Total Mortal Kombat Chatroom FAQ.

Firstly the rules:

1.) No Harrasing other users.
2.) No pornographic or vulgar links to be used in the channel.
2.) No spaming or repeating things over aagian
3.) No advertsing other chatrooms, you are allowed to advertise your websites.

OP Types:

There is 3 types of ops.
#1 Red Spider / @ (AOP): this OP has the power to kick or ban you and recive channel memos.
#2 Green Spider / + (VOP): this OP has the power to talk under channel moderation and recive channel memos.
#3 Blue Spider / - (UOP): this OP has the power to recive chatroom memos.

These ops are considerd very high up and respected members, no matter what type of op they are. Usally I will add Uops if users become very regular.

Basic Commands:

You can use all sorts of commands on the Webnet server, here are some very basic ones to help your chat experiance more fun. To use a command just type it in the text box with a forward slash (/) in front of it.

/nick <nickname> - Changes your nickname.
/ns identify <nickname> <password> - identifies to your nickname.
/ns register <email> <password> - registers the nickname you are using.
/me <action> - the command used to an action, eg '* Total-MK uses the action command'.

Ban and kick complaints:

If you feel that you were banned or kicked from the chat for an unfair reason, you can e-mail me here. Please be sure to tell me exactly what you did before being kicked or banned and the OP who kicked / banned you. Anyone who tells outright lies about members or OPs in the chat will face a perminent chatroom ban.