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Game Storylines

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Name: Mortal Kombat Mythologies

These events can also be found in the complete Mortal Kombat Saga (look around in the Scorpion & Sub-Zero chapter in the saga).

Thousands of years ago, Shinnok existed as an Elder God. The Elder Gods are the true rulers of all realms. They watch as worlds are created and destroyed and govern the realms with untold eons of wisdom. Shinnok, however, gave in to greed and illusions of false power by the new realm of could have that realm to himself, he would have power unmatched. When he attacks Earth he has to face the young god of thunder known as Raiden, who was appointed as Earth's guardian by the Elder Gods themselves. Their battle for the realm of Earth was fierce, causing the planets near

destruction and plunging it into centuries of darkness. But, the thunder god eventually won as Shinnok's overconfidence proved to be his undoing. Raiden discovered that Shinnok entered the realm through the powers of a mystical amulet. It allowed Shinnok to enter the realm without challenge and keep the other Elder Gods from intervening. The amulet could only be created once, and Rayden stripped it from Shinnok's possession. With the aid of the true Elder Gods, Rayden banished the fallen god into a place known as the Netherealm.
Determined to keep the amulet from ever falling into the wrong hands, Rayden buried it deep within the mountains of China. He created a massive temple within the mountain to house the amulet and appointed four immortal guardians to keep watch they represented the four elements of earth. As long as the amulet remained on Earth, Shinnok would be trapped, forced to remain dormant for the rest of eternity.

But the Quan Chi appeared in the netherealm, he offered Shinnok a deal, in exchange for a place as an arch-sorcerer at Shinnok's side, Quan Chi would free him from the Lucifer, who was responsible for the suffering of Shinnok in the Netherealm.But after this succeeded Shinnok was still trapped in the Netherealm. Quan Chi now went to Shang Tsung, because he self was not able to enter the sacred temple which holds the amulet because it was

guarded by the four reprisentatives of the elements. The sorcerer appointed to conquer earth in Mortal Kombat, went for aid to the clan called Lin Kuei, ten years before Liu Kang defeated him in Mortal Kombat. The Lin Kuei send in their most powerfull warrior, Sub-Zero. Only he was able to withstand the power of the elements who guard the sacred temple. Firstly Sub-Zero had to find an ancient map which would show him the way to the amulet. He soon finds out that Scorpion, his enemy from another clan is also searching for the amulet, for his clan, also in order to serve Quan Chi, and eventually Shinnok. Sub-Zero does as him's told and begins the quest for the ancient map. After this he can begin his mission of finding the amulet and return it to his Lin Kuei Master. 

In this quest Sub-Zero had to face Scorpion, who was killed by Sub-Zero in a fierce battle. Sub-Zero finds the amulet and returns it to Shinnok, when Raiden got to know this he chased down Sub-Zero and send him to the Netherealm to return him the Amulet. Sub-Zero once again succeeds in his mission. Now Shinnok has to remain in the Netherealm, and earth is save again, (untill in Mortal Kombat 4), Quan Chi appeared.

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