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Victoria Skarlet
TMK Kid Thunder
TMK Kid Thunder

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Post Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 3:40 am   
Post subject: For this, I was meant to be...(fan character inside)
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Brief note: Victoria Skarlet is a part of my imagination. While I was listening to certain songs and playing alot of Mortal Kombat Deception, I had the idea for her in my head. She is like me in some ways and different from me in others. All the things about her mother and father were told to her by her aunt Jaia.

Chapter 1: A Haunted Past

I am Victoria Skarlet. I was born in Chaosrealm. My mother, Rebekka Skarlet, was born in the realm of Seido with her sister and my aunt, Jaia. When she was 15, she and her sister escaped from the realm of Seido because they both felt oppressed by all the rules and regulations there. After they escaped, they started a new life in Chaosrealm, starting riots in Seido, and did whatever they pleased. One day in Outworld when my mother was just 18 years old, she met Ermac, who was a servant of the Emporer Shao Kahn. For a couple of years, they got to know each other and fell in love. They decided to get married in Chaosrealm when my mother was 22 years old. My aunt Jaia never married; even though she really wanted to. One day, they had me, Victoria Amber Skarlet. I have red hair like my mother and longevity from my father. When I was born, the cleric of Chaos gathered around me, blessed me, and baptized me in the name of Chaos.

After a couple of months after I was born, the Seidan Guardsmen came to Chaosrealm to search for my mother. As my father opened the door, he asked "What do you want of us, guards of Seido?". The leader of the Seidan Guardsmen, who was known as General Hotaru replied "We have come for your wife." "You will never find my wife!" Ermac snapped, for my mother's own safety, but he was brushed off. My mother was in my room, singing lullabies while I slept peacefully. When Hotaru found my mother, he said in a cold, bitter voice "Rebekka, it's been a long time... Escaping my beloved realm because you wanted that fantasy called freedom." "Hotaru, you're a tyrant. You disgust me. I never want my daughter to be influenced by YOU." Rebekka hissed. "I would never touch that little rodent." Hotaru snapped at my face while I was sleeping. "How dare you say that about my beautiful daughter!" my mother shouted.

All the sudden, the agonizing screams of my mother were heard all throughout Chaosrealm and woke me up, making me cry. Hotaru had impaled her with his Naginata. Ermac and my aunt Jaia had seen the whole thing without being caught and were very devastated. Ermac then finally said to Jaia, "I put you in the care of my daughter. I will return to Outworld. However, in years to come, I will try to find her and reunite with her!" then he ran back to Outworld. My aunt Jaia looked at me as I was crying and whispered while breaking in tears, "Don't worry, little one. You will be a beautiful young woman and a lovely female cleric of Chaos. You may one day fall in love with someone you knew when you are growing up. I will raise you as my own, Victoria Amber Skarlet!"


Chapter 2: Strange Nightmares

After the tragedy of my mother's death and my father running away, I lived my life with my aunt Jaia. My aunt Jaia says that I am much different than the children from other realms, but she liked the way I was. Actually, I was very well-liked in Chaosrealm for the way I imagine and how I was a very crazy person. My best friend was a girl named Samara who was born the same year as me. She really admired my ways of thinking and was very proud to be my best friend. My aunt Jaia is also like a best friend to me; we shared alot in common and thought I was one of the most beautiful girls she has ever seen. She also would rant about how much the people and the guardsmen from Seido were a major pain in her ass everyday when she and my mother used to live there with all those ridiculously absurd regulations. Jaia was really proud of the fact I was a very talented singer and writer and she taught me many things as I was growing up.

Every night, I would always scream and cry in my room "NO! NOT AGAIN!", having dreams about the day my mother had died. I even dreamt about my father dying in front of me, and a golden savior. When I would have these nightmares, Jaia would get very startled and try to comfort me as much as she could. But one night when I was just 9 years old, I saw something out my window. A hooded skeletal face with blue eyes that matched mine, was staring at me. When I noticed it, I started screaming, "AUNT JAIA! AUNT JAIA! HELP!". Jaia came rushing my room asking, "What's wrong? What's wrong?" I started crying and said, "There was an evil-looking skeletion at my window and he was staring with these glowing blue eyes." But when Jaia tried to look for the skeletal face, it went away. "Maybe it's just a prophecy of your future to come. Don't worry about such things." Jaia comfortly whispered in my ear. Then, I relaxed and slept in aunt Jaia's arms.

The face that I thought was an evil-looking skeletion, was Havik, who was the most famous cleric of Chaos. When Jaia was looking for "the evil-looking skeletion", he went away from the window but, he was near the walls of my house. After seeing me sleep in Jaia's arms, he whispered to himself "I must tell her the truth."

There are still more chapters to come.

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Post Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 4:54 am   
Post subject:
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...the normal life of Chaos... Very Happy ...I like it...very original...
"...don't think it's yours just 'cause you marked it with your urine."

Ínformatíos sumus memorías æternus.

~Totus Moratlís Kertamen

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Victoria Skarlet
TMK Kid Thunder
TMK Kid Thunder

Joined: 23 Apr 2005
Posts: 77
Location: Chaosrealm, bitches!

TMK Koins: 450


Post Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 2:46 pm   
Post subject:
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Here's the third chapter.

"For this, I was meant to be.."

Chapter 3: The Truth

WARNING: Some explicit cursing and Havik getting very upset(because it's very unlikely for someone like him to get upset) about Victoria and what happened to her mother.

When I was young, Aunt Jaia used to tell me everything about my real mother. Everytime I asked whatever happened to my mother, she would just be quiet, with an upset look on her face. The day of my 10th birthday arrived and I had a big party. Aunt Jaia set everything up. It was a celebration covered in red, burgundy, and scarlet. My friends were there; Samara, Tabitha, Sarah, Eric, Ashley, and all the clerics of chaos. Havik was nowhere in sight, but he promised Jaia he'd be there at a certain time and he wanted to talk to me about something very personal. I was afraid it would something about my real parents, and it was.

After the party was over, I went outside to gaze at the stars because it was such a beautiful night. Then, I saw Havik. His shoulder-length raven hair was down with red streaks and he had his cleric robe on. His beautiful blue eyes were glowing on this romantic summer night. However, he looked very worried."Ahh.. Victoria Amber..the beautiful girl in red who just turned a decade old. I must tell you something very important." Havik said, in his quietly seductive voice. "What must you tell me? Aunt Jaia said you had to talk to me about something really upsetting to talk about." I asked with curiousity. "Yes, I must tell you something that Jaia had never said to you and has kept from you since you were a baby." Havik said. "But, you must listen very carefully." "I will listen to what you must tell me." I quietly whispered. Then, Havik began about my parents.

"Your mother was a wonderful woman, born in the hated realm of Seido, with your aunt. She had married a servant of Shao Kahn's named Ermac, and had you. However, I remember that horrifying day, when your mother had died." Havik mournfully whispered, with tears in his eyes. Damnit Havik, you're a cleric of Chaos! Clerics of Chaos don't cry! But then again, I have so much sympathy for Victoria. Havik thought, angry and upset. "My mother died?" I asked, looking upset and was about to cry my heart out. "Yes, she was killed by that fucking asshole, Hotaru! I always raided and started riots on his precious realm because of all those stupid rules they forced on their own citizens!" Havik shouted, at the darkness of the blackened sky. Then, he fell down on the ground, quietly sobbing. "I'm sorry, I just can't help it! You look like your mother so much that it upsets me for you to not have a mother! You're just so beautiful!" "I want to get that Hotaru for what he did to my mother!" I growled with hatred in my cold, blue eyes which were crying.

"Victoria, look at me!" Havik said, feeling my face, wet from the many tears I've cried, and putting his fingers into my straight, bright red hair. "I want you to go on a journey with me." Havik whispered, becoming calm about before when he told me about my mother. "I will take you to many warriors to get trained into martial arts in the other realms." "I will go on this journey, as long as my friends don't forget about me." I said, agreeing about going on the journey. "Victoria, trust me, nobody in Chaosrealm will forget about us, no matter how long we're gone! Hell, we'll even visit here every now and then!" Havik, said in a very optimistic tone.

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