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Name: Ice-Zero By: Sub-Zero the VII
Clan: Lin Kuei

Ice-Zero is the Evil Twin Brother of Sub-Zero. He is really the older brother (who died in MK1)of sub-zero. The Lin Kuei Found his dead body and bought him back to life. BUT in a diferent way they put the same cybernetics which was in Sectors and Cyrax's Brain. The Lin Kuei thought it would be a good idea to send Ice-Zero out to hunt for Sub-Zero because it would Confuse SZ (Sub-Zero).But Shortly after he was created he when bersek. He destoyed ALOT of the Lin Kuei and his mission is to 'DESRTOY SUB-ZERO AND ALL OTHER PERSONAL WHO INTERFECES IN MY PATH'. Ice-Zeros fighting style is very idelidentical to Sub-Zeros style. Also when the Lin Kuei was progarming Ice-Zero they insected a progarm to learn any type of Karete in a second. So Ice-Zero's fighting style is a mixture of Kung-Fu and Taewakdo.

Ice-Zeros Appearance is:
* A Lin Kuei Ninjia mask blue with a Cyborb type pattern.
* On the right of the mask is written TRT-I-ZERO PROJCET
* The Orgainal Suit he wore in MK1 just the right shoulder pad is gone and replaced with a robtic arm(A bit like Jax's)
*Red Eyes


Ice Punch- Freezes the openent for a coulpe of secs also causes some damage

Chain Gun Shard- His Robtic arm transforms into a chaingun sort of weapon and starts firing ice shards.

Ice Blast- The orgainal freeze attack.Freezes the enemy fro a couple of secs

Death Shards- Ice-Zero summons ice shards from the ground contineous hits the enemy(A bit liks Shang Tsung attack in MK3)

Slide- Does a slide hits the enemy at the feet

Ice Clone- Flips back and creates a ice clone if touched the oponent will Freeze

Deep Freeze- Grabs the oponent buy the neck ,and blasts a HUGE ice blast right in the torso, after a little while the freeze kills the enemy.

Ice Compacter- Ice-Zero Screams and from the floor to the Cieling Ice Shards squashs the enemy in the middle OUCH!!!

Animalatiy- Ice-Zero turns the arena into a pool of water and he transfroms into into a killer whale and of course kills the enemy

Brutalaty- Ice Zero's Brutalaty mostly conceratrate on kicks more than punches

Machine gun typoon- Grabs the enemy , put his arm in the stomach transfroms it a gun and BLASTS THE C$@! OUT OF THE ENEMY!!!

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