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TMK Grandmaster
TMK Grandmaster

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Post Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2004 1:17 pm   
Post subject: 2. TMK Themes / Koins FAQ
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Q. What are TMK Themes?

A. TMK themes change the look of the main site to match a certain character or whatever the theme is based on, eg the Scorpion theme shows the Scorpion TMK banner , uses Orange colors and Scorpion mugshots in our tables used on our site. The Forum also changes colors to match the theme that you use.
Q. How do I get TMK themes?

A. Firstly you need to be registerd on the site, Registration is free and also gives you full access to our forum and exclusive downloads that we put on the site. After you are registerd, you need to earn some koins on our forum by making topics (10 koins) or replying to peoples posts (5 koins). If you put your koins in the bank you will get 10% daily on your holdings, eg 100 koins put in the bank becomes 110 koins 24 hours later. All TMK Themes are in the shop, and cost 1000+ koins.
Q. OK I brought a do I use it?

A. Easy, once you have brought a theme just click on "profile" and go down to "board style" and select the theme name you purchased.
Q. Will you be making more themes?

A. Yes, as time goes on we will continue to make more and more themes.
Q. how come some themes have no stock?

A. Some TMK Themes are special access only, and can only be given to you by an admin, if the admin chooses to grant you such a theme. We will mark these themes with a "special" next to them. If a normal theme has no stock contact an admin to get replensihed.

We Appriciate feedback on our themes, if you need more info or want to give me feedback just send me a PM or e-mail.


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  This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.  
  This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.  
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