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Kombat Kreator

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Name: Kire By: Tremor
Clan: S.O.U.L.

Once a loyal servant of Lin Kuei, Kire was sent on a mission, he was supposed to be Sub-Zero's partner on the mission to kill Shang-Tsung, unfortunately Shang-Tsung had different plans.

"Sub-Zero will participate in the tournament, as for you, Kire, the Emperor has a different mission!" announced Shang-Tsung.

There he was, standing in front of Emperor Shao-Kahn himself.

"Kire, you are to hunt down the renegade princess Kitana, and kill her, before she joins those pathetic mortals! There will be no mercy! Destroy her!"

Kire searched for Kitana for about 4 hours, there she was, he found her, going through a portal to Earth realm. Quickly, he followed her, ending up at the island from which he came. Kitana of course noticed him. They started a fight. Kire used best of his skills, but kitana dodged them like they were no challenge. Finally Kire was far enough to perform Teleport hit, just as expected, she was blocking, when Kire teleported and made a clear strike in the spine. She was down, perfect time to finish her off. As Kire gathered up energy for Hard Beam, Kitana yelled out "If you kill me the whole universe might be in danger!"

"What!?" as the energy dimmed Kire listened.

"Do you even know what this tournament is about!?"

"No. I was sent here to kill Shang-Tsung, why?"

"If you're here to kill Shang-Tsung, why are you after me?"

"I'm... confused..."

"If Shang-Tsung wins the tournament, Shao-Kahn will take over the Earth realm!"

"But, if I don't kill you first Shao-Kahn will seek me out and kill me!"

"If Kahn takes over the Earth realm, he'll kill you anyway!"

"What must I do?"

"Be smart! Maybe you sould perform that elbow spear on Shao Kahn, or a sneak attack."

"Kill Shao-Kahn? But what ifnI can't?"

"Then maybe you should carry on with your mission."

"You better hurry!" said Kire I'll take care fo Shang-Tsung!

"You know, Shang-Tsung is much stronger than he looks!"

"Forget it! Hide somewhere before we both get killed!"

As Kire walked on Shang-Tsung's island, he heard a noise, but less than a second later... all he could feel is slight pain, and then he blacked out.

He woke up in a dark dungeon with bones laying around. As he turned around, he saw... Goro. After being blacked out, Kire felt rested and decided to use all his strenght to perform the Soul summon. Afetr having all his powers drained Kire woke up in an empty lair, with Goro laying on the ground, dead.

"He's... this isn't my job! someone else killed him!" Kire took down a wall and saw his way to freedom, but when he came outside, something was different. The island was in ruins.

"Holy f@%#! How long was I out? How am I supposed to leave this place!?"

He spent 3 days without food, then, Kire found some broken trees, "My only hope is a boat. He used his plasma daggers to cut the wood, and built himself a small boat. There was a trick he knew, how to spend long time without food. He concentrated hard and put himself into a mysterious form of suspended animation.

He woke up washed ashore a small town in China. He knew that he wasn't far away from Lin Kuei Head Quarters, Something wasn't right, maybe it's the atmosphere in the air, maybe it was the suspended animation, but something felt different.

"What year is this?" kire asked a bystander.

"It's ****." said the old man.

"What!?!? I've been asleep for 4 years!? I better get back!" But as he approached the Lin Kuei Head Quarters, two cyborg guards stopped him, "Leave, only members of Lin Kuei allowed!"

"But I am a member of Lin Kuei! What's going on!?" Everything was different. Lin Kuei was consisted of cyborgs and Kire was nowhere to go.

Months later, he found out about the realm of De'lmaria and the Alin Kuei. He wanted to be a part of something, a clan. Perhaps joining Alin Kuei would help him remember the old days. But when he came there and gave Vertigo a reason to join... Vertigo declined and said "Return home, where you came from, young warrior. We choose only the best fighters in the world!"

Rejected, Kire left, was it sadness, anger or other emotional feeling that he experience at the moment. He thought "Well, at least I'm not alone." Then it hit him.

"I'm not alone! That's it! Don't worry all the rejected warriors! You're not alone!" It took him not too long to find an island perfect for building a clan, it wasn't Shang-Tsung's island, but it was tropical just as well. It was too perfect to be true a tropical deserted island which he had all to himself.

"I shall call it 'Athena' after the goddess of war! I shall make an elite clan which is made of other clans' rejected or abandonned members!"


1) Green Plasma Beam: Kire Beams the opponent from his belt.
2)Mimic: Kire uses his eyes to send beams into opponent's eyes, then he extracts one of opponent's skills and uses it against them.
3)Teleport hit: Standing far away from opponent, Kire runs toward them with an ennormous speed, thenjust as he's about to tuuch the opponent (who probably is now blocking) Kire teleports and spears them in the spine with his elbow.
4(weapon attack)Distant Attack: Kire slices his opponent form a distance(which does quite some damage, but wastes alot of power.

WEAPONS: Plasma Daggers

1)Hard Beam: Kire Gathers up power, then beams the opponent piercing right through them.
2)Soul Summon: Kire Concentrates hard, then uses all of his strength to summon a large skull from the ground which not only reduces Kire's opponent to atoms, but drains all the strength out of kire.

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