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Post Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2007 5:51 am   
Post subject: Mortal Kombat: The Neatherrealm Plot
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this is the psuedo sequel to my first Fanfic. it's just setting the stage for the grand Finale. enjoy.

~Mortal Kombat: The Neatherrealm Plot~

At about the same time as the very first Mortal Kombat Tournament, the ruler of the Neatherrealm, Shinnok, manipulates the desperate soul of a fallen Outworld solder. The solder, Zhu, was a new arrival to hell; he had died in the final battle for Edenia. The General, Raven was his commanding officer, and Raven was the only survivor of that battle. For this reason, Zhu held a grudge against Raven; he felt that the officer was at fault for all the Outworld lives taken, including his own. Zhu’s given power was telepathy.

Shinnok saw his opportunity, and took it. He invited Zhu to his palace in hell. There he forged the warrior a new physical body, coaxed him into a position as spy in his Neatherrealm army and convinced Zhu to perform a soul switch with Raven. A soul switch is a spell that would allow Zhu’s soul to posses Raven’s physical body in Earthrealm and visa-versa. Therefore, Raven would be forced into the Neatherrealm and Zhu could spy on Shao Kahn in Raven’s body. Zhu saw Shinnok’s generous offer, and took it, he believed that he would become a spy in Shinnok’s army and get revenge on Raven at the same time.

Shinnok explained the Mortal Kombat Tournament to Zhu, how Raven and a few other Outworld warriors had beaten it and how they were on their way back to Shao Kahn.

Hours later Zhu arrived at one of the last standing obelisks in The Neatherrealm. He unrolled the old parchment that Shinnok had given him and began to read from it, beginning the soul switch ritual. Once it was complete, his stomach began to churn. And his insides began to twist and tighten. Raven felt the same thing on Earthrealm as he fought with the sorcerer, Cane; as Shao Kahn had told him to. Raven’s stance was broken as he clinched his stomach in pain; Cane saw his opportunity and knocked Raven off his feet.

The next moment Zhu was in Ravens body, on the ground. The first (and last) thing he saw in Raven’s body was Cane standing above him with his foot poised to smash down on his face. Cane finished him and took Zhu’s soul, thinking it was Raven’s. Meanwhile, Raven found himself in a different body, kneeling in front of an obelisk in the Neatherrealm. He braced himself for Cane’s foot, but it never came. He opened his eyes and looked around ominously. This was a realm he had never been to before. This new body, even in a place so hot, felt cold, inside and out.

Shinnok foresaw the death of Raven, so he deceived Zhu and had used his soul to take the place of Raven’s soul before Cane stole it. Why did Shinnok do this? Raven was a great general, and a great leader was just what his Neathrealm army needed.

Shinnok was there to greet Raven when the soul switch was complete. He explained his deception of Zhu and the fact that he had saved Raven’s soul from being devoured by Cane. Shinnok also explained that it was the young warrior Shang Tsung, disguised as Shao Kahn, who had told Raven that Cane intended to overthrow the throne of Outworld. Shinnok told him what he foresaw, that Cane would be killed by Shang Tsung and all the souls of the fallen Earthrealm warriors, and Cane and Zhu’s souls, would be bound into a single entity.

Raven was enraged, but also grateful to The Neatherrealm ruler for saving him. He accepted a position in Shinnok’s army. He also vowed to get revenge on Shang Tsung, after his debt to Shinnok was repaid.

During his trials in the Neatherrealm military Raven constantly did battle with demons, lost souls, Oni hordes and those who sought to overthrow Shinnok. One of those souls was a new arrival by the name of Tao Yin, a former Edenian prince who was struck down by Raven in the final battle for Edenia.

Tao Yin attempted to overtake Shinnok by rallying various denizens of hell and storming his palace. But the revolt was quickly stamped out when Raven’s unit arrived. Raven bashed Tao Yin’s head in, erasing all memories he had, and threw what was left of his body into a lake of lava. Raven made an example out of Tao Yin. The Oni recognized Tao Yin’s bravery; they forged him a new body, made him an Oni, and gave him a new name…Drahmin.

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