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TMK Power Overwhelming
TMK Power Overwhelming

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Post Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:44 pm   
Post subject: Blood Please... In Green- To Match My Eyes
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This is something that has puzzled me for many years- Why do some Kombatants blood colour change through-out their lives? First example that comes to mind is Reptile. In MK and MKII Reptile's blood (just like the rest of the cast) was red, yet as he appeared in later games, his blood had changed to green. Now, I'll believe (naive as I am) that as he became less human, and more reptillian, it caused his blood colour to also change. Thus leaving him with a tail, and green blood.

I'll buy that, but this I won't buy- When Sheeva first reered her ugly-ass head in MK3, she would spurt litres of green blood every time she was attacked. This I always thought was odd, as the other shokans had always bled red. But then in MK:A Sheeva miraculously bleeds red. Why is this?

Brutal honesty will be shown on this screen!

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The Shadowy Usurper
TMK Sage

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Post Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:19 pm   
Post subject:
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I suspect Reptile was always meant to have green blood, but early on there were probably graphical limitations, especially with MKI and MKII. These limitations were likely why they just stuck with red blood for him. Once UMK3/MKT rolled around they were able to give him green blood. Now for some reason, I suspect either forgetfullness or laziness, Reptile was given red blood again in MK4/MKG, when he was even more reptillian than in UMK3. He was given green blood again in MKDA and MKAR.

As for Sheeva, they probably wanted to disginguish the Shokan and when MK3 rolled around they had the graphical abilities to do so with the blood. However, Goro was shown with red blood again in MK4/MKG (possible from forgetfullness or laziness, like with Reptile) and so the MKTeam probably felt they should just stick with red blood, since that's what the Shokan had been shown to have in the majority of the games.

This is all speculation on my part. There is no canon, in-universe explanation for it though.


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TMK Temple Monk
TMK Temple Monk

Joined: 14 Jul 2010
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Post Posted: Sat Aug 07, 2010 6:47 am   
Post subject:
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i think for sheeva in mk3 they made her blood green cause it looked like it would go with her apperance but later they remeberd she was a shokan so they mad the blood red and as for reptile i think thts a little bit clearer and is as stated befor in this and other threads.

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