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Name: Glacier By: Heir of Zero
Clan: Unknown

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 235 lbs.
Clan: Lin Kuei
Stage: Lin Kuei Temple
Fighting Styles: Hapkido & Dragon
Weapons: Ice Sceptre & Kori Blade
Friends: Scorpion, Smoke, Cyrax
Enemies: Quan Chi, Shinnok, Mavado

After the death of the 2nd Sub-Zero a new Lin Kuei warrior emerged, using the codename Glacier. This new warrior wore the traditional uniform worn by the 2nd Sub-Zero during the 4th Mortal Kombat. At first, this mysterious warrior was confused with the 2nd Sub-Zero until the warrior revealed his true identity as the son of the deceased in Kuei Grandmaster. Glacier not only inherited the title of Grandmaster but also the fabled Dragon Medallion. When Glacier donned the Medallion it burned into his arm leaving its image there; a symbol
that would be passed on from generation to generation as a sign of Sub-Zero and Glacier's bloodline of the heir to the title Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei. Glacier also tattooed two scars over his eyes in memory of his father's scar. When a new threat to Earthrealm emerged, Glacier took his father's place and competed in the Mortal Kombat tournament. The Lin Kuei ! warrior pledged to eliminate all of his father's enemies, including the sorcerer Quan Chi, as well as the fallen elder god, Shinnok. Glacier also saw Mavado, the new leader of the Red Dragon, as an immediate threat to the Lin Kuei clan.

After winning the Mortal Kombat tournament with the aid of Scorpion,
Glacier returned to the Lin Kuei temple and dedicated his clan to guarding Earthrealm along with the remaining Earthwarriors as his father had done so many years ago.


Traditional Ice Blast: Throws a burst of energy that freezes enemies on contact

Ice Slide: Slides across the floor and not only knocks the opponent off their feet but also freezes them in the process

Ice Clone: Flips back creating a clone that freezes anything touches it

Ice Dome: Creates a freezing dome around himself and anything that touches it freezes.

Freezing Spine Rip: Grabs head and rips head and spine out of body, and the head and spine freeze over.

Ice Shard Slide: Freezes the ceiling to create spikes and then slides knock the opponent onto their back as the spikes fall into their chest and stomach

Animality: Turns into a walrus and impales the enemy with his tusks

Friendship: Creates a snowhill and goes snowboarding.

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