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Mortal Kombat: Defenders Of The Realm

Click episodes for full review:
01. Kombat Begins Again
02. Sting of the Scorpion
03. Acid Tongue
04. Skin Deep
05. Old Friends Never Die
06. Familiar Red
07. Fall from Grace
08. The Secret of Quan Chi
09. Resurrection
10. Swords of Ilkan
11. Amends
12. Abandoned
13. Overthrown

MK:DOTR Follows the MK story line pretty close, with Liu Kang winning the tournament, to such things as constant battles against the forces of Outworld. Below in an image that shows how ruthless Shao Kahn looked before he killed the rightfull ruler of Outworld, King Jerrod.

Click HERE to get the MK:DOTR Intro Theme (MP3 200K)
Click HERE to get the MK:DOTR Ending Theme (MP3 122K)
Click Images to Enlarge:-

Good Characters: Rayden , Liu Kang , Princess Kitana , Sub-Zero , Jax , Sonya , Nightwolf , Keva , Kurtis Strker , Asgarth , Kabal.

Bad Characters: Sheeva , Cyborgs , Shang Tsung , Shao Kahn , Centours , Rain , Sektor , Cyrax , Kali , Kano , Ermac , Quan Chi , Reptile , Smoke , Lin Kuei Grandmaster , Scorpion.
Scorpion is so awesome he gets his own gallery:
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