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Kombat Kreator

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Name: Tsuya By: James C
Clan: Lin Kuei

Tsuya is the first ever female of the Lin Kuei to be transformed into a cybernetic ninja. She is the newly crowned queen of the cyber monsters., and has been programmed to turn against her best friend, Amelie. Back before the transformation, Amelie and Tsuya were the best of friends, and they were happy together. However, one cruel day, the girls discovered that they were chosen by the Lin Kuei to help Smoke capture Sub-Zero. Tsuya was brought into the room where they did the deed, and Amelie watched through a small window as her friend was tied down and constructed into a robot. Amelie escaped, for she did not want anything of that sort to happen to her. After the transformation the Lin Kuei discovered that Amelie had escaped, and Tsuya, now an olive green "thing", was programmed to find her and bring her back to the lab at once. Tsuya does not have a soul anymore and has no memory of her past. All she knows is to find Amelie and to bring her back to be eliminated once and for all.


- Wire Wip-(D,F,LP)- Tsuya wips her wires across her opponent's chest.
- Head Bomb-(F,F,HP)- Tsuya's metal head becomes a missile as it is launched at her opponent.
- Air Throw-(D,F,BLK)- Tsuya throws her opponent to the ground.(Mid-Jump)
- Electric Shock-(F,F,LP)- Tsuya opens her mask, and electric wires shock her opponent.
- Headbutt-(F+RN+LP)- Tsuya lowers her head and charges at her opponent.(While Running)

- Fatalities
- Wire Wrap-(B,D,F+LP)- Tsuya's wires come out from different sections of her body and electricute her opponents until they explode.
- Oil Leak-(F,U,F,F,RN)- Tsuya spits fiery oil onto her opponent, and they burn to death.
- Stage Fatality-(F,F,D,F,HP)

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