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Post Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 10:26 pm   
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Liu Kang, Sub-Zero and Jax emerged from the Living Forest and eyed their surroundings. The sky was a deep shade of Indigo and the moon was full in the sky. Tey had reached a mountainous region, snow covered the tips of the jagged mountains in the distance. Meteorites seared through the sky, slamming into the mountains and buildings around them. Ahead of them, gothic bridges reached far across a deep and dark emptiness, what awaited below was so far down that nothing could be seen. Stars littered the sky above and the moon illuminated the walkways.

"This realm is so different compared to Earth. The only thing that looks even slightly familiar is the moon, and even at that it looks so strange here" Liu Kang observed.

The three warriors were startled, as a blast of flame errupted from the ground before them. The flames burned hotter and hotter, but would rise no higher. From the heat, a figure stepped forward. Liu Kang was astonished, as from the flames the Ninja Spectre, Scorpion, stepped forward.

"YOU STILL LIVE LIN KUEI..." Scorpion breathed, his finger pointing at Sub-Zero.

"W-who are you?" Sub-Zero stammered.


Flames burned from the ground, preventing Liu Kang and Jax from reaching Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero took a defensive stance, unsure who this warrior was. Jax attempted to breach through the flames, but Liu Kang prevented him. Regardless of their friendship with Sub-Zero, Scorpion only desired to battle him.


"I am not the warrior you seek Scorpion. However, if you seek a battle...I will grant you one" Sub-Zero said, bracing himself in a Shotokan stance.

Scorpion ran at Sub-Zero, hurling kicks at the Ninja's torso. Sub-Zero managed to block his strikes, landing a powerful punch into Scorpion's face. Staggering backwards, Scorpion then leapt into the air and kicked Sub-Zero in the chest. He somersaulted, his feet burning in hot, intense flames. The flip strike conected with Sub-Zero's face, knocking him to the floor in agony. As Sub-Zero got to his feet, Scorpion hurled his spear at him.

"COME HERE!!" Scorpion bellowed.

As the spear flung at Sub-Zero, the Lin Kuei protected himself in a wall of thick ice. The spear shattered the ice and recoiled back towards Scorpion. Sub-Zero grabbed Scorpions head and slammed his knee into the Spectre's face. He then froze Scorpion with a blast of ice. Temporarily immobilized, Scorpion could not protect himself from Sub-Zero's attacks. Sub-Zero pummeled him with Shotokan combos, but stunned Scorpion with a barrage of Dragon attacks.

Scorpion limped backwards, looking at Sub-Zero in confusion. Sub-Zero halted his attacks, panthing heavily as he tried to catch his breath.

"YOUR SKILLS....THEY IMPROVED LIN KUEI" Scorpion said with a sense of suprise.

Without warning, Scorpion vanished in a burst of fire. He teleported beside Sub-Zero, punching him in the face. Taken by suprise, Sub-Zero could not defend himself from the assault Scorpion gave him. Scorpion kicked him in the face, then proceeded to stand on Sub-Zero's head. Drawing the Kunai on his spear, Scorpion attempted to stab Sub-Zero in the head. The Ninja rolled from beneath his attacker, tripping him up in the process. Scorpion ran at Sub-Zero, roaring in a ferocious rage as he got closer. Sub-Zero hurled his Ice to the ground before him, causing Scorpion to slip and fall. As he attempted to get back to his knees, Sub-Zero roundhoused Scorpion in the head, causing him to fall to the floor defeated.

"YOU HAVE DEFEATED ME, LIN KUEI. SLAY ME NOW" Scorpion said, his eyes drooping as he tried to stay conscious. Scorpion could barely keep himself standing, yet he sat before Sub-Zero awaiting his execution.
Sub-Zero just looked at him in pity, something within him could not slay the defeated ninja.

"I....I cannot slay you Scorpion" Sub-Zero admitted, letting his guard down. "You murdered my brother at the Mortal Kombat tournament, I have all rights to slay you. But you are already a tortured soul, to kill you would be a sign of pity...not honour".

Scorpion looked at Sub-Zero, rising to his feet in a daze. He could not believe what was happening.

"YOU ARE NOT THE MAN I SEEK, LIN KUEI. AS RECOMPENSE FOR ATTACKING YOU, I SHALL GRANT YOU SAFE PASSAGE AND LEAVE YOU TO CONTINUE YOUR TRECK" Scorpion said. Upon his last words, the ground opened in a blaze of fire. Stepping into the flames, Scorpion returned to the depths of Hell.


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