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Post Posted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 6:21 am   
Post subject: Scorpion and Ghost Rider
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*Yet another fan fic. I will leave uncompleted. I've been spending my time on Word writing a fan fic. crossover between MK and Marvel's Ghost Rider. It is the first Midway/Marvel crossover I believe ever written and I feel kind of special. You don't have to be a Ghost Rider nut to follow though it helps, enjoy!*

Part I: Demon's Alliance

Fire consumed the air, though the darkness chilled blood. Noob Saibot stood beside the mechanical remains of his only lifeless friend. Saibot examined him, learned from him, created with him. He created warriors; cybernetic demons of darkness and flames. He wanted them to rise from Hell, and he wanted to rule…everything.

Fire spiraled in madness around a figure that slew the darkness that once encompassed the room. If Sun and moon had existed in the Lower Region then night had turned to day. “Show yourself Demon!” The fire ended its tornado and the smoke cleared in confusion. A being appeared that was as demonic as Demons would come. “What is your name?”

“I am Mephisto, and my purpose here is not for harm if that is the impression of my intention.”

Mephisto began into the room, confident of either peace or power. “Heed your steps if living was part of your intention!”

The Demon smirked, “I know of your plans.” Saibot’s nose flared and his eyes seemed to go aflame. “I know of your army.”

“A Demon that spies, my mind is conquered by confusion.”

Mephisto laughed, “A Demon with a taste for laughter, only an Earth-born of course.” Darkness flooded the room once again and Saibot’s eyes turned from flame to black as his fists clenched. “Yes, I know of you. I have watched you and the specter on Earth. I know who you used to be.” Noob attempted to leap in a furious clash against the Demon though controlled his wicked might. “The specter is preparing to slay you; I have seen his plans to crush this Demon organization. I will assist you in defeating this warrior.”

Saibot’s eyes glowed blue in an unknown fury, “Why would I believe a Demon that spies?!”

“Believe me or not for it does not concern me, though the specter is coming.”

“And why would I need a foolish Demon’s help?!”

“This warrior has the power of light on his side.”

Saibot’s anger turned darkness to flames and Hell found the Sun. He dispersed with the darkness and appeared behind the Demon. He then forced his fist to swing to the Demon’s leg. Mephisto then fell to his knees as Saibot appeared in front of him. Saibot’s elbow was thrust to the Demon’s neck as it cracked and let limp. Mephisto’s eyes showed that he grew impatient of Saibot’s tolerance as he had cast his fist within the molten soil. Many skeletal hands of flame rose from the ground and encompassed Saibot’s feet. He found himself stuck to the ground unable to become one with the darkness as he struggled. Mephisto’s demonic smile was relentless as he lifted his arm which he sent into the dark warrior’s chest, sending him into the wall of rock and steel. Saibot quickly lifted himself from the soil and attempted his attack by throwing homing enhanced ninja stars. Mephisto never attempted to dodge them and let them protrude his flesh. He removed them from his body and gave them to the earth. “Fool!” His arms stretched wide and fire along with rock joined his hands. He then held them together towards the unprepared warrior. The mass shot from his combined fists and altered the spine of the slightly conscious warrior on the ground.

“I am the eyes in the darkness and the blood-hound of Hell! Your choice in my aide was faltered before your eyes twitched! I will join you in slaying the specter and not Hell, Earth, or Heaven will take your side!”

*Mephisto is a Marvel based character and his appearance is based off of the 'Silver Surfer and Mephisto' comic series.*

"...don't think it's yours just 'cause you marked it with your urine."

Ínformatíos sumus memorías æternus.

~Totus Moratlís Kertamen

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TMK FanFic Kreator
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Joined: 26 Dec 2005
Posts: 3869
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Post Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2006 7:09 am   
Post subject:
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Part II: "Hanzo"

Scorpion had failed in defeating Onaga at the hands of the Earth warrior: Shujinko. Though luckily for the Elder Gods the overlord was slain by the revived Liu Kang and his allies. In shame Scorpion had returned to Earthrealm and roamed the plains in search of a purpose. The Elder Gods found him once again and gave him a portal to the Void.

“You were not meant to slay Onaga though the purpose was accomplished, we need you now once again as you are the true Champion of the Elder Gods.”

Scorpion bowed, “I have shamed my family and the Gods for the last time, and I cannot bring myself to this hidden throne again.” His head lifted and he watched the clouds twist magnificently, and before him was a passageway of clouds; a bridge over the sky. “What—what is this?”

“Pass,” commanded the Gods as they watched the Hell-specter walk on clouds. The bridge was long and he kept a silent pace, and his eyes widened, intrigued. At the end of the walkway there was a large cloud that he entered toward the center. The end of the cloud dispersed and enlightened the specter’s soul as the world was revealed in a celestial display of light. “Watch,” the Gods commanded once again, and Scorpion never failed to follow. A dark cloud now traveled over the sky, slowly towards the cloud of which Scorpion stood. He saw a figure upon the cloud which he could not decipher. The being walked off the cloud still engulfed with fog. Scorpion stared in an amazed awe as the figure walked just before him and looked up. Then he saw the face, the face he was told never to remember though in return failed to forget.

“Hanzo,” she breathed, eyes the same color as the clouds, hair like a chest of gold under a spring sunset. Scorpion felt blood in his veins and his eyes were left not shrouded by combined memories. Air in its purest form entered his lungs and he breathed for the first time since that horrific day at the hands of Sub-Zero. His heart beat and blood pumped through his body and his bones felt warmth. He stared into her eyes and she laid her hand over his shoulder and rested her forehead on his chest as he stood in a deranged disbelief. She looked back into his eyes just given life, “I Love you.”

In just one moment she became the cloud that shrouded her and his flesh withered away, his lungs shriveled with the wind and his heart gave way like an apple in a tree. In just that moment his bones chilled and his eyes disarranged as he felt the Hell that would never leave him to his former life. He fell to his knees and reached over the sky as if trying to reach for his soul, “NO!” The Gods stood without compassion or mercy. “PLEASE, NO!” he screamed again and again until anger filled the void of pain. His eyes wickedly glared at the clouds that engulfed him, his eyes now surrounded by the memories once again. “Is my soul your toy for damnation?! Have I angered the Gods to where they cannot leave my soul be?!”

In his tantrum he unsheathed his spear and attempted an attack on the watching Elder Gods though they were not concerned with his mortal attacks. “Contain yourself warrior, be aware of your place here.” In fury he ignored their claim and he revealed his true face, the skull he was burdened with, that he earned. Fire spiraled and the Gods watched in a growing anger. The Water God appeared in front of Scorpion in a tsunami of torment. Scorpion was drenched in water and revolt as he lifted his spear once again for attack. His spear went through the Water God and the being did not restrain himself from racing towards the warrior once again, though Scorpion was not the type of fool to be unprepared for the same attack in repetition. He leaped into the air, avoiding the attack and he unsheathed his blade, targeting the God’s neck. While in his leap he was caught in the air by a powerful gust, teeth grinding and grunting in annoyance and humiliation.

“Fujin!” he screamed, recognizing the power immediately. He was dropped to the cloud and calmed himself in defeat.

The Elder Gods seemed distasteful, “We will give you your life…we will give you your family…and we will rid you of your memories if you perform this final task as it will fulfill your deed to escape your wicked form.”

Scorpion stood and looked to the clouds that stared back once again, “What must I do?”

The Elder Gods were pleased at his tolerable reply, “There is a fiery form, far worse than Onaga that rises in a dark realm. We have seen him in an image though are not sure of his purpose or where he rests, but he rises. We have also seen an ally on this mission, a specter on Earth the same as you. His name is John Blaze…though he is called the Ghost Rider.”

"...don't think it's yours just 'cause you marked it with your urine."

Ínformatíos sumus memorías æternus.

~Totus Moratlís Kertamen

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Post Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 5:14 am   
Post subject:
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Part III: Vengeful Alliance

“Another beer?” the bartender asked.

“Yeah, make that two.”

The bartender laughed, “I’m surprised you’re still alive after all that damn shit you drink, and much less so damn skinny. You could be just bones and no one could tell the difference.”

He looked up, “Hey, is the Sun goin’ to be down soon?”

“About half an hour, give or take…why?”

“I just wanted to know.”

“Okay…hold on, let me take care of this guy here,” the bartender said as a man dressed in costume entered the bar. “Who are you and what in the Hell kind o’ get-up are you wearin’?”

The man looked at the bartender with his soulless eyes, “I need to speak with a man named John Blaze.”

The bartender smirked uncontrollably, “Okay fuck-head,” he pulled out a knife that contracted towards the man’s neck, “I don’t give a shit who you are, or what the fuck you want here, so you can walk your yellow ass back to the Hell that raised you or I can remove your foot and shove it in your ass.”

Scorpion’s hand was a magnet to the man’s neck as he lifted him from the ground and threw him through the wall that separated the bar from the earth outside. Before the bartender could move his neck was snagged again and he was lifted and forced painfully against the wall, several feet above the ground. “I need to speak with a man named John Blaze.”

“And who the fuck are you?” the man with the beers asked cocking his shotgun and lifting it only a fraction from the crazed specter’s head.

He dropped the man, “I am Scorpion, and I was told John Blaze would help me.”

“I’m not going to help you with shit, now tell me who sent you?”

Scorpion was somewhat surprised, “The Elder Gods sent me, and they said I’d need the Ghost Rider.”

He looked to the ground, making sure the bartender was unconscious, “How do you know about me?”

“I know who you are,” he claimed, “I know you are a specter such as me.”

“Then you know I fight for vengeance, not because some costume-wearin’ fuck told me to.” He laughed, “And what on this God forsaken planet do the Gods need me for?”

“To slay the fiery beast that rises.”

John raised his eyebrow, “You must be out of your skull-fuckin’ mind ‘f you ‘xpect me to believe that shit.” He couldn’t resist laughing, “I AM the fiery beast that rises.”

“You must assist me; I will take you to the Elder Gods for further guidance.” John’s smirk never faded until he could not see the Sun. He tried to resist though Zarathos always had his way. His eyes were first, reddening like blood under candle light. His skin deteriorated and faded like ash as fire began to erupt from within his soul. A dark essence rose around him even with the fire that corrupted his body. His chain was constructed from the ash and soil as it wrapped across his torso. He held the chain firmly and swung it towards the unprepared soul who felt the specter’s wrath. While still attempting to breathe he uttered, “We are—we are not supposed—supposed to be fighting.” Ghost Rider let the fire swirl through his bones like his blood-stream. Scorpion interpreted the flames and rose with his rope in hand. Quickly he unleashed the spear and pulled the rider towards him who was not prepared for the maneuver. Scorpion raised his blade toward the oncoming rider in the air as his enemy deconstructed and reconstructed the chain into a small round mace. The mace swung into the blade, forcing it to the side as Ghost Rider’s shoulder protruded through Scorpion’s chest plate. They both fell to the ground, rolling in a twister of flames and risen dust. They stood and stared within each other, weapons ready. Scorpion then gave way and sent the tip of his blade deep within the earth. “You are a powerful warrior and I see why the Elder Gods sent me to you. Aide me at the calling of the Gods and help me deprive the Earth of the Demons it can’t stop, Ghost Rider.”

The Ghost Rider retracted his mace and glared at the soulless eyes with his own soulless eyes. “Gods or Demons; nothing will crush Earth. This beast will die.

"...don't think it's yours just 'cause you marked it with your urine."

Ínformatíos sumus memorías æternus.

~Totus Moratlís Kertamen

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Post Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 7:25 am   
Post subject:
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Part IV: "Earth Is Colder Than I Remember"

Saibot followed Mephisto alone, leaving Smoke to guard the cavern. They stood on a peak of a mountain, staring into the pure darkness of the sky. Thunder roared and tore apart the mountain as Mephisto lifted his arms and a gateway was created in the desolate path. “Find him,” commanded Mephisto, “and kill him.” Saibot obeyed his wicked Lord and was lifted from the Hell his body had converted to.

His eyes had clenched until his ears bleed and his body felt the fury of the Sun. Smoke rose from his flesh and a layer of skin, dark skin had began to deteriorate. It faded like sand in a tornado as his pale inner layer protruded through to see the light once again. He couldn’t bare the strength of the Sun and he screamed in might and pain, lifting his arms up to the sky and shielding himself with the element he thought died. Noob Saibot and the ice acted as one as it coursed through his veins. He felt his blood slow and his eyes could look at the celestial world he left at the hands of a specter’s vendetta. The ice contracted over his armor, as if angered by the darkness that engulfed him. He breathed and watched the icy mist float to the clouds, “I am Sub-Zero,” he screamed toward the sky in awe, “I am Sub-Zero!”

Sub-Zero V traveled Earth in search of Scorpion, though found the icy mountains in the north. He felt something, a power familiar yet distant, it drew him there. He found a temple, as white as the clouds he had forgotten, blending with the snow that fell from the mountains and the Heavens. It looked as though no one could find it, though he felt as though he was meant to; it felt like home.

“I have not seen your face in far too long.” Saibot recognized the voice of the man who stood behind him. A voice he knew that he would find here, in this ice temple.

“As well yours, brother,” replied Saibot, smirking.

“How can this be? What force would revive a Demon in Hell?” the younger brother grinded his teeth, somewhat aggravated though mostly confused.

“I was revived with a purpose, I was told to slay a specter.”

Sub-Zero VI snarled, and he knew who his brother meant, “Scorpion has converted to the life of light.”

“Silence!” the elder brother screamed, “I am not foolish enough to believe the Demon that walks Earth is a warrior of ‘light.’ The Demon is out to slay me.”

“You have been fed lies!”

“I have been shown a purpose!” his arms stretched wide, “I am on Earth.” Ice particles floated in symmetry around his brother, he recognized the fury. “Help me slay him brother, or face him in Hell.”

The ice swirled in its own conjoined anger, forming a blade inside his brother’s hand. “I am more powerful than you remember brother, and I can not let you leave to slay him.”

The elder brother mesmerized the ice beneath his feet as it began to spiral around his body. It all was seized by his fist as it clenched and he forced out a weapon of ice; a blade similar to his brothers, though far thinner. “Then as your blood is ice it will find its home welcome beneath the earth.”

His brother stood motionless, somewhat surprised as the elder leaped towards him, blade first. They clashed above their heads though the younger kicked his brother as they clashed again. The elder had thrust his head towards his brother’s skull as he fell back to the snow, though ice pushed him from the earth as he constantly battled his brother. Eventually Sub-Zero V was consumed by the anger as he held his right fist behind him, gathering ice and forming an unbreakable barrier for his knuckles. His fist soared through his brother’s stomach as he flew several meters back. The younger’s eyes proved yet more anger as he sent his fist through the ground. His elder stood somewhat confused as a solid form of conjoined ice erupted from the snow and tore threw his jaw. He fell back dazed and his brother leapt forward to the slightly unconscious ice Demon. The younger sent his blade to his brother’s side and he flew near the temple wall still on his back.

Sub-Zero V stood and glared at the warrior walking towards him, “You have become stronger, perhaps you won’t shame the Sub-Zero name like father had believed.”

“Silence your lies, and bleed now,” his brother rejected, as his blade struck above the elder’s head. The elder twisted his leg around to kick the sword’ wrist down as he used the other fist, still hardened by ice, to relocate his brother’s stomach. The blow lifted the younger and sent him behind the older brother. Sub-Zero V twisted as his brother attempted to spin around to his side and he sent his thin blade into the already mutilated stomach of his brother, pinning him to the wall.

The Kori Blade fell to the ground and deconstructed into mere ice once again. Blood fell from his lips though quickly froze, “I missed you brother.”

The elder kept his fist clenched firm over his blade’s handle, “As of you brother, as well Earth.” He paused, eyes closed, “Earth is colder than I remember.” He breathed faster, frustrated, “Father would have been proud to see you, to see the name you made of him.” His eyes seemed wet though his brother could never tell as only ice protruded around them. His brother’s eyes closed and the ice finally consumed his blood. Sub-Zero V let his blade loose as it dispersed with the chill wind. He lifted his brother and set him on the ground, letting the ice devour his body. The wind halted and silence conquered the skies, “Goodbye brother.”

"...don't think it's yours just 'cause you marked it with your urine."

Ínformatíos sumus memorías æternus.

~Totus Moratlís Kertamen

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