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Name: Xeno By: MavrickSRX14
Clan: Lin Kuei

Xeno was apart of a resistance against Shang t’sung in the original Mortal Kombat tournament. Among his allies were, *Ka-zar and *Duke. When Shang TSung killed Kazar, Xeno’s father, Duke, Xeno’s brother, vowed reveng on Shang. Quake was mighty, and very powerful, but he underestimated Shang’s powers and the great Master Killed Duke after a hard fight battle, Xeno went into hiding. Watching the tournaments, he studied Shangs every move, however he was caught off guard when Reptile, found him and fought the young fighter, nearly killing him. Sub-Zero 5th) found Reptile and Xeno fighting, not knowing who Xeno was he helped him win and Reptile fled into the forests of out world. Kazar was once a Lin Kuei Fighter and was friends with Sub-Zero (5th). Both Kazar and Sub-Zero (5th)broke free from the Lin Kuei together and went their separate ways. Sub-Zero (5th) finding out that Xeno was Kazars son, trained him in the arts and then Sub-Zero (5th)himself fought Scorpion he was killed. Xeno then caught Scorpion off guard and soon killed him with his finisher, Energy Explosion. Xeno took Scorpions uniform and died it white to become a new fighter. IN the 5th Mortal Komat He found Shang aligning with Shou Kanh. He confronted Shang and defeated him. But Kahn wanted his blood…for he knew Quake, and he sent Shang to kill him, and now he wants Xeno….DEAD.


Energy Blast
Fire Blast
Sonic Boom

*Energy Explosion
*Force Rip

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