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Cast Interviews

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Interview with: Trevor Goddard Interviewer: Dark-Scorpion
Subject: General Date: 16/02/2002 With which of the characters you played in your acting career do
you identify yourself the most, and why is that? 

Trevor Goddard: I most identify myself with Mic Brumby from JAG. Because he was a true romantic at heart, like myself,
but with a bit, rough around the edges quality that my mum refuses to tell me has gone
away.!!!!! What (if there is one) do you consider your life motto? 

Trevor Goddard: My life motto, i guess from an early age is what my dad always said, " all you need is
love".... I read about you being at the Pet Adoption Festival 2000, do you
consider your self a true animal friend? 

Trevor Goddard: Yes i most definatly consider myself a real, " animal lover".....I mean a real animal friend....hee hee What do you like best, playing a bad guy or a good guy? 

Trevor Goddard: I enjoy playing both good and bad guys. It gives me the chance to explore areas of myself that
sometimes in real life, we're a little affriad to go to. Plus it keeps Hollywood
on there toes, so that they can't tie you down to one thing. How did you get casted for the role of Kano in the first Mortal Kombat Movie? 

Trevor Goddard: I got cast in the role of Kano by auditioning like everyone else for the role.
They knew that i was a ex-pro fighter so i think that was a plus for me. Just wish they had put that ability to greater use. Like they did in "Men of war". Did you like playing in this movie? 

Trevor Goddard: I had a great time playing in the movie, and i believe that it can become one of those films that can live forever
through the generations. And everyone in the cast was great to get along with. Kano has a metal plate on his face, how was this attached to your face? 

Trevor Goddard: The plate over my eye was glued on, every day. Used to take about 2 hours,
but i didn't mind, cause i would fall asleep in the chair. Great kip time.!!!!!!
I couldn't see out of it though, so it was a little hard to get used to at first. With which of the other MK cast were you able to work most

Trevor Goddard: I liked Goro best cause he kept breaking down, and i was on good
overtime......No i guess i got on with Bridgette Wilson best, as most of my sceenes were with her, and we had alot of fun in Thailand doing the fight
stuff. Do you still have contacts with someone from the Mortal Kombat: TheMovie cast? 

Trevor Goddard: Hollywood is a small town,so yeah, i find myself bumping into cast and crew all the time. But i do stay in regular contact with both Larry
Kassanoff and Alison Savage, whose company i trully do treasure Being a ex-professional boxer, are you interested in Martial Art

Trevor Goddard: I grew up watching the old Bruce Lee movies, and i think those films helped
push my boxing career. Did you hear of Mortal Kombat before you were casted? 

Trevor Goddard: Yes i had heard of MK before i got the chance to play Kano, the game was huge and mispent
youth always comes back to drag you back into those amusement arcades. Is there any chance we will see you again in the new Mortal Kombat
movie (And if not, in which other movie)? 

Trevor Goddard: I have heard through the grapevine that a 3rd MK is in the works, and believe me when i say that i would love
my character of Kano to be resurected to reek havok on all the goody two shoes..... What are you planning for your future? 

Trevor Goddard: It's tough to plan ahead in this buissness, but to stay happy at what i love to do and make people smile is my
goal for the future. Is there anything you want to say to the readers of this interview? 

Trevor Goddard: I'm extreemly grateful to have had the chance to bring the part of Kano to life. It goes to show,
that if a true knockabout, that was headed down all the wrong streets can doi it, THEN SO
CAN EACH AND EVERONE OF YOU. Good luck in life to you all, you all mean the world to me.
Cheers so much Trev xxx

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