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TMK Visitor

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Post Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2007 7:11 pm   
Post subject: Fan Character: Phaze
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[MK Deception]
Name: Phaze
Race: Suspected to be Human
Alignment: Good
Allies: Sub-Zero, Frost
Enemies: Quan Chi
Special Attacks:
Smoke Trick ( Shoots a ball of black smoke to enemy. Once it connects, the enemy vanishes and appears right infront of Phaze , allowing him an open shot at them )

Portal Punch ( Phaze creates a small gateway and punches through it, which reaches across the battle field to a distant opponent )

Beserk Ken (Grapple Move. German suplexes opponent, teleport to upper cut upwards, teleport to spin kick down)

Fatalities: Final Phaze ( Phaze creates several portals around the enemy and one infront of himself. When he reaches into the portal, several copies of his arms come out of the other portals to grab onto his enemy's head, both arms, and spine. Each hand digs into each mentioned area and tugs twice before ripping each arm, the head and the spine *snapping it from the skull of course* out and has it all pour out of the portal infront of Phaze who holds his bloody hands up as the corpse falls)

After joining the Lin Kuei, I always faught to prove my worth to the newly appointined Grand Master, even though my skills were unlike his. After being defeated by Frost, I had my left eye closed forever thanks to her daggers.

I still faught against the Deadly Alliance however, even though Frost won our Lin Kuei Tournament. I faced Quan Chi in Mortal Kombat and failed in my efforts and was left as another body outside of Shang Tsung's castle..but luckilly, I escaped with my life. I felt Frost would be best to stop them since I had failed.

Once hearing of her betrayal, I confronted Sub-Zero, and asked to help lead his forces into Outworld for the war against the Dragon King--and I was granted such an honor by the Grand Master, assisting him through the hordes of Tarkata.

[Ending ]

Many rised to the occasion and failed against the Dragon King Onaga. Phaze stepped forth in means of representing the Lin Kuei in absence of their Grand Master, Sub Zero.

Phaze easilly did away with Onaga after being blessed by the elder gods with a pair of golden gauntlets--ripping him limb from limb with his feared 'Final Phaze'.

Once through Phaze felt a disturbance in the realms, and transported himself to the Netherealm to witness his Grandmaster being pulled by his arms by Noob and Smoke. With his heightened strength and speed, Phaze used his portals to remove the heads of the two, saving Sub Zero from a painful death...

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TMK Visitor

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Post Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 3:32 am   
Post subject: cool, mann
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i'm diggin' it, and I like how you gave yo fighta a unique name. every body else give their fighta's da same gat damn name, so respect on dat one playa!

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  This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.  
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