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Mortal Kombat Warriors Information

Warriors Index
Name: Kano
Clan/Race: Black Dragon


Former Clan: None
Status: Unknown
Origin: Earth
Known Relatives:
A mercenary, thug, extortionist thief, Kano lives a life of crime and injustice. He is a devoted member of the Black Dragon, a dangerous group of cutthroat madmen feared and respected throughout all of crime's inner circles. Taking place in the first new Mortal Kombat tournament, working for Shang Tsung, he is stalked by Sonya who wants her revenge on him for killing her partner.

Kano is thought to have been killed in the first tournament. Instead he's found alive in the outworld where he once again escapes capture by Sonya. Before the actual outworld invasion, Kano convinces Shao Kahn to spare his soul. Kahn needs somebody to teach his warriors how to use earth's weapons. Kano is the man to do it.

Back in Shao Kahn’s army during his invasion, Kano plans to take over control of Shao Kahn’s outworld in the future. But first he has to face his worst enemy, Sonya Blade, and he is not able to defeat her. On a high skyscraper near Shao Kahn's fortress, Sonya defeats Kano with kano's death, Sonya is finally able to complete her revenge.

After Kano was defeated by Sonya, he laye severely injured, and would surely have perished had motaro not seen the fight. The Centaur brought Kano back to Shao Kahn's fortress and revived him with magic. Although Motaro had rescued him so he could later face the wrath of Shao Kahn for his failure to defeat Sonya. But the Shokan warrior, Sheeva, slew Motaro outside of Kahn's cell. She was on her way to assassinate Shao Kahn as well when Kano offered his assistance if Sheeva let him out of his cage. Kano and Sheeva proceeded to the throne room of Shao Kahn. When they arrived at the door, Kano suggested that he go in first to distract the Emperor. Kano would give his signal for Sheeva to enter and slay the preoccupied Shao Kahn. But Kano betrayed Sheeva and informed Shao Kahn of her assassination plot. When Kano called her in, Shao Kahn thrust a sword through her chest from behind. Impressed with Kano's loyalty even in the face of severe punishment or death, the Emperor Shao Kahn put him in charge of his armies in place of the slain Motaro. He ordered to return to Outworld to bring reinforcements for the final attack on Earthrealm. By the time Kano had garned his troops for the final invasion, Shao Kahn had been overpowered and retreated to Outworld, Kano has remained in that realm serving his emperor since then.

Kano had remained in Outworld and served as General of Shao Kahn's military after the retreat from Earthrealm. For years he enjoyed the power of commanding the greatest army in Outworld. But Shao Kahn's power was fading and there was a chance that Kitana's forces might spell the Emperor's undoing. Princess Kitana succeeded in seperating her realm of Edenia from Outworld. To ensure Shao Kahn would never again have a chance to claim her world as his own, she led her army in a pre-emptive strike against the weakened Emperor. Kano's armies were overwhelmed, and it seemed to him that he may have joined the losing side. Kano's army repelled Kitana's first assault. Kano had proven to be an excellent general. Unknown to Kano, however, Kitana had allied herself with the Shokan armies, led by Prince Goro. Their combined forces attacked with intensified ferocity. Kano had once again repelled Princess Kitana's forces, but he did not know for how long he could hold them off. He went to personally inform Shao Kahn of the victory, but discovered the Emperor to be engaged in a spectacular battle with the two sorcerors Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. He stood behind a pillar and waited for the outcome of the battle. At first it had seemed that Shao Kahn would emerge victorious, but the combined strength of Quan Chi and Shang Tsung proved to be too much for the weakened Emperor. The sorcerers had won. Kano emerged from the shadows, and pledged his allegiance to the Deadly Alliance.
Fighting Style:
Xing Yi: Meaning "mind form," Xing Yi is a simple and practical style of kung-fu which originated in the San-Shih province of China. This is a northern Chinese system which relies on short basic forms of training. This art has long been associated with Ba Gua and the two are often taught together.

Aikido: This is a Japanese martial art developed in the first half of the 20th century by Morihei Uyeshiba. Aikido is a
distillation of arts learned by Uyeshiba over the course of his life, including Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu, Kito Ryu Jujutsu, Shinkage Ryu Jujutsu, Yagyu Ryu Kenjutsu, Yarijutsu, and military training.

Butterfly: The Butterfly Knives are a Chinese weapon with a 200-year history as part of the Shaolin system. It is the primary
weapon of Wing Chun and also taught in Hung Gar, as well as other styles.
Extra Information:
Warriors Index

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