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Name: Surge By: Ryan Grech
Clan: None

At the time when the female warrior Blaze was in service to Rayden, the two became very close to each other and eventually ended up in loving one another. Years passed and the two lovers had a son they called Surge. Of course you know what an electric surge is. Surge inherited Rayden's thunder and lighting powers and Blaze's sword skills. Both parents trained their son well. Surge grew up to become a great warrior and also an ally of the earth's mortals. He was succesful in beating everyone who stood in his way. But he felt empty inside. When his father told him of the great tournament, Surge became extremely excited and decided to end his emptiness by competing in Mortal Kombat. Surge has a ninja suit just like Scorpion's but with Rayden's suit's colours and has a silver sword just like his mom's.


Electric Teleport - Ability to teleport and grab the enemy, shocking him/her in the process.

Lightning Chaos - Levitates into the air and throws lightning bolts at the opponent.

Thunder Slash - Charges the sword with shocks and throws it(rotating) at the opponent's head.

Hypno Control - Ability to take control of the opponent's mind completely for a few seconds damaging the opponent mentally.

FATALITY 1 Grabs the sword, charges it with all his power and then dashing to and fro to cut the enemy into pieces

FATALITY 2 Levitates in the air and divides in two to do a brutality finish to the person until s/he explodes.

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