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Kombat Kreator

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Name: Dracko By: Dragon
Clan: None

His father was the fourth Sub-Zero's older brother and he didn't want to be an evil
assassin so he left the Lin Kuei and started a family he had one son named Dracko. When Dracko was only three years old the Lin Kuei learned of his fathers whereabouts and sent one of their most skilled assassins Reltar to eliminate him, Reltur not only killed the father but the mother too and left the small child to die. Then Dracko's older cousin, Sub-Zero, came and rescued him Sub-Zero trained him and raised him and also taught him about his parents killer about the Lin Kuei and many other things. Dracko had seen the brutal murder of him parents and wanted his revenge. He went off on his own soon after he completed his training. He is a very dangerous warrior with only one goal: Revenge. He never entered the Mortal Kombat Tournament because he was too busy hunting Reltar but if Reltur entered the tournament then Dracko would probably follow him.

Weapon: a black sword


Plasma Blast: Black plasma that comes from his hands
Special Move: Two fast hooks and an uppercut
Super Fist: Fist becomes surrouned in a black mist and if he punches it caues great damage to the enemy

Grabbs the enemy by the throat and a black plasma comes from his body to his hand and makes the enemy explode into blood.

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