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Proud Ally of Raiden
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Post Posted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:15 am   
Post subject: Mortal Kombat: Fatal Mistake.
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Okay, this may or may not be good, I don't know. It's only part 1

Setting - outside the Temple of the Order of Light

FUJIN: Man, I can't believe this. Mokap just told me about the Chaosrealm.

RAIDEN: Really? What did he say?

FUJIN: He said it was really weird-looking, like Goro had stomped on a lot of stuff. He said the natives speak backwards.

RAIDEN: Yes, I have heard the folks of the Netherrealm also speak that way. At least, the ones who don't just punch you.

Enter Mokap

MOKAP: Greetings, Fujin and Raiden.

RAIDEN: Fujin was telling me about your time in the Chaosrealm.

MOKAP: I still have no clue how I got there.

FUJIN: Heh, of course you don't [under his breath] stupid mortals.

MOKAP: What's that?

FUJIN: I said...too many portals.

RAIDEN: He called you a stupid mortal, Mokap.

Fujin punches Raiden in the shoulder

FUJIN: Well, thanks for that, Thunder God!

RAIDEN: You're quite welcome.

Raiden punches Fujin in the chest, sending him flying about 100 yards away. Mokap leaves.

RAIDEN: Such idiots in this realm. Why do I protect these people?

Enter Scorpion

SCORPION: There is too much to do here. Personally, I wouldn't mind residing in Seido. It's a peaceful place.

RAIDEN: Come on, Scorpion. You wouldn't last a day in Seido. You have to be a descent person.

SCORPION: I can be descent.

RAIDEN: And I can kick your butt, but I'm not doing that either.

SCORPION: I've seen you fight Shao Kahn. He destroys you every time.

RAIDEN: And this has what to do with you?

SCORPION: Oh, someone's getting a little defensive.

RAIDEN: Are you trying to start something?


RAIDEN: Very well.

The fight begins. Both fight well, but Raiden eventually emerges victorious. Raiden then rips Scorpion's head off.

RAIDEN: Ah, it's great being me.

Fujin returns

FUJIN: You know, he's right about Shao Kahn.

RAIDEN: I am fully aware of that.

FUJIN: Say, Raiden, does the Chaosrealm have a name?

RAIDEN: It does.

FUJIN: What is it?

RAIDEN: It's....umm.....

FUJIN: Yeah, I thought so. Looks like I win.


FUJIN: I made a bet with Mokap. I bet him 500 gold koins you couldn't name the Chaosrealm.

RAIDEN: Do you even HAVE that much money?

FUJIN: I only have 250. I was hoping he couldn't count.

RAIDEN: Do you really think he's THAT ignorant?

FUJIN: Well, he works with Johnny Cage on those stupid films.

RAIDEN: Good point. No one in their right mind would do that job.

Enter Sub-Zero in a panic

SUB-ZERO: Raiden! I did something and I don't know how to fix it!

RAIDEN: What could be worse than the frozen-girl incident?

SUB-ZERO: I.....kinda accidentally killed her.

RAIDEN: Accidentally? How'd you pull that off?

SUB-ZERO: I don't know!


SUB-ZERO: I did manage to learn her name - it's Debbie.

RAIDEN: So, you killed Debbie. Hiding from the cops now, are we?

SUB-ZERO: I'm not going to prison.

RAIDEN: Yeah, they'll declare it an "accidental murder". Show me the body.

Setting - Debbie's house in New York. Blood is all over the living room wall and Debbie lies on the floor, arms and head ripped off with multiple stab wounds to the chest.

SUB-ZERO: Well, there she is.

RAIDEN: And this was an accident.

SUB-ZERO: Do you think I'd do this on purpose?

RAIDEN: *sarcastic* Nah, I guess not. I accidentally mutilated someone once.

SUB-ZERO: I swear it's all an accident.

RAIDEN: Of course. They'll accidentally charge you, find you accidentally guilty, accidentally put you on death row and accidentally put you to death. Then, when you go to the Netherrealm, you can tell Shinnok this story.


This image was created by reversemarin of DMK.

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Sub Zero and Coldplay Fan
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Post Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 12:31 am   
Post subject:
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well, some parts are very funny, i must admit, however, seeing it in a movie or in tv should be twice fun, maybe this dialogue is from robot chicken???


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Proud Ally of Raiden
TMK Kid Thunder

Joined: 01 Feb 2008
Posts: 94
Location: Earthrealm

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Post Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 4:55 am   
Post subject:
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Actually, part of the dialogue was stolen from Episode 2 of The Real Mortal Kombat.

This image was created by reversemarin of DMK.

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