Total Mortal Kombat IRC Network.

Firstly the rules:

The #TMK network was started when the new TMK site opend any site that is affiliated with TMK can be part of the network. contact me here for more info.

Network Sites:

We have 0 sites in our network so far:
Total Mortal Kombat (Founder Site)

The webmaster of each site is an AOP, any sub staff are usally a VOP or UOP depending how often then use the chat.


You can use the chatroom in 2 ways. Using the Java Chat, which you just open in your browser, or using a chat client. mIRC is the most popular chat client and is highly recommended. You can get mirc here. If you already have mIRC here are the settings to get into our chatroom:
server : Webchat (
port : 6667
channel: #TMK

Ban and kick complaints:

If you feel that you were banned or kicked from the chat for an unfair reason, you can e-mail me here. Please be sure to tell me exactly what you did before being kicked or banned and the OP who kicked / banned you. Anyone who tells outright lies about members or OPs in the chat will face a perminent chatroom ban.