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Defenders of the Realm

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Name: Swords of Ilkan

This episode begins with a battle between Kitana and the Amazon Leader, a guard arrives in time and arrests Amazon, the battle interrupts, but Kitana knows that it will continue again some day. Many years ago the meanest enemy of princess returns. In the past, the Amazon managed to find one of the two Swords of Ilkan. The connection of these swords has big destructive force and it's possible to open portal with it to other worlds. To get to the second sword Amazon Leader takes Jax as a hostage and Kitana with Sonya have to go to planet Ilkan to save their friend. They defeate the gigantic guard and take the sword, but Kitana decides not to give the mortal arm to people with dark feelings. The unfinished battle continues and this time the princess wins. The swords of Ilkan are now in the hands of defenders of good.

By: Sean Catherine Derek, Cynthia Harrison and Brooks Wachtel

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