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TMK Sage

Joined: 13 Nov 2006
Posts: 576
Location: Arizona

TMK Koins: 285


Post Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 4:16 am   
Post subject: Faulty moderator?
Reply with quote
Hi. First off, I just want to say, great job on this site! Everything (but the small issue Im about to express) is excellent. Smile I mean it.
I'm a 28 year old (putting reference to my age since I know theres way more young ones here than us oldies) professional comic book artist and fan to Mortal Kombat production work. I wanted to share that I have much respect to whomever built and planned this page as well as some of your helpers who make sure things are up in running order, which now brings me to this.
I hate to be the one making such a suggestion because I feel like im being mean but would it be possible to ask one of your most popular young moderators here to learn a better way to let us (especially the new comers to the site or as this specific young mod likes to nail us as "noobs"), know when we're going over the boundaries of your forum guidlines?
Being constantly threatened or arrogantly warned "You broke a rule, you will be banned." "Do it again and youre gone" "If you double post again, I will report you to TMK", "STRIKE 2", "Youre thick headedness" etc etc etc. doesn't exactly make many of us feel very welcomed or "comfortable".
It actually feels like theres a vulture flying over us rather than an actual experienced/responsible "friendly with a professional attitude" moderator.

Now, is this part of the Total Mortal Kombat experience? Because if it is, aww man . Boring

Deep inside, I do feel a bit dorky asking for this favor since I can simply just bug out to another fan forum, but I actually like it here. Its verrry cool. I cant tell you how impressive it is. I don't even think the official site is up to par. And me being an MK fan just makes all of it a big plus.
Now just to show that Im not trying to put anyone on blast here, Im not going to say any names. But if you who are in charge here would like to know the specifics (without the b.s.), you can message me and I'll give it to you straight without any animosity.

Non of us here should have to deal with someone elses people hating (as this mod openly expresses it) issues, especially when they're taking stand as a mod.

And theres others who pm'd me feeling the same way, just an FYI. Its poopin' the heck out of this great site. Sad

That is all. Thanks. Boring


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Hentai Connoisseur
TMK Master

Joined: 17 Apr 2005
Posts: 1295
Location: not Okinawa... lame.

TMK Koins: 1820


Post Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 4:57 am   
Post subject:
Reply with quote
I'm not exactly sure who you're talking about, as I'm the only moderator on this site other than our admin, Total-MK.

there are a few people (such as our Sages) who like to take the law into their own hands, so to speak, but they're not mods. however, although they may not be moderators, they do have a sort of "seniority" here, and have proven themselves to be valued members of the TMK community, so if you're breaking a rule, then they'll probably be the first ones to realize it and let you know about it.

maybe if you have any beef with one person, then talk to Total-MK about it or something. I want everyone to enjoy their stay here. =)

Nikki: your friendly neighborhood moderator. ^_^

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True Fighting Fan
TMK Sage

Joined: 02 Jun 2005
Posts: 2645
Location: In front of a computer

TMK Koins: 777730


Post Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 5:29 am   
Post subject:
Reply with quote
He's referring to me, due to I own a VIP forum, that site labels me as a mod in the "Whos online" section. And I'd like to adress this, seems how it's an attack, or I should say, I precive it to be an attack on me:

1. Those who are new to something are noobs, plain and simple, I don't mean it in a bad way, nor do I mean it offensively, I just simpley mean that you are a new guy to TMK, and it's a lot quick just to type 'noob' then 'the new person to join TMK'. Sorry if you were offended by this, and I didn't mean it in a offensive way.

2. You should stop flaunting your age, the wonderful thing about the internet is: Age doesn't mean jack, everyone's equal, so if your just showing off that your older well congrats, your older then me by 13 years, otherwise then that, it's as useless as tits on a bull.

3. I treat everyone the same, weither they been long time members of the forum, and new ones, I have even had to tell a fellow Sage to stop a spring of spam that had begun in a topic.

4. I am a bit of a harsh guy, I admit it, I'm not in denial, but when 99% of the new people that join TMK everyday do nothing but spam, flame, advertise in the wrong forum, basically break ANY rule, I get pissed. TMK is a wonderful place, and I rather see it have a handful of members who follow rules then an army of members who don't have the commen sense to do so. Now, TMK, he may not feel exactly the same, but he does get irritated as well, as he puts a LOT of work and a LOT of money into this site, it's basically a part of him, and I know he gets annoyed seeing rule-breakers everywhere.

5. Next time you have to say something, instead of making a post about it, and dancing around the actual name, just PM the person directly, it saves a lot of time, and it doesn't give any drama to the forums. And if that doesn't work, then PM TMK himself.

6. I hate people, case closed, don't like it? Tough. Many members here, those who know me, know my reasons, and they have become great friends with me.

7. I garrantee you that Scorpion53 will be sending you a PM, or have something to say, he is another rule breaker I aint to happy with.

8. Again, next time if you have an issue with me, bring it to me, don't create e-drama on the forums.

Amphibious wrote:
As the great VainZiller said so long ago...

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TMK Sage

Joined: 13 Nov 2006
Posts: 576
Location: Arizona

TMK Koins: 285


Post Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 5:40 am   
Post subject:
Reply with quote
*Response for Chibihana ONLY*

Ahhh I see. So this kid isn't a moderator but a loyal member who's now deemed a "sage". Ok. I understand that much now thanks.
I've seen a few here who do bring about caution to the new crowd and they did it so well, I couldnt tell wether or not they were moderators, let alone "sages". They get thanks from us "noobs".

This particular Sage let's himself go like Starscream to Megatron (dont know if you ever watched Transformers Razz )
See, the way he gets his message across, is pretty strong and rude.
I only hold one messageboard on my site and dealt with a small few societies out there and usually stay away from uncontrolled net enviroments. But this to me was far out. Especially for a mortal kombat related site.

But thank you for clarifying that much with me. I was actually getting a little sad there

I mean it came to a point where I was afraid to even leave a short response like "thank you so much" or else id get tagged as a spammer.
I once saw you tell this "sage" that he didnt have to be so rude once too.
Well, I second that!

You be well Chibi hana Wink , I'll stick around and watch my step, heh. But if I (and I swear to you, it would NEVER be on purpose) break a rule for example, short responses, off topic responses etc, my apologies in advance. I want to enjoy this place too. =) And theres TONS of things here Ive yet to reach. SO much content.

Take care and thanks again!
I shall contact MK if this issue reaches a severe level.



*Response for Vain*

We'll, take care of this in a minute. First off, Im not flaunting my age around to make you feel inferior. I'm simply making it known that though I hold no seniority as a member, I've taken my own measures to be mature enough to handle some good old fashion "online" social skills.
That is to say, as a 28 year old, I would wish just a tad more respect instead of rude behaviour. I've given everyone here my respect. I don't know any of you in person but I keep in mind I just may some day. Although I also understand that perhaps I should earn that respect. But, thats also silly when you think about it, because its not about me and you, its about us and this wonderful site.

If you ask me, and you didnt, but I'll put it out there anyways, I don't feel you are fit to ever have such a level of seniority regardless of what skills you can handle or how long youve been here. You are harsh, yes.
That reason alone should be more than enough reason to pull you out of your throne you actually built for yourself.

I don't dislike you as a person because I never met you. But the way you come off to some of us is pretty dictating and rude rather than helpful. I mean, come on. You even cuss people out. Shouldnt that be a regarded as breaching ground rules against fellow members?

You say you got problems. So what man? I do to. Infact, the whole world does. But you dont see me coming in here carrying all my weight around because of it. Dude.. no one would complain if you just CHILL.
Stop being such a friggin cop from L.A. and help us out instead of just the site itself. Sure the mods would be tickled to see a member walk into flames for them, but what about the rest. We're here too you know. lol Razz

As a vet to this type of media, I'll tell you, even I know that you cant have one without the other. Youre in the negative here and you admit it. Youre harsh. So now go out there and fix it. Dont expect us to change for you or accept this. Youre not even a moderator yet you carry yourself as one. That's why I was confused as to how such a powerful looking site could allow such an attitude problem to slide with all his nonsense.

I'm not going to change for you. Period. For Chibihana and MK, I would perhaps and that would only be If i had no choice but to weigh out the issues before I even bother to think about it. But for you??? You want everyone to just accept this rotten personality you have?

Now dont get me wrong, Im a rotten tomatoe too, but theres a time and a place for everything. This place was put together with a lot of time and money like you said, yes. Make it count.

I'll follow all the rules that Im STILL in the process of learning to the best of my online abilities. *smiles* But you gotta quit hovering over everyone like a sick vulture man. Resolve your issues with life.
The reason why I didnt pm you directly was because how Id catch you responding to other members here including I. Like youre not human or something. Who wants to talk to that? Neutral

My apologies, I didnt want to call your name out because you dont need the bad attention. But you see it differently Im sure. Fix your issues bud. We're done here.

PS. This was never an attack. It was a complaint. Two very different things. You really need to sit back and look at things in a different light other than the darkness you hide yourself in. Boring


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True Fighting Fan
TMK Sage

Joined: 02 Jun 2005
Posts: 2645
Location: In front of a computer

TMK Koins: 777730


Post Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 6:44 am   
Post subject:
Reply with quote
I've said it once, I'll say it again, you got a fucking problem with me, take it to the damn PMs, i'm not ganna go into this again.

1. I acted rude to you because you broke rules, I don't show respect to those who break rules, end story.

2. You say it's not between you and me, yet instead of just leaving it at my come back, and bringing it to the PMs, you decide to drag it out on the forums.

3. Sorry to hear you don't think i deserve to be sage, but TMK does, and what the boss says goes. So if he decides I shouldn't be one anymore, so be it. But if someone new to the forums who breaks rules says that I shouldn't b a sage, then he can go fuck himself.

4. Harshness is something most sages have, hell, there is another Sage who is worse then me, but he is out on injury, so be lucky your not dealing with him right now.

5.I'm helpful, for those who follow rules.And swearing aint flamming, directly insulting is flamming, so me swearing ain't breaking rules, it's just viewed as 'wrong' by some.

6. I NEVER said I had problems, you assumed by my comment "they know why I hate people" that I got problems, the fact is, I hate people, because people are of the lowest beings alive. But that's just my view point.

7. I'm not ganna chill, so long as ther are people who don't have the consideration to follow rules.

8. I'm not ganna change my harshness and my attitude because a rule breaker don't like it, maybe if you didn't break the rules, I wouldnt have been harsh. Nor did I ask you to change, just follow rules. And honestly, i dont care if they accept it or not, I'm not here to be the pope, I'm here to be among people with a commen intrest, and to help make sure said people follow the damn rules.

9. I don't give a fuck, you got something to say, take it to ME durrectly, the forum has a right not to be cluttered with e-drama

10. Were not done, so long as you continue to be here. I watch this place like it was my own, because no one else is able to.

11. I love the darkness, you got a problem with that too?

12. Like I said, it may not have been an attack, but I saw it as one.

13. If your going to reply to this, fucking taking it to Pms.

Amphibious wrote:
As the great VainZiller said so long ago...

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TMK Sage

Joined: 13 Nov 2006
Posts: 576
Location: Arizona

TMK Koins: 285


Post Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 7:10 am   
Post subject:
Reply with quote
wow dude. just wow. Shocked

Oh... Uh oh.. whats this??? Youre becoming see through! Are you? Are... you dissapearing??? I ... I can't see you anymore. Youre.. Gone!?
*smiles* geez...

Seriously Chibihana, I mean no one any harm. Please tell me you can see that of me. This is the stuff Im talking about. Let's put this in perspective. One of your loyal members trolls around the page making guys (who arent purposely breaking rules) like me, very uncomfortable. And I can't enjoy it like you wish we did so long as he keeps doing this.
Actually...After reading the response, I dont think I can take this seriously at all now.

I've dealt with this before many a times. The way we put it, its people who shy away from life and come in here to claim what they've deprived themselves of in their personal lives. But hey hey... I don't want to take it to that extreme so I'll stop right here. Im not going to complain anymore. Because this isnt a legal battle. And if you nor MK do anything about this kid's bahviour, seeing how he now represents you to the fullest, then I'll make my decision or hold my own opinion to myself. It's cool either way and I don't want you to feel like youre obligated to do anything. Im a guest to this page. Thats all. I like it. Everything looks good, well arranged, tell my friends about it. Thats it.

Again, no disrespect. If I hold any loyalty here, i'd show it only to you and the creator of the site from pure inspiration. Luckily theres some real cool peeps on this site I can still chat around with. If you get a complaint about me or something for sneezing, please contact me about it. Second opinions may make a difference. You be the judge. Im out.

Happy Thanksgiving. Wink


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Decidedly indecisive
TMK Sage

Joined: 16 Nov 2006
Posts: 165
Location: Somewhere

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Post Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 2:24 pm   
Post subject:
Reply with quote
I don't mean to sound disrespectful or anything, but I really can't stand it when kids (or anyone, for that matter) think they have some sort of right to treat fellow members of a community like low-class shits and get away with it.

Now I'm not a religious person or anything, but I do believe in a thing called "Karma". You treat people with respect, and they'll have good reason to treat you with respect in return. You treat people disrespectfully, or callously give them grief, then when others treat you like crap in return, you can't say you didn't have it coming. Those are just a couple of basic examples of the whole "Treat people as you expect to be treated in return" factor, but I'm sure you get the point.

Going from what DarkSpecter said, I agree that this is in fact a spectacular site with some wonderful features, and I also find it truely and utterly deplorable when people strive to make others feel uncomfortable, or otherwise pressured, when it's clear that all people want to do here is conjugate, share each other's views and/or experiences in the "MK World", and even make new friends in what is still a rapidly growing community. In this case, that community is focused around the Mortal Kombat brand, and it has to be said:

it ROCKS!!! Headbang

Personally, I hope to see more people in senior positions, much like yourself, ChibiHana, who strive to see to it that everyone can just get along and enjoy being part of something so great.

And just for the record: no, I'm not trying to suck up to anyone. I'm simply expressing that I love being able to immerse myself with others in an atmosphere of fun and friendship, and it would deeply sadden me to see that turn into something quite the opposite.

Thumbs Up MK RULES, K.O.!!

"We don't choose to be what we are. Only who we are, what we do, and how much pie we can scoff down until we're well 'n' truely bloated."
"If something disagrees with you, don't try to reason with it. That'll only make a mess."

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TMK Grandmaster
TMK Grandmaster

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Post Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:06 pm   
Post subject:
Reply with quote
Hi DarkSpecter,
Firstly welcome to TMK.
Thanks for the complaments about my site, I work hard on it to keep the wheels rollin' Smile

I have been monitoring this problem alot lately, when n00bs come here certain members seem to jump down there throats when they break a rule, usally the first thing they say is "don't make me report you to TMK" or something like that, personaly I hate it...I am not an ogre most of the time, unless someone pushes my buttons...then they feel my wrath, and I don't really like to even do that. I consider this site open for all, but the problem is n00bs never read our rules and never obide by them. I am not condoning members actions that act hostile toward new members, in fact I really dislike it, but I do know why they do it.

Vain, you need to calm down dude. I know you are sick of n00bs and spam and rule breakers, but Chibi and I are the ones that have to clean it up, it pisses us off even more that regular members...but we don't blast n00bs, because everyone is a n00b at some stage. If there is a problem you can report it to Chibi or Me... I would rather that than see "I will report you to TMK" every day. Everyone deserves a fair chance on here, those that deliberatly break rules get delt with, but it's not for members to threaten n00bs. If you see a rule broken all you have to do is say "double posting isn't allowed, please don't do it agian" insteed of "double posting isn't allowed, I AM GOING TO REPORT YOU TO TMK...HE WILL RIP OUT YOUR HEART AND LAUGH AT YOU!!!111" ok...thats an exageration...but you get my point. You can warn n00bs about rule breaking, just keep it friendly.


Luke- Webmaster [ Total Mortal Kombat ]

The Real Mortal Kombat Episode:[ 1 2 3 ]

Highest Kreate-A-Fatality: 10 (Extreme Fatality)
Latest Kreate-A-Fighter: Zottra
Konquest Mode: 100%
Arcade Mode: Clocked 34/64
Motor Kombat: 1st 5/5

Last edited by Total-MK on Tue Nov 21, 2006 10:10 am; edited 1 time in total

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TMK Sage

Joined: 13 Nov 2006
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Location: Arizona

TMK Koins: 285


Post Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 5:03 am   
Post subject:
Reply with quote
Thanks for the help TMK! My apologies again. You can delete this thread if it proves to be a burden. I just didn't know what the deal was and first impressions can be unsettling at times. Anywho, I re-read all the rules in the forum regulations thread when I got back from work, so I'll make sure to keep myself on check. Wink
Keep up the great work and I definitely look forward at lending a hand to help keep this site running.
Its worth every dime.

Vain, I hope we can push this behind us.
Im actually quite stoked to have found Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Deception Premium on my doorstep after work today. Very Happy

Long Live Mortal Kombat.
Peace. Very Happy


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