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Post Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2004 3:47 am   
Post subject: Mortal Kombat: Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero
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I wrote this just to finally get the story straight. I pulled sources from every where and mixed them and elaborated. It comes to quite an interesting story. Tell me what you think. Any mistakesa t all will help. I just want to be true to the story. What do you think? It's better to read this in Word but you can do what ever you want. It is 10 pages double spaced in Word.

Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero

It’s been known that there once was a great warrior, named Takeda, who fought bravely for the Lin Kuei clan, but was soon was fed up with it. He returned home to his wife and family and offered his services to many lords and generals. His fighting style was the most unique of all. Many of his techniques and skill were copied and they soon evolved into the martial art of Ninjitsu. Unlike the Lin Kuei, the art of Ninjitsu uses weapons and magic’s that can be mastered by any mortal. The Ninja never existed as a single collected clan, but rather as a loosely connected spy network made up of several small clans. The first ever Ninja clan was the Shirai Ryu. This clan was founded by Takeda himself. Since Takeda was a traitor of the Lin Kuei, the Shirai Ryu clan were now instant foes of the Lin Kuei. Because they were now foes, this made Takeda a target for assassination by the Lin Kuei. Thought he fought many battles with the Lin Kuei, Takeda became a respected warrior, leading a group of guards. Throughout the rest of his life, Takeda fought the Lin Kuei and still led his clan, even into his elder years.
Meanwhile, Shang Tsung, who had aspirations to kill Kung Lao who was his foremost enemy. Shang Tsung, using his magic, sent a poisonous scorpion to kill Takeda for reasons unknown then. As Takeda was at his home with his family and friends, the scorpion stung his hand while he was holding his child. Takeda soon slumped over in a cold dead heap. With Takeda’s soul freshly out of his body, Shang Tsung used all of his power to capture Takeda’s soul and put it into Hanzo Hasashi’s body. Hasashi was a Shirai Ryu warrior known for his strength and skill until Shang Tsung ended his life and absorbed his soul. Tsung thought with Takeda’s wisdom, mind, and knowledge and Hasashi’s strength and fresh body that he could make the greatest warrior under his control to destroy Kung Lao. This warrior was known as Scorpion.
On the other side of the spectrum, the Lin Kuei are stationed in the northern most part of China high up into the mountains. The Lin Kuei are a closely knit organization of assassins and thieves. The organization was founded thousands of years ago. The warriors are chosen from birth and raised different from that ages modern civilization. Each different generation possess certain skills and abilities which set them apart from the ordinary man. These skills are passed down from generation to generation. Throughout much of the organizations history the grandmaster has always been a
Sub-Zero. Not much is known about their childhoods and life, but when they grow up they are premiere warriors. What we do know now is that the fifth generation of the
Sub-Zeros had a normal life in America with his mother, father, brother and a sister. The Lin Kuei soon spotted him and his brother and sister and the brought them all to the Lin Kuei headquarters in China and taught them the ways of the Lin Kuei. Their mother and father never saw them again. The older of the bunch inherited the name of Sub-Zero. All three soon learned that they had a common ability. They all had the ability to control cold. They could freeze anything and they use that power with a vast knowledge of martial arts.
Meanwhile, Scorpion, who now had Takeda to think for him, broke free from Tsung’s control and tried to fight Tsung. Shang’s immense power was too much for Scorpion who was killed and sent to his eternal hell which is called Netherealm. While in his hell he was granted the opportunity to return to earth, but at the cost of his memory of his wife and family. HE accepted the truce and was sent back as a reincarnated specter. Back on earth he strangely did not seek revenge on Shang Tsung but went about his own mission. While on his mission he eventually came across a man known a Quan Chi who offered him knowledge of his family. Scorpion’s mission was to retrieve the map which leads to the sacred amulet of the Elementals. Scorpion soon went on a search for it. Hell bent on getting it so he could obtain the knowledge of his family, which to him was as good as living. Coincidentally, the fifth generation Sub-Zero was put on the exact same mission. An inevitable meeting between the two was soon to occur. As Scorpion got to the place where the map was he found Sub-Zero was already there. Scorpion recognizes the uniform and attempts to destroy the Lin Kuei warrior. Underestimating the warrior Scorpion is killed and his spine is ripped form his body. Because of the failure by Scorpion Quan Chi kills Scorpion’s family and his clan with his massive amounts of power. Quan Chi, hell bent on obtaining the amulet, asks Sub-Zero if he could lead him to the amulet. Sub-Zero not only was successful in leading Quan Chi to the amulet but he also defeated the four elemental gods that protected the amulet. With the amulet obtained, Quan Chi went back to the Netherealm. While Sub-Zero was returning from his quest, Raiden, the god of thunder and lightening, commanded that Sub-Zero go and retrieve the amulet form Quan Chi for Sub-Zero did not know what evil he had truly done. So Sub-Zero went into Netherealm and, in a huge battle, defeated both Quan Chi and Shinnok for the amulet. What Sub-Zero, Quan Chi, Shinnok, and Raiden didn’t know was that the amulet that was retrieved was actually a replica of the actual amulet. So with the “amulet” now in Raidens hands the destructive battle between Raiden and Shinnok would be put off for now. When Sub-Zero returned home he was invited to join a tournament called Mortal Kombat. The Lin Kuei then gave Sub-Zero his new mission. Sub-Zero’s mission was to enter the Mortal Kombat tournament, and assassinate Shang Tsung. Sub-Zero entered the tournament but didn’t know of the dangers that lie ahead of him.
While Sub-Zero was busy with the amulet, Scorpion was in the Netherealm. Scorpions demons gave him and ultimatum; they would give Scorpion a chance for revenge on Sub-Zero fro killing him, but at the cost of his memory of his family. Thinking that he had nothing else to lose he accepted the ultimatum and was sent to Earthrealm and chose to fight in the Mortal Kombat tournament. Fueled with hatred and revenge he destroyed all who opposed him. He even defeated a mirror image of himself. Eventually he paired with Sub-Zero and an epic battle ensued. Every man used everything he had to win. Scorpions fighting style is one of straight forward attacks. He always wants to keep his opponent on the defensive. Because he is an undead specter, he was given the ability to call forth the fire from hell. That ability along with his trusted 2 foot long spear attached to a chain which he uses to bring far away opponent s closer to him, garnered him a victory over Sub-Zero. In order to get revenge, he killed Sub-Zero after the battle using a move called a “fatality”. Scorpions “fatality” was he took off his mask of his face revealing his true face, a skeleton. He then spit fire at the opponent and caused them to burn to ashes.
With Sub-Zero dead and his revenge fulfilled Scorpion was sent back to Netherealm.
After the tournament, the Lin Kuei would start to bring technology into its clan. The production of aircrafts and machines to help the clan had become a reality. From a far distance a Lin Kuei aircraft watched the battle led by Baraka on the Shaolin Temples. There were several surveillance photos taken of the fight. The younger brother of Sub-Zero would confront Liu Kang and Kung Lao after the battle died out. The younger Sub-Zero showed the both of them the photos of what happened. It was at that time that they decided to go to Hollywood and inform Johnny Cage. Upon arrival in Hollywood, the three would see a brewing fight between Jax and Kintaro. The Lin Kuei aircraft dropped off Kung Lao and Liu Kang to help Jax.
Sub-Zero’s orders from the Lin Kuei were once again to assassinate Shang Tsung. Once Tsung made his appearance on the ground, Sub-Zero lunged from his aircraft to take him out. Sub-Zero hit an invisible Reptile, and fell to the ground. A brawl between Reptile and Shang Tsung against Sub-Zero was imminent. The chances looked bleak for Sub-Zero.
While all of this was happening, Scorpion looked on from Netherealm. He was astonished to see the same man the he killed in Mortal Kombat continue to fight and fight with no signs of injury. He was perplexed by this and thought that it was the same Sub-Zero so Scorpion came back from Netherealm and as Sub-Zero was hiding from Reptile and Tsung, Scorpion grabbed him and was about to kill him when he noticed that this wasn’t the same man who he killed so many years ago. Scorpion’s logic was easy to figure out. Scorpion said “I have taken a life, now I must protect one.” He now vowed to protect the younger Sub-Zero from Reptile and Shang Tsung’s wrath. As Reptile was looking for Sub-Zero a voice, very loudly, yelled out “Get over here!” With that Reptile turned only to find a spear heading his way. The spear lodged into his chest and stuck there until Scorpion pulled him over. Scorpion and Sub-Zero used all of their powers to try and defeat Tsung and Reptile. Tsung and Reptile did the same. A huge battle ensued showing Sub-Zero and Scorpion working as a tightly knit unit. Before anyone was killed Raiden interfered and stopped them. This is when Shang Tsung made a challenge to Earthrealm. They challenge Earthrealm to a tournament in Outworld. If Earth does not accept, they will forfeit. Earth accepts, and the chosen warriors prepare to do battle with Outworld. Sub-Zero and Smoke are sent to assassinate Shang Tsung. Sub-Zero and Shang fight and Sub-Zero is not enough to overcome Shang’s power so he is beaten and left to die. Sub-Zero’s partner Smoke helped Sub-Zero back to the Lin Kuei temple where he nursed him back to health.
AS Sub-Zero rested, the Lin Kuei developed the technology to make their four best ninjas into cyborgs. Those four are Sub-Zero, Smoke, Cyrax, and Sektor. Cyrax and Sektor have already agreed to this “upgrade” and have gone for the surgery. Smoke and Sub-Zero were mortified at this and tried to escape. Sub-Zero managed to, but Smoke fell behind and was caught. The, now three, cyborgs were ordered to kill Sub-Zero. Cyrax was the first to get to Sub-Zero. After a vicious battle Sub-Zero defeated and reprogrammed Cyrax to assassinate Shao Kahn, the emperor of Outworld. Once Shao Kahn is defeated, Cyrax has no other orders, and malfunctions in the middle of a desert. Sub-Zero then comes in contact with his best friend, Smoke. They fight, but Sub-Zero forces him to remember what has truly happened. Smoke begins to remember, and Sub-Zero tries to find a way to turn smoke back into a human. Sektor is still on his mission to eliminate Sub-Zero. Sektor then begins to have programming defects, and kills the Lin Kuei Grandmaster. The Lin Kuei then becomes no more. Sektor then finds Sub-Zero, and the two do battle. Sub-Zero defeats the cyber assassin, and is crowned the new leader of the Lin Kuei.
After the battle with Reptile and Shang Tsung, Scorpion returned to Netherealm and waited for another chance to keep his vow and protect Sub-Zero. While in Netherealm, Quan Chi, in an act of treacherous lying, notified Scorpion that Sub-Zero killed his family and clan. Enraged by this he leaps out of Netherealm and goes for revenge against Sub-Zero. While Sub-Zero is having battles with Cyrax and Smoke Scorpion stalks Sub-Zero and waits for his chance to pounce. At the most opportune time, Scorpion accosts Sub-Zero. Withy Sub-Zero not ready Scorpion throws his pears at Sub-Zero. In a back flip attempt of dodging the spear, the spear passes over Sub-Zero, but manages to cut Sub-Zero’s right cheek and lower forehead; narrowly missing his eye. As Sub-Zero, gets back to his feet he realizes the he is bleeding and runs away. Leaving Scorpion hunt some more.
Shao Kahn holds his own tournament and brings warriors from everywhere. Sub-Zero now with a fresh scar from Scorpion, enters the tournament. Scorpion follows, but does not find Sub-Zero. His search still continues. Sub-Zero, being the new Lin Kuei grandmaster, goes for the Dragon Medallion. The Dragon Medallion would enhance Sub-Zero’s powers.
In hopes of gaining Scorpion as an ally in the war against the elder gods, Quan Chi makes the death ninja an offer he cannot refuse life. his in exchange for his services as a warrior against the elders Scorpion accepts but hides under ulterior motives. Quan Chi then told Scorpion to go get the Dragon Medallion so that his powers will be immense. When Scorpion realizes that Sub-Zero is also looking for the medallion, he accepts and goes to get the medallion and to kill Sub-Zero. When he finds the Dragon Medallion, Sub-Zero is encountered once again by Scorpion. The two fight and this time Scorpion is too much for Sub-Zero. As Scorpion goes in for the kill, he looks deep into Sub-Zero’s eyes and realizes that this man was not the killer of his family and clan and spares his life. Quan Chi sees this and reprimands Scorpion for sparing his life. Scorpion then turns to Sub-Zero and goes to kill him. AS the final blow is about to happen, Quan Chi makes the mistake of telling Scorpion that he is the true killer of his family and clan. With this Scorpion stops and turns back to Quan Chi and goes to attack. Quan Chi opens a portal with then intent of sending Scorpion to the forbidden fifth realm of Netherealm. Right before Scorpion is fully in, he grabs Quan Chi and pulls him in with him. This turn of events boded well for Scorpion as his strength increased the longer he remained there. Quan Chi's powers, however, proved to be useless against him. Scorpion hunted Quan Chi relentlessly throughout the Netherealm, trashing him every chance he could. Eventually, Quan Chi enlisted the help of two Oni to protect him from the onslaught. When Quan Chi finally discovered a way out of the Netherealm through a strange portal, Scorpion refused to follow him. He emerged in Outworld but in a different location, far from his prey. He can still sense Quan Chi's presence and will hunt him wherever he chooses to. Quan Chi emerged in an ancient tomb in Outworld after which he would form a deadly alliance with Shang Tsung.
With the Dragon Medallion in his hands, his freezing powers are enhanced. He now vowed to reform the Lin Kuei as a force for good. Sub-Zero relocated the clan to a remote location in the frozen Artic where he discovered an ancient temple frozen into the side of a glacier. There, the new Lin Kuei could hone their skills without interruption.
In the years to come, Sub-Zero changed the clan into a good organization. Raiden appeared before Sub-Zero and asked for his aid in defeating the Deadly Alliance formed by Quan Chi and Shang Tsung in Outworld. Fighting alongside Raiden would prove to the world that the Lin Kuei had changed for the better; Sub-Zero accepted the challenge and brought with him one of his newest recruits. It was highly unusual for the Grand Master to embark on such a dangerous mission, but Sub-Zero felt it was necessary to earn the respect of his fellow Lin Kuei. With his best apprentice, Frost, Sub-Zero traveled to Outworld with the chosen warriors. Battles were fierce but the Lin Kuei ninja's won every single one of them. Eventually Shang Tsung was killed by Kung Lao, and Quan Chi defeated by Kitana. As they traveled back to the portal that would return them to Earthrealm, Sub-Zero revealed to Frost that she had been an integral part in the destruction of the Deadly Alliance, and that he was proud to have her as a member of the Lin Kuei clan. But unknown to Sub-Zero, Frost's true intention for joining the Lin Kuei was to become Grand Master herself. She used her ice blast to temporarily immobilize him and ripped the Dragon Medallion from his chest. As she held the medallion, she felt power surge through her body. Lacking the strength and discipline required to control the medallion's immense power, she was consumed by her own freezing ability. Sub-Zero returns to the Lin Kuei temple with the wounded Frost, where he is thanked by Raiden for his help with the Deadly Alliance. Sub-Zero then learns of a new threat, the Red Dragon clan. In modern times as well, Sub-Zero is seen granting asylum to Sareena, who helped his older brother two years before Mortal Kombat I, upon her request of peace accord and safety. Sub-Zero is now not hunted by Scorpion anymore. He now waits for the next mission to come his way.
It was around the same time of the fight against the Deadly Alliance, that Scorpion caught up with Quan Chi. The hunt for Quan Chi had led Scorpion to the palace of Shang Tsung. Scorpion entered the palace through a hidden passage. As he made his way through the lower levels, he was discovered by the two Oni he had previously encountered while in the Netherealm. Shang Tsung had secretly allied with Moloch and Drahmin as a backup defense against Quan Chi. The two Oni had been hidden in an underground chamber and were periodically fed mortals to keep them satisfied. Scorpion fought well but was overpowered by Moloch and Drahmin. Although they could not consume the ninja specter, they devised another means for eliminating their foe that would satisfy their cruel nature. The Oni brought Scorpion before the portal to The Heavens that Shang Tsung had tapped as a source of limitless souls. They hurled him into the Soulnado and his hell spawn body was ripped apart by the purity of that realm.
Once again Scorpion is sent back down to Netherealm waiting for his next chance to get revenge. All his life Scorpion fought for his own self. His motives were always clear to him. Scorpion is neither good nor bad. He follows his own way. Since Scorpion is a reincarnated undead specter, he can’t fully die. You can’t kill Scorpion. There is no one way. If you do manage to end his life on Earth just be ready because his soul won’t rest long. Scorpion is unstoppable. He’s not afraid to die because his soul will travel on. Therefore Scorpion is immortal and he will be back. Just remember he is watching you, always watch your back. Because, who knows, you might end up hearing “Get Over Here!” When you hear that, your life is already over because you’ve got a two foot spear hurling down at you. Just hope that you’re ready.

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Post Posted: Thu Jul 22, 2004 4:36 pm   
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i like it its very intresting and it fits in to the story line pretty dang good
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Post Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 4:39 am   
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nice story i like it. ^_^

Very Happy


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Post Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 4:52 am   
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damn long but very good! Wink

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Post Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 12:42 am   
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Like it all except the frost part. Kung Lao never beat Shang Tsung, so what happened to them, how did they start to return home?
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