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Kombat Kreator

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Name: Serana By: Underground
Clan: The Mutants

Weapons: Staff
Fighting Style: Judo

The sister of fellow mutant Baraka. After being informed of his death at the hands of Kung Lao, she had swore to defeat him, in the next tournament. But when Shinnok resurected Baraka, to help him fight against Raiden's team of mortals, Quan Chi banned her from the tournament.

Knowing that if Baraka was to have to fight Serana, he would surely not kill his flesh and blood and forfeit the tournament. After Mortal Kombat 4, and Baraka had been killed once again, Serana when mad, having to live through the loss of her brother and her clan's king.

But with the beginning of the new tournament, she now has a new objective. Defeating Quan Chi...


Blade Spark - Runs her blades against each other releasing a blue energy wave

Blade Spin - Spins quickly with blades extended.

Headscissors Takedown - Wraps theighs around opponents head and swings her body downwards, using her legs to flip them to the ground.

Enzuguri - sends a straight kick at the opponent, the opponent grabs her leg, she then kicks them in the back of the head with the other leg.

Impaler - Punches the opponent in the stomach, then extends the blade, sending it through them. Then grabs her arm, and pushes against their body with her foot, kicked them off of the blade.

Slit Throat - Leaps behind them, grabs them around the waist, places her arm on their neck, then extends her blade and runs it across the neck. Slitting their throat then letting them fall to the ground.

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