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Welcome to the 'Mortal Kombat Kuts' section, This section is for information on cut / censored Mortal Kombat Games or Movies.
Mortal Kombat Games:

'Mortal Kombat' for Super Nintendo was cut and had the blood and fatalities removed. Many belive that this version is superiour, and where very disapointed by this version. Many rumors went around that there was a blood kode for this version, like the Sega Genesis / Megadrive version, however the only thing that exsisted was a game shark code that turned the yellowish sweat, to a red color.

Changed Things:
-Blood, now is a yellowish color (like sweat) and only comes out when you punch or kick someone, pools of blood no longer land on the ground.
-Johnny Cages Fatality changed to him kicking you in the stomach then you falling over, Instead of him uppercutting your head off.
-Kano's fatality changed to him ripping nothing out of your chest, Instead of a beating heart.
-Rayden's fatality changed to him electricuting you then, you crumbleing into a pile of dust, Instead of him blowing your head off with electricity.
-Sub-Zero's fatality changed, he now freeze's you, then breaks you with a backfist, Instead of him ripping your head off with the spine still attached.
-Pit fatality still in the game, however all dead bodies and blood and severed heads were all removed, also no blood comes out when you hit the spikes.

'Mortal Kombat' for Sega Megadrive / Genesis by default, is cut. Like the super version it has the blood disabled and fatalities changed, HOWEVER by entering a simple kode, it changed from a cut version the the original butail arcade version with full gore and fatalities. The kode is done at the kode screen: a,b,a,c,a,b,b. or at the title screen, d,u,l,l,a,r,d.

Changed Things: (Without the activation of the blood kode)
-There is no blood at all
-Pit Fatality not in the game at all
-Johnny Cages fatality changed to a super shadow kick type thing,Instead of him uppercutting your head off.
-Kano's fatality changed to him ripping a stone out of your cheast, Instead of a beating heart.
-Rayden's fatality changed to him electricuting you, then falling over, Instead of him electricuting you and blowing your head off.
-Sub-Zero's fatality changed to a super uppercut, Instead of him ripping your head off with the spine attached.

Mortal Kombat: The Movie:
USA Trailer for MK features a line 'Liu Kang: You can't run from me Shang!' 'Shang: I don't need to run!' Witch isnt in the film at all. UK Trailer for MK has some slight changes, When we see Johnny Cage with the staff, they placed a new grunt over his original, Also they took out Rayden's laugh from the trailer (you see him laughing with no sound), and finaly when you see the souls escaping from Shang Tsung they added some new weird buzzing sound. The UK version of the Mortal Kombat movie has slight things cut:
Changed Things:
-You dont see Scorpions spear snapping at his face at all when Cage is against the tree.
-During the fight between Johnny Cage and the 4 Stunt men, in the US version of the film the last guy swing's his nunchucku at Johnny Cage, Then Cage punch's him 3 times in the face, then finish's him with a roundhouse, and he forgets to fall down. In this UK version, the guy DOES NOT swing his nunchuku at Johnny Cage at all.
-In the Goro Vs Art lean Scene, Goro knocks Art to the ground, Then Cage 'Common Art, Get up!' In the US Version, This is where Art makes a comeback, and Fly Kicks Goro, in the UK version his fly kick was totaly removed.

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