, before he found a way to escape, and locate Shang Tsung..he had turned on him once more. His train of thought was wrecked by an oh-so-familiar voice of a great enemy of his..

"I never thought I'd see the day Quan Chi would be behind bars, aswell as I. When the time comes for your execution, I will applaud at your death.." Quan Chi only frowned peering over his shoulder. He had a big enough problem with Shang Tsung..but he dispised Scorpion. "Hmp."He only grunted in responce. "Or I could do it myself, Quan Chi. Tonight I will escape...,and I will see to it you die slowly.."The ivory hues of Scorpion glared down Quan Chi, eyes which would strike fear in the hearts of any mortal. "Slow..and painful..? Like you wife and son?" He smirked, knowing he'd strike a nerve there. He turned around smirking proudly at his words. "You won't esca--" Scorpion cut him off, thrusting his arm forwards, tossing that bloody spear towards Quan Chi, penitrating the spiked shoulder-pad-like garment upon his body. Caught off gaurd, Quan Chi would be jerked to the bars, slamming into them face first. Dazed a moment, he grasped the bars to stay up, but Scorpion grasped his throat.

Quan Chi had a look of terror in his eyes, unable to use his magical attacks to defend himself. "You will pay for your--"Quan Chi cut the ninja off with his choking words. "She--She's alive! I c-c-can bring you to--her..!"Hearing these words, Scorpion began to loosen his grip upon his throat. "Shang Tsung and I brought her hopes of distracting you..she is alive, Scorpion..I can take you to her." A few moments had passed before Scorpion grabbed Quan Chi's throat with both hands. "LIES!"He shouted out, disturbing the other prisoners in their sleep. "--No! I s-swear upon my life, Scorpion!! You know how great our combined --!"Scorpions grip increased. "And of My Son?!" Quan Chi closed his eyes, his face showing shades of blue. "If..If I could destroy..Shang Tsung..he is as good as alive a---again!" Scorpion's eyes weilded up with liquid for the first time in ages, in memories of his family. "How do I know I can trust you, sorcerer?! How do I know this is not some sort of trick?!" A voice in the background spoke out to the two. "Hey! Quiet down!" Scorpion looked over his shoulder, an ebony man, with large arms clad in metal was stuck to a wall back first, with some sort of magnets upon the wall had yelled to him. "SILENCE!"He yelled, before turning back to Quan Chi.

"Shang Tsung is a traitor...we both win if you help me, Scorpion. I"He took a breath, his throat still being nearly crushed. "and you..."He gasped,"You get..your family back..!" Scorpion released Quan Chi, whom right away grabbed his own throat, catching his breath. The ninja then aimlessly walked back and forth in his cell, trying to decide. Across the prison, the voice of Kitana rang out."Scorpion? Is the moon visible?" Scorpion had a small hole just above his was the only way they could tell if it were night or day. The ninja growled back at Kitana."SILENCE!" He grabbed his skull, trying to make up his mind. Kitana went silent..not wanting that spear to go through her flesh. Kung Loa defended Kitana after Scorpion's words. "Is this how you treat royalty?" Scorpion paused, and just glared across his cell, to Kung Loa's cell with Kitana, not saying a word. Kung Loa rose both his hands in defeat. "Fine.." He got the message. Scorpion picked up the rope attached to his spear, and yanked it, causing Quan Chi to smack back into the bars. "AAUGH!"He grunted, as Scorpion got face to face with him. "It's a deal..but after this is all over..if I do not see her, or my will die by my hands.."

The Sorcered nodded his head, as the ninja yanked the spear from Quan Chi's garment. Staggering backwards, Quan Chi spoke after a moment, to allow Scorpion to cool off a little bit.

"How do you plan to escape?"
"Don't worry about it!"
"I'm going to attack the Takarta when they bring in the next prisoner. I shall get the keys to these blasted cells, and get us free. Jax almost helped us escape..but they stuck him to the wall..the keys are our only way out." He peered over to Kitana's cell. "The moon is out, Kitana." The Movie star, Johnny Cage sprung up from his sitting place, clutching the bars. "Alright.., so how do you know the Takarta will bring another prisoner?" Sonya Blade spoke from her sleeping place in responce. "Scorpion had contact with Ermac..Ermac is going to be captured on purpose tonight..this way they can escape."

"That is correct..but do not speak so loudly..some of these walls may have ears.." Scorpion nodded as he spoke, taking a seat. "We must wait for him to arrive.."

Quan Chi gripped the bars of his cell, banging his head upon it once."..Shang will pay.."

[To be Kontinued! ]

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Post Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 8:21 am   
Post subject:
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The Dragon King, Onaga had called his best of troops to the front of his zombie army. His best of subjects; Hotaru, Mileena, Baraka, Tanya, Kano, and Shang Tsung. Scanning over the six of them, his deep, commanding voice rang out, as his arm extended outwards. "What is the news?"

Shang Tsung gave off a cocky smirk stepping forwards. "I bring news of two more captures, along side the band of warriors traveling with Princess Kitana. I have captured Quan Chi, and I have just gotten word than the warrior Ermac has been captured by Baraka's Takartan Horde." He placed his fist behind his back nodding. Kano gave a sarcastic golf clap, before Tanya nudged him, making an angry expression. "Very good." Onaga nodded his head and continued, "Take note from Shang Tsung's success..stop at nothing to acheive your goal, and do not fall short even if your life depends upon it. Baraka, your recent success has been wonderful, so you are excused from my words." The Takarta nodded, keeping his toothy grin present. "Thank you sire." He spoke in responce.

"Mileena, I fear that Bo' Rai Cho is no longer believing that you are Kitana. You need to stop slacking, and tap into her being further." The Hybrid Takarta female nodded, facial features hidden behind her pink veil. "I can use you all in some great way..."He peered about. "Kano, I need your gang of thugs to seek out Noob and Smoke..last I have heard, they are somewhere in Outworld..I am sure they will not leave." Accepting this command, Kano grinned. His red robotic eye lit up a moment."Done deal, Sire."

"Tanya..bring Jade to my forces..I am sure you are the best lure I can use. Shang Tsung, I need you to use your power to unleash Liu Kang's soul..with his soul unleashed, his body will become animate. I can use the body and soul to create my super-soldier." Shang Tsung frowned..not wanting to give up his prized Soul. "As you wish, Onaga."He took a bow, as Onga looked about over them all. He only gave Mileena a look. "You know what your job is," He glanced to Baraka." As do you." The Tarkatan male, and hybrid female bowed to Onaga. "Hotaru, I need you to locate The Lin Kuei Grand Master, understood?" Hotaru nodded his head to Onaga."Dismissed."He looked away from them, fanning them off with his right hand.

The group began to walk off to the left, Mileena being tugged along by Baraka. Shang Tsung rounded the corner, awaiting Baraka and Mileena to pass. "Mileena, my dear..daughter, is it?" He grinned. Mileena hissed from behind her veil, yanking her arm from Baraka's grip. "What do you want with Mileena..'Dad'?" Her teeth clinched together tightly, causing a wrinkling between her inwards-pointing eyebrows. "Oh..nothing. I just wanted to help you. I made you half Takarta to make you vicious, and at this time, you need to be..more...human than anything, my dear. Though I cannot remove your Takatan blood, I can give you more features of Kitana." This offer lit up her eyes, the angry Baraka stood by, listening. "How so??!" She sounded anxious. "Oh..after I release Liu Kang's soul..maybe..I can use a female soul I have absorbed to give you..the mouth of Kitana. Your teeth however..I doubt I can change--" Mileena growled cutting him off. "Mileena cares not for teeth, the mouth of Kitana will be enough!" This made the sorcerer smile. "Indeed. Meet me in the upper chambers tomorrow afternoon. By then, I will have Liu Kang's soul unleashed."

Mileena chuckled to herself, as Baraka barked her name."MILEENA! WE MUST GO!" Mileena barked back to him."STOP TELLING MILEENA WHAT TO DO!" Mileena snapped her teeth at him, as he snapped his own back at her. "Come, NOW!!"he turned his back to her, walking off. Mileena gripped the handles of her Sais within her sleeve..but released them, following Baraka.

Just then, Hotaru walked pass Shang Tsung. "Hotoru, may I ask a favor?" The gaurdsman nodded. "Wonderful..would you..allow me to locate the Lin Kuei Grand Master along with you? I can be a wonderful lure..just give me until tomorow afternoon, after I use my magic to further disguise Mileena.." The Gaurdsman thought a moment."...No. Good day, Sorcerer." Hotaru walked away from him, leaving Shang Tsung utterly pissed off."..No one says No to me.."

[ To be Kontinued! ]

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Post Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 8:22 am   
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Chapter 2, Part 3: Quan Chi In Prison

The sound of Tarkatan growling had been heard along the dark hallway leading towards the dungeon. Three Tarkatan soldiers dragged another unconcious body along with them. This body had been clad in red..and his face had been wrapped in some kind of dark garment. The deep beast-like voice of the Tarkata gripping the male's left arm rang out. "Are the rumors true? Will he bring him back?" The Tarkata gripping the right arm growled in anger, they had been arguing for the past seven minutes or so. "NO! Onaga would never bring back the only man to live after facing him!" The last Tarkatan male walked behind the dragging feet shaking his head. "That man deserves to remain dead! He would never revive Sh--"He was interupted by the left Tarkata "Shut it, Bahlzar! This conversation is between the men of this Horde! Young Tarkata are to be seen, and not heard!" The Mutant warrior now revealed as Bahlzar growled. He had been a younger Tarkata, and of the bloodline of Baraka. In fact, he was Baraka's sibling.

"Now, as I was saying, Tanshet--"
"Not now, we must place the prisoner inside a cell. Bahlzar, watch the door." The two large Tarkatan males pulled the prison door open, closing it behind them. Bahlzar growled to himself, kicking the dirt. "Why can't I be treated as my brother is? Why can't I be seen as an equal of the great Tarkata soldiers?" He jammed his fist into the stone wall. He took a few steps away from the door, shaking his head. All of a sudden, a large green skull shot out through the wall stone wall before him. He jumped back at this, watching it smash through the other wall. His eyes widened, looking through the new hole, dumbfoundedly climbing through.."What is this?"

"GET OUT THERE!!" The trademark voice of Scorpion was heard, as the body of one of the Tarkatan males flew through the door. The Ninja hopped out shortly after him, looking left and right. "All clear, come!" he motioned for the others. Quan Chi, the veteran in quick get-a-ways ran out as soon as Scorpion spoke, followed by Ermac, and Princess Kitana. Jax, Sonya, Johnny Cage, and Kung Loa had just finished the other male, backing out slowly. "Okay, what now, bone head?" Jax spoke peeking over his shoulder. Bahlzar peeked from the hole, but ducked back inside seeing the warriors. "We escape!" Quan Chi was the first to make a run for it.

As the others followed, more Tarkata became aware of the jail-break, smelling the humans as they grew near. The Tarkata jumped out and attacked them in the corridor, attempting to kill them with their numerous numbers. "Don't worry..we got this.." Jax bashed his metal fist togtether, as Kung Loa pulled his hat off. After a breif moment, Jax jammed his fist into the ground, sending a shockwave through the stone, tossing the Tarkata in the air. Kung Loa tossed his hat to the wall, causing it to bounce off the wall, and slice through a Tarkata, bounce off the other wall, and repeat the process, until seven were killed, the hat returning his way. A Tarkata leaped up at Kitana, however the hat parted his skull in two before he could make it an inch closer. Kitana sheilded herself from the blood with her warfan.

The masses were still comming their way. Sonya drew her guns, looking to Scorpion. "Take the Princess, We'll be alright!" Scorpion was not going to refuse this offer, and Quan Chi was well on his way (He had made a run for it before Sonya even spoke, breaking through the masses.) "GET BACK HERE!!"Scorpion commanded, taking Kitana by the arm and running.

Ermac stayed near Scorpion, using his mental skills to push back foes whom got too close to the Princeess. Panting, he spoke to Scorpion. "We think, our allies, will be, captured!" he panted between each pair of words he spoke. Scorpion paid him no mind, he continued to run through the masses to the entrence of the Castle, without Onaga's knowledge.

Quan Chi had escaped the castle. The draw bridge was rising, as he lept from it, avoiding the deadly moat of acid. Catching his breath, he'd extend his hands, using his powerful magic to hold the bridge still. "HURRY!" He commanded as Scorpion, Kitana, and Ermac drew near. Baraka was at their heels, swinging his bladed arms.

"Ermac! Push them back!"The Ninja commanded. The creation of Shoa Kahn was doing all he could. "We are trying!" Scorpion's commanded Kitana soon after Ermac's words. "Grab him!" Making haste, Kitana obeyed Scorpion, grabbing Ermac's arm. Scorpion shot his spear towards the bridge, getting it well inside of the wooden structure. Yanking hard, he pulled the three of them forwards onto the slanted bridge-- far infront of the Tarkata.

"HURRY SORCERER!"Scorpion yelled out. Kitana clung to Scorpion's arm, holding onto Ermac...whom was..clinging to her arm, doubled voice wailing like a newborn child. Quan Chi began to mutter in tongues, a green aura surrounding his body as his hands began to wave about, pulling the bridge down a little bit more. Scorpion scrambled forwards with the great weight of the two upon his arm. He yanked the spear from the wood, slinging Kitana upwards along with Ermac. The two of them fell right over the top of the draw-bridge, falling towards..the acid.

Seeing this, Quan Chi extended his right hand towards them, lifting it up several times as quickly as he could. Walls of skulls appearing on their landing spaces, making a small bridge across. The two landed hard of course, but regained themselves quickly enough to get across and to safety. Ermac kneeled at Quan Chi's side, aiding him in power, pulling the bridge down more. The Tarkatans were only a few feet away from reaching Scorpion. Scorpion was feet away from escaping. Time was running out.

Scorpions hand got to the top!

Blades drew back to prepare to stab into his legs. BUT Scorpion's body would soon be consumed by a green aura, his body being yanked forwards over the top, and the bridge was slammed shut with all the force Quan Chi could muster, three blades breaking through the wood, seemingly stuck. Scorpion landed upon the dirt at Kitana's feet. The Edenian princess kneeled at his side. "Are you alright Scorpion?" Her soft voice reached the ninja's ears, causing him to attempt to push himself up. Quan Chi stood, his eyes on Scorpion's body. He was in debt of Scorpion for helping him escape..aswell as Scorpion was in debt for Quan Chi saving his now they were even.

Quan Chi's eyes cut to Kitana. "We must go to Earthrealm. We need the help of the Lin Kuei..I fear Shang Tsung will be after him."

"Why do you--"
"No need for questions now.."Quan Chi pulled Scorpion's arm up, pulling him onto his shoulder, carrying him. "We must make haste!" Ermac's green eyes blinked several times. "We know of a shortcut! Follow us!"

[chapter 3 on it's way! ]

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