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Cast Interviews

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Interview with: Marjean Holden Interviewer: Dark-Scorpion
Subject: About Marjean Holden Date: 02/04/2001

Dark-Scorpion: What is your life-motto, and who is Marjean Holden as a person?

Marjean: Ok, I would have to say that my motto in life is..."Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"! I truly believe that you get back what you put out, so if you put good out, you get good back. I am generally a person that is very positive...I love life, and I enjoy my job. I love being out in nature...I have tons of compassion for people in general.

Dark-Scorpion: Being a Scorpio in your horoscope, are you a tipical Scorpio?

Marjean:(LAUGHS) I would have to say...yes, I am a true Scorpion! Passionate about life, passionate about my job, I like to be in the limelight...and most of the time I think I am right! BUT....I do know when I am wrong, and even though it is tough on my ego to admit...I will admit it! I am trying not to let my ego be such a big issue anymore!

Dark-Scorpion: When did you gain interest for the acting profession?

Marjean: I have always been interested in acting. It was at a very early age...grade 4, that I decided that this is what I'm going to do with my life! I produced, directed and starred in my first play at that time, and that was it...I was hooked! I came home and told my mom..."Mom...I'm going to be an actress"! She was like..."That's nice dear!"

Dark-Scorpion: Did acting turn out to be as you expected?

Marjean: Well, I didn't really have any expectations of being an actor, I just knew that I loved to act. I loved being in front of an audience...there are some things that I would like to still conquer in my acting career. But for the most part, I have had a great career. I expect it to only get better though from here on out!

Dark-Scorpion: Do you like being famous?
(Laughing again!) Well, I wouldn't say I was exactly famous! When I think famous I think...Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Robert Deniro...Tom Cruise...I don't really think Marjean Holden...yes, she's famous! But being an actor is nice, and it is nice when people recognize you for the work that you have done...even if it is a bad movie that you have been in...if someone has seen it and says...Hey, I saw you in...what was that movie? That is a nice feeling.

Dark-Scorpion: What are you planning for your future?

Marjean: Well, currently I am starring in a series here in the states called "Beastmaster:The Legend Continues"...based on the popular 80's movie. I just finished my first season(the show's second season) and we are going into the 3rd season of the show. I play a mercenary named Arina...who is the last of her people. Also, a couple of years ago I starred on a series called "Crusade". It was the Babylon 5 spinoff series, and I played a Doctor. As far as what's coming up, the new season on Beastmaster, and I have been doing some writing. I am making a move behind the camera, because I love to create. I am going to be shooting a number of short films, as Director/ get my directors reel together, so I can start to pursue some directing work.

Peace and blessings to everyone!

Marjean Holden
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