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Kombat Kreator

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Name: Xiang By: Casey
Clan: None

She is a younger Goddess, who, in her precociousness and desiring a world to protect, traveled to Earth Realm to
meet Fujin and prove herself in the tournament. Rayden follows soon after to discipline her and return to the heavens, but he must again asume the form of a lesser god for the time being. Xiang is a goddess of plant life. She can speak to plants and manipulate them to her will.


Vine Tangle - Vines sprout up where the opponent was recently standing to tangle him momentarily.
Trap Snap - Xiang's hand mutates into a giant, razor-toothed flytrap which gives one powerful close-ranged snap
Speed Roll - Xiang curls up and performs a fast roll on the ground toward her enemy. If she makes contact, they are tripped and she winds up on the
other side of him
Flywheel Kick - She leaps forward and performs multiple backflips in a single jump, making contact with her feet.

Her Weapon: A Tai-Chi Broadsword (The curved sword in Crouching Tiger)

Her Finishers:
Fatality: Vine Squeeze
Weapon Fatality: Fungus Stab - She empowers her sword with yellow fungus growth and stabs the enemy in the heart. The enemy's body is infected, and
fungus grows all over them before they deteriorate and fall apart.
Friendship: Flowers
Animality: Spider

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