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Kombat Kreator

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Name: Genesis By: Xatu03
Clan: Ninja

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 232 lbs.

The first ninja to be created, Genesis spread the ninja class to the whole world. Seeing that his class is depleting, he joins Mortal Kombat to prove that ninjas are the ultimate kind. His right eye was scarred in the greatest battle ever between him and a great demon.


Weapon: Hell Ninja Katana

Invisibility--can turn transparent and become insvisible.
Shoulder Ram--charges to foe using shoulder
Dash Kick--charges to foe with a kick
Teleport--Reiko style teleport(can throw)
Triple Throw--German suplex to piledriver then fan fatality type toss.
Super Roundhouse--Rain's roundhouse only stronger.
Nova--hits foe anywhere on the screen, as strong as Goro's Ground Stomp.

FATALITY 1:Ninja's Legacy--Genesis charges to the foe and attacks his enemy with different fighting styles from all over the world until the enemy explodes.

FATALITY 2:Light Speed Kill--Genesis runs forward lightning-fast and punches the foe's torso off, then runs behind it and elbows it to the opposite side then uppercuts the falling head and kicks the legs. The ripped parts reassemble in the other side of the screen bleeding.

Cerberus--the left head bites the foe's head, the middle to the torso, and the rightmost grabs the legs. All heads move to the opposite direction, separating the foe's body to 3 pieces.

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