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Post Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 4:53 am   
Post subject: Lin Kuei
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Chapter 1: Qualification

Sub-Zero walked through the great halls. Men stood to his left and right, looking down on him as if he was weak and powerless. The Grandmaster never stood from his throne and glared at the oncoming warrior. The powerful hand lifted in the air and pointed to a dark man shrouded by black mist. The spirit walked towards Sub-Zero and bowed. They had fighting ground, technique, and overall; permission. It was time to fight.

Sub-Zero attacked the warrior with an energy ball of pure ice. Sub-Zero stood in shock as the energy had seemed to go straight through him. Shadow smirked, leaping towards the ice sorcerer. Sub-Zero had prepared for the assault though just before Shadow reached him, his body dispersed. Many dark tentacles seemed to engulf his body, stretching all around him. Then it squeezed, Sub-Zero felt the pain of darkness protruding his skin, inflicting his flesh.

Sub-Zero used a technique he had trained himself for the appropriate time. Ice began to layer above his skin. The face of Shadow emerged from the black fog and he glared in fury and confusion, though soon pain. All of his tentacles began to grow cold and slowed down. The ice transferred from Sub-Zero’s body to the body of the wicked nomad. He didn’t attack his skin or his tentacles in particular. He attached to the essence of its soul, to a shadowed blood stream.

The body of the warrior screamed and Sub-Zero heard it all. Every scream until the black was replaced by the blinding element. An elderly voice called out, “Slay him.” Sub-Zero stared at the helpless and frozen warrior he had entered this temple beside.

“I have trained across this world, just to hold ranks beside Lin Kuei warriors.” Shadow knelt before the high temple and lifted his arms to the Gods. “What about you, warrior?” he couldn’t help but asking the silent ninja.

Sub-Zero stared at the familiar symbols and stature of the great temple, breathing icy mist from his nostrils. “I have been trained for this moment since I was all too young.”

Shadow smirked, “By the looks of it, you’re still very young.” Sub-Zero turned his head and glared, confused. At the age of about thirty five and the sound of Shadow’s voice, he assumed they were near the same age. “Generations pass by like the grains of sand of which you walk when you’re being tormented by Demons.”

“What crime have you committed?”

“I was an assassin,” Shadow stared toward the sky as if speaking in Lucifer’s tongue, “and the Gods could taste the blood, as I was drenched.” His head bowed, “Nothing will get in my way, and I expect the same from you.”

“Slay him,” demanded their lord. Sub-Zero lifted his arms, one palm to Shadow’s chin, the other to the back of his neck. The Grandmaster heard the snap and smiled.

*Shadow is a completely fictional character and is disclosed as non-canon.*

"...don't think it's yours just 'cause you marked it with your urine."

Ínformatíos sumus memorías æternus.

~Totus Moratlís Kertamen

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Post Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 6:48 pm   
Post subject:
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Wow, I actually have a little time for once to read your stuff. I'm intrigued to see the continuation of this story, Kevin. You've done a good job at catching the reader's attention.

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Post Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 10:56 pm   
Post subject:
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I'm liking it so far, keep it up. Its short and simple to read, yet highly detailed. I even felt a pinch of sympaty for Shadow as he died.....

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Post Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 3:35 pm   
Post subject:
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Chapter 2: Cold Welcome

Sub-Zero entered the living grounds. Men trained with emotion as if in pain. There were several groups of them, some quiet, others not.

“I am the healer,” a man stood beside Sub-Zero, “they call me Angel.”

“I am Sub-Zero,” his head bowed.

“I know who you are, you slew Shadow.”

“I was commanded to.”

“Shadow was a friend of mine. He was a powerful warrior.”

“He was, and I apologize for…”

“Don’t be,” Angel interrupted. “I was only surprised to see someone could defeat him. If you could defeat him, he will not be missed.” The healer walked toward a smaller temple, “Follow me.” Sub-Zero gave a stern look before moving, confused, though he knew his emotion may disturb his fighting. He grabbed the left side of his chest and clenched. Angel turned back, “I said ‘follow me.’”

Inside the temple was as dark as space, though the Sun seemed to be just a meter away. “You have been assigned on a mission.”

“What shall I do?”

Angel released a powerful light from his eyes. The room turned from black to white, not even shadows could prevail over the all-encompassing light. He then opened a scroll and pointed toward what appeared to be a map. “Far northwest there is a large gathering of the wicked clan; the Shirai Ryu. You must find their leader and destroy him.” Angel rolled the scroll, “The leader is Tarantula, you will be able to find him; his name fits well. He will be heavily guarded, though let nothing stand in your way of Tarantula’s head.”

“Yes Lord.”

“Now find your brother, he will be waiting.”

Sub-Zero’s eyes widened, and he asked, “My—my brother?”

“Your brother in battle, now go.”

After leaving the temple Sub-Zero felt the pain of the Sun, and he saw all the eyes glaring at him. There was one man in particular who stood directly in the path. He wore blue, a dark blue, ritualistic outfit with black lining. “You are the sorcerer that slew Shadow?” the soul laughed and stood his ground. Sub-Zero stared back, fists clenched. “Well, are you?”

“I am Sub-Zero,” he claimed, releasing his grip on the air.

The being laughed again, “And they’re sending you with me? I’ve fought beside Demons with greater stature.” Sub-Zero’s eyes glared at his ‘brother’ and watched his hands prepare for an attack. A wave was conjured above his head from pure dirt. Icicles seemed to fall from the tip and it raced towards Sub-Zero before he could move. The wave passed and time seemed to stop, the light was gone, as well as the pain from the Sun. He couldn’t move, or see, and he felt the ice that surrounded him.

The soul laughed, screaming in proud victory, “This is the man that slew Shadow!” He soon believed his laughs woke the dead as the ice disappeared. It started slow, then began to grow in pace. The ice seemed to retract within Sub-Zero, though it all moved into his arms. All the ice built up in a mass over his hands and he didn’t move at all.

His opponent stared in awe as Sub-Zero lifted his arms towards him. The ice from his left hand shot towards the being and froze his legs, then the other the rest of his body. All was frozen except for the head. Sub-Zero walked toward him, “Who are you, sorcerer of water?”

He gasped, “Hy—Hydro.” The watchers grew quiet and Sub-Zero always seemed calm.

Sub-Zero put his hands to the ice and retracted it all back to his arms, then it seemed to join his blood stream. Hydro breathed hard and Sub-Zero could see an icy mist when he exhaled.

“Are we not together on this mission?” Sub-Zero asked.

“We are, brother.”

Sub-Zero felt his tattered robe and looked at Hydro, “Then I will need a blue suit.”

*Angel is a completely fictional character and is disclosed as non-canon.*
*Hydro is a character derived from Malibu comics and is disclosed as non-canon.*

"...don't think it's yours just 'cause you marked it with your urine."

Ínformatíos sumus memorías æternus.

~Totus Moratlís Kertamen

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