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Post Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 2:47 pm   
Post subject:
Reply with quote
Sometimes I get so frustrated (on a geek level) that I'm no co-directing the next MK film on a visual stand point.
I would go for a totally realistic/scary story about ancient times when things like a "sub-zero and scorpion" existed and also a time where "chi projectiles" and "thunder gods" existed as well.
Kind of like a legend we can look back to.

It would start off in some sort of shaolin combat enviroment to set a properly researched tone to the opening film. The origin of Sub vs Scorpion would be harnessed properly as it were in the original story where sub killed the man who later became scorpion. A spectre wearing a yellow version of sub-s clan suit to promote the clans cowardness (yellow spine etc). I would make it very intense where Scorpion is claiming sub killed him and sub denying all of it. (because we all know now that he never really did murder him to begin with right? Had something to do with Quanch Chi according to MK4?)

And characters with names like "Quan Chi", they'd have to look asian. I never could stand a character with an asian like name and them being caucasians in costumes. I like properly researched ideas even in their namesake.

And man, scorpion would have to look creepy. Real creepy.
Sub zero would also have to look mysterious and somewhat creepy himself too.

Raiden would take for of his original MK1 looks and talk in that super godly voice. We never really get to see his face and no one could ever look into his blinding electirfied eyes.

There would be no Cyrax, Sketor or any of those funky fill ins. (as much as i love em, theyre silly additions that would work in a more comical sense)
The first film would have to be real serious and attempt to bring butterflies in people's stomaches when watching.

Goro would look incredibly real and much less goofy than the first movie.
His eyes would have be sunk in to his skull a bit more and less human like jaw structure. He's supposed to be scary like he was in the first game.

Just imagine... Liu Kang is fighting the last human opponent and while punching and kicking, theres a roaring sound and huge thumps interrupting. Its gotta be scary scary scary in order to retain any form of value to the fact that Goro is one creature not to be f-cked with.
Goro being half human, half dragon can be worked in with the whole chinese folk belief of ancient existence of dragons.

Reptile would be in it of course. Though I'd like to retain his original story and keep him human until he fights someone who literally rips his face apart only to reveal a nasty reptilian scaley surface.

All in all, I would really want to put out something that will have adults nailed to their seats with no expression on their faces because theyre too into the film.

Mortal Kombat is about an ancient tournament with the worlds best and most secretive humans with abilities beyond our own.
We never knew this was going on and still IS!
While we're here typing away and talking about MK, somewhere out there, theres a real tournament being held in some very eerie and uncharted part of the world where fatalities and mercy are of standard
and ghostly warriors like Scorpion is vowing revenge.

We get to see what really happens away from our own world.


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An Empty Shell
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Post Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 9:18 pm   
Post subject:
Reply with quote
And those are things that directors today don't consider. I would feel better about a film if someone like Dark were directing.

And Vain, even though there are rewrites to MK, the story is still very consistent. Yes, there are things that are written to make sense of why a certain character is involved, but the story never ignores what was established already. Most of the examples you gave aren't contradictory:

Vain Ziler wrote:
Raiden: In MK1 he was a bored Thunder God that blew up the earth after winning the MK tournament. Next thing we know in MK2 he is the leader of the Earthrealm warriors and sort of like their gaurdian.

The fact that he was "evil" was only said in his MK1 ending and no where else, until his rebirth in Deception

Vain Ziler wrote:
Johnny Cage: Died more times then I can count, but his story always gets written off, and he only really dies twice.

He really did only die twice. I don't recall him dying anymore times than that. He died in Kahn's invasion and he also was killed by the Deadly Alliance.

Vain Ziler wrote:
Shiva: In konquest mode of MKDA it said Kano had killed her, yet there she was ready to go in MKA

Sheeva could have been ressurected (a common ritual in MK) or she probably somehow survived and lived under the radar. All Shao Kahn did was stab her and leave her for dead. Sonya thought that Kano died, and it looked like he really did because he fell off a roof, but he's back and no one seems to think twice about it.

Vain Ziler wrote:
Shao Kahn was killed in MKDA, yet in reality it was just a clone he had prepared.

That I think its a ridiculous add-on, but it's still a good explanation why he is still alive. He's been emperor for years; he's smart enough to know when he's about to be overthrown. Therefore making a decoy is plausible.

Vain Ziler wrote:
Goro: Can never make up his mind if he wants to be allies with Kitana or Kahn.

He did make up his mind. Since the beginning through MK4, he was evil. He then decided to be good and allied with Kitana against Kahn. Then Noob Saibot attacked him and left him for dead. Shao Kahn comes into the picture and revives him. So what can Goro do? Go back to being evil.

For the most part, how the story is told in the main games really is set in stone. It's the little details that most people debate about. And the fact that people eagerly wait for the next game to know what happens next just proves my point that MK has a consistent rich storyline. In the more popular comics, there are a lot of series with different takes on the characters. One series can have issues that follow one direct canon story, whereas the next series can be a totally different story, therefore a film adaptation would have a lot of material to use as a basis. In MK, however, there is only one story to use.

Very Angry Girls Instigate Negative Attitudes.

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