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Total Mortal Kombat - Tony Goskie Interview

Name: Tony Goskie.
Age: 37.
Sex: M.
Marital status: Single.
Staff position at Midway: Art Lead.

TMK: How long have you been working for Midway?
Tony Goskie: 15 Years.

TMK: Other than game design, what are your hobbies?
Tony Goskie: Oil painting and music.

TMK: What other games, old or new have inspired you?
Tony Goskie: Doom,Quake,Half-life.

TMK: What is your favorite TV show?
Tony Goskie: 24,Lost.

TMK: What is your Favorite movie?
Tony Goskie: Jaws.

TMK: What is your favorite quote (from movies, tv, books, poetry)?
Tony Goskie: Something from Pulp that movie.

TMK: What is your favorite type of music?
Tony Goskie: Rock,ambiant techo.

TMK: If you could have any celebrity in a Mortal Kombat game to play a character, who would you choose?
Tony Goskie: Jennifer Connolly as kitana.

TMK: Now that the days of digitizing actors seem to have passed, would you like to see it make a come back for future MK games?
Tony Goskie: Yes, fun for a 2D game or side scroller.

TMK: What is your favorite Mortal Kombat character?
Tony Goskie: Baraka.

TMK: What is your favorite Mortal Kombat arena / background?
Tony Goskie: The Living Forest.

TMK: What is your favorite Mortal Kombat fatality?
Tony Goskie: Sub-Zero's head and spine rip.

TMK: What is your favorite Mortal Kombat stage music?
Tony Goskie: The Bridge from MK3.

TMK: What is your favorite Mortal Kombat 2/3 friendship?
Tony Goskie: Sub-Zero's snowman.

TMK: What is your favorite thing about Mortal Kombat?
Tony Goskie: The over the top violence.

TMK: What is your favorite piece of Mortal Kombat art (renders,artwork) that has been produced?
Tony Goskie: MK Armageddon full cast render.

TMK: Did you like the Mortal Kombat TV show?
Tony Goskie: It was ok, Jamie Prestly was great!

TMK: What is your favorite Mortal Kombat arcade game?
Tony Goskie: MK2.

TMK: Have you ever challanged someone to Mortal Kombat in an Arcade?
Tony Goskie: Yeah, but lost. (Tony jokes about being the worst player on the team).

TMK: Do you own any kool Mortal Kombat collectables, and if so what is it?
Tony Goskie: The Dragon Wing.

TMK: Do you collect the Mortal Kombat Figures?
Tony Goskie: Yes, all of them.

TMK: Additional Comments?
Tony Goskie: I want to go to Australia one day and fish for sharks, drinking fosters.

TMK: Thanks Tony!

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