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Post Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 9:03 pm   
Post subject: Short Script (Scorpion & Sub-Zero)
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hey guys whats up......i wrote a short movie featuring two of my fav (and im sure many of yours) characters, Scorpion & Sub-Zero.....i was actually wondering if any of you who have the time could just give it a quick glance over and tell me what you think.....i think the Mortal Kombat franchise could totally be brought back to life on the big screen and be made into a big success as long as its done right. so if a few of you think this short script is cool, i could start writing a full length! and of course check back in with all of you every now and then.....anyway thanks for anyone who takes the time to read it..lemme know what you think!!


Rain pours down the huge floor to ceiling windows. Thunder cracks through the air, lightning bolts illuminate the skyline of the city. The suite is very luxurious, hardwood floors, oak furniture and huge paintings on the wall. We see a man, DAMON, a man who looks like he could kill someone just by looking at them, standing at a window talking on his phone.
Look, I told you it wasn’t my fault.
We hear the VOICE on the phone.
It doesn’t matter anymore, you’re of no use to us.
Damon gets angry.
Well fuck you then, come and get me!
He hangs up the phone and throws it against the wall. He walks over the big leather chair behind his desk and sits down, he has a smirk on his face. A few seconds later all the lights in the suite go out. Damon knows it has nothing to do with the storm and we hear him snicker in the darkness.
We’re in the hallway, it’s pitch black. We see a red laser sight come from around a corner. Then another. Then another until there is too many to count. We hear the voice of STONE, head of the assassin squad.
Everybody ready? Let’s do it.
They kick through the door like it was made of matches. They burst into the suite and quickly fan out. The lightning illuminating their progress every few seconds. Stone finally makes it to Damon’s desk. He stands there with two of his men behind him. Soon the rest of the team are behind him, we hear one of them.
All clear sir, we didn’t find anyone else.
Stone nods and lifts up his night vision goggles while all his men have their lasers trained on Damon’s chest.
I have to tell you Damon, we were expecting a small army here to protect you.
Damon looks back at him, cold faced.
I don’t need a small army, I have something better.
A little smile creeps onto Stone’s face.
Oh ya, and what’s that?
He pull’s out a handgun and aim’s it at Damon’s head. He cocks it.
A one man army.
We see a close up of the hammer on the gun as Stone pull’s the trigger. It moves forward.
A light blue ball of energy come’s streaking through the air out of nowhere.
The gun goes off. The bullet flies through the air slowly.

The ball of energy hits the bullet halfway between the nozzle and Damon’s head. It turns instantly to ice. It hits Damon in the forehead like a small rock and just bounces off him and onto the floor. The leader looks to the side where the ball of energy came from.
What the fuck!?
We see nothing but darkness in the corner of the room. Then slowly small blue particles gather throughout the air. They start moving faster and faster until another light blue ball of energy is formed.
The leader lifts his gun, but before he can get off a shot, the ball hits him square in the chest and instantly freezes him. The rest of the men raise their guns at the darkness. Chaos erupts.
A man, dressed in a black trenchcoat walks through the dark alley. He has a hood on so we can’t see his face. He looks only at the ground as he walks down the alley. He comes to a small door with a small sign over it, obviously hand written, that says “SHANGHAI SURPRISE BAR”. Two big bouncers at the door stop the man. His face is impossible to see because of the hood, but we see a close up of his eyes. They’re all white, a thin line of fire surrounds them.
It’s a small dingy place with a bar at the back a handful of tables scattered around. People are drinking and having conversations. In the middle a group of men sit and play cards. As we come in for a closer look we see each of them has the same tattoo of a blue dragon on his left forearm.
Then out of nowhere a drunk man falls onto the table, crashing to the ground. The room falls deathly silent. The man gets up, and instantly sobers up realizing what he’s done. He gets on his knees in front of ZAO, one of the men at the table, who has a scar over his right eye. Zao grabs the man by his neck and slowly starts to squeeze the life out of him, but before he can kill him he hears a loud CRASH and turns around to see the two big bouncers come flying through the door like they were children being hit by a truck. Everyone in the bar stands there and looks at the door. A few moments later the man in the trenchcoat walks in. Zao puts down the drunk and slowly walks over to the man. He gets right up into his face.
I hope you know what you’re doing. Do you know what clan this bar belongs to?
The man slowly nods.
Well, this isn’t your lucky day.
Zao tries to punch the man but it’s blocked. A spear slips out from under the man’s jacket and into his right hand. He slams the spear through Zao’s chest and into the wall, leaving Zao hanging like a picture. The man’s coat then bursts into flames and disappears into thin air. Chaos erupts.
Pieces of ice that used to be the Assassin Squad lie all over the floor. Damon stands there with Sub-Zero. He hands him a suitcase.
You were worth every fucking penny.
Sub-Zero doesn’t say anything. He just turns around and leaves.
Burned bodies lie strewn around. Small fire’s burn here and there. Zao’s lifeless body hangs from the wall. His blood leaking off of the spear embedded in his chest. A few moments later Sub-Zero walks in. He stands in the doorway motionless. He raises his hand and extinguishes the fire’s. He walk’s over to Zao’s body. Beside it on the wall is a message written in blood, “Temple”. He punches a whole in the wall.
Huge pillars rise up to the ceiling. Torches burn on either side. Small rivers of water pass along the base of each wall. We see Scorpion standing in the middle of the room wearing a black and yellow ninja outfit. Sub-Zero then steps out from behind a pillar in his black and blue ninja outfit.
Back from the dead I see.
Yes, and that’s exactly where I plan on sending you.
So I take it sending my brother there wasn’t enough.
No. Eye for an eye. You killed my family, I’ve killed yours. You betrayed me and killed me. This is over once I kill you. I’ve waited a long time for this.

Well please don’t let me keep you any longer.
The two stare each other down with nothing but hatred in their eyes.
We see a close up of Sub-Zero’s hand. Light blue particles begin to swirl around it.
We see Scorpion’s hand. He grips a spear tightly.

All of a sudden he shoots out the spear at Sub-Zero. At the same time Sub-Zero hurls an energy ball in the shape of a dagger at Scorpion.

Scorpions dagger rips into Sub-Zero’s shoulder, knocking him back.

The ice dagger hits Scorpion in his arm, ripping into it and freezing half of it.

Sub-Zero grabs the spear in his shoulder, freezes it and then breaks it off. He freezes the wound in his arm to stop the bleeding. Scorpion blows his breath onto his frozen arm, melting the ice. A wound remains with blood flowing from it, Scorpion puts his hand over the wound and heats it up, cauterizing it and stopping the bleeding.


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Post Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 10:12 pm   
Post subject:
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It's good, without a doubt. Excellent dialogue, hard to find. Should the story be explained more it would make it all the better, by that I mean it should tie-in to the real story. Alone it stands strong, 9/10, great work man.
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Post Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2007 10:41 pm   
Post subject:
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thanks man

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