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Cast Interviews

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Interview with: Marjean Holden Interviewer: Dark-Scorpion
Subject: Sheeva in MK Annihilation Date: 02/04/2001

Dark-Scorpion: How were you casted as Sheeva in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation?

Marjean: Well, it was a long process for that one. My agent at the time, had been trying very hard to get me in on the audition, but the casting people just weren't interested...she finally convinced them that they should see me...I went in on the audition...the casting director asked if I could wait around for the producer to come back from a meeting, and I said sure....So I was waiting in the studio for him, going over my lines...and the producer walked in and said..."Wow! Who are you?" I said..."I'm Marjean, who are you?" and he said..."I'm Larry Kasinoff...I"m the producer"...and I said..."Good, because I'm waiting for you!" After that meeting. I met the with him...then they called me back in 4 times for physical auditions, with the lead, with the choreographer, stunt coordinator...and finally they said...she's got it! It was a long slow process, that was pretty stressful, but in the end, ended up being so worth it!

Dark-Scorpion: Did you like to play Sheeva in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation?

Marjean: I loved it. Sheeva is a great character, but was under utilized in the film. When I got the part, the script was a lot different than what we ended up shooting. At least for my character it was.

Dark-Scorpion: Were you disappointed by the quick death of Sheeva in the movie?

Marjean: I was very upset. To me it didn't make any sense! Here was a character, that was one of the most poplular on the video least that's what I was told...and they killed her without even so much as a fight! Something I was not happy about at all. That was one of the reasons I wanted to do the roll, was for the sheer fact that there were really great fights in the movie for this character, and they all got cut out.

Dark-Scorpion: Are you interested in Martial Arts and/or Martial Arts movies?

Marjean: I love them both. I trained in Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung Fu for 10 years, and watch tons of martial arts/action movies. I love is in my blood!

Dark-Scorpion: Have you heard of Mortal Kombat before you were casted?

Marjean: I had heard of it, but I had not seen the Movie. I knew about the video games, and had played them off and on, but wasn't that into it.

Dark-Scorpion: What do you think of the Mortal Kombat (Saga) now?

Marjean: I think Mortal Kombat came along at the right time. It filled a genre that noone had ventured into yet. Turning a video game into a movie, and actually making it work! It was great fun.

Dark-Scorpion: With which of the other cast were you able to work most pleasant?

Marjean: You know what...this was a very fortunate and rare situation on this movie...because we all got along so well. There was no attitude from anyone, and it was amazing. It doesn't happen that often, that you have a whole group of women...there were 5 of us, that absolutely loved each other! It was truly a blessing...oh, and the guys were all great too! When you work with people for 4 months you really get to know them. And we all just adored each other.

Dark-Scorpion: Do you still have contacts with someone from the Mortal Kombat: Annihilation cast?

Marjean: I still keep in touch with Musetta Vander(Sindel), Robin Shou and Sandra Hess(Sonja)...Deron McBee(Motoro) and I had known each other before then, and I run into him from time to time, and I also had worked with Red Williams(Jax) on his very first acting job, many moons ago! And it has been a while now, but I run into Talisa Soto every once in a while as well.

Dark-Scorpion: Is there any chance we will see you again in the new Mortal Kombat movie (And if not, in which other movie)?

Marjean: I would love to ressurrect Sheeva in another movie, because what, some big steel crate fell on me...that's not to say that in the realm of Mortal Kombat, that I couldn't have been teleported back somewhere safe! I think it would be a blast to bring Sheeva back even more pissed than the last time! Out for revenge!
But the only things I have done in the last few years are lots of Television work, one series after the other, so sorry to say, no other movies at this time! I did a Tele movie in Australia last year that aired here in the states called "Code Red:The Rubicon Conspiracy"...but I don't know if it will ever show anywhere else!

Peace and blessings to everyone!

Marjean Holden
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