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Mortal Kombat Warriors Information

Warriors Index
Name: Kung Lao
Clan/Race: White Lotus Society

Kung Lao

Former Clan: None
Status: Alive
Origin: Earth
Known Relatives:
Descendant of the great Kung Lao who was defeated by Goro, 500 years ago.
A former shaolin monk and member of the white lotus society. He is the last descendant of the great kung lao who was defeated by goro 500 years ago. Knowing that his friend liu kang was chosen to represent earth in Mortal Kombat, he too wants to have this honor in the future. Realizing the danger of the outworld menace he joins Liu Kang in entering Shao Kahn's contest as a chosen warrior in the second new Mortal Kombat tournament. Like Liu Kang, Kung Lao also grieves the loss of their Shaolin brothers. He realizes that his ultimate fate lies within the dark realms of the outworld. He gets his revenge with Liu Kang and the other chosen warriors as they defeat the outworld emperor.

Kung Lao's plan to reform the White Lotus Society comes to a halt when Shao Kahn's invasion takes the earth by storm. As a chosen warrior Kung Lao must use his greatest fighting skills to bring down Shao Kahn's reign of terror. He seeks Liu Kang and together they battle Kahn's forces fearlessly during shao Kahn's invasion. Using the knowledge he obtained as a Shaolin Monk he fights in the name of his great ancestor, the original Kung Lao. He emerges victorious but suffers from injuries during battle with Kahn's forces.

After the Deadly Alliance between Quan Chi and Shang Tsung was formed, Kung Lao was the first to find the body of his friend and fellow Shaolin monk Liu Kang. He later discovered that it was in fact Shang Tsung who had dealt the fatal blow. Enraged, Kung Lao abandoned his Shaolin beliefs and vowed revenge against the sorcerer. Kung Lao realized that he could not defeat Shang Tsung without additional training. The Outworld master, Bo' Rai Cho, had taught Liu Kang the flying kick he needed to defeat the sorcerer in the past. Kung Lao eventually located Bo' Rai Cho, who agreed to train him for the battle to come.

Rage fueled Kung Lao's thirst for revenge. The memory of holding his fellow monk's broken body on the lei tai of the Wu Shi Academy grounds consumed him as he rained blow after blow down upon Shang Tsung. Kung Lao had finally mastered the attack Bo' Rai Cho had taught him. The sorcerer could not withstand his whirlwind assault. Shang Tsung begged for mercy. Kung Lao granted him none. Upon his return to Earthrealm, Kung Lao stood before the modest shrine to Liu Kang which had been erected by the Wu Shi initiates during his absence in Outworld. He lit a stick of incense and placed it among the others already burning there. He bowed his head and prayed for safe passage to the afterlife for his friend and brother. With Shang Tsung's death, Liu Kang's spirit could rest peacefully. Earthrealm was safe once more, but at terrible cost. The work of the White Lotus society had become more important than ever.
Fighting Style:
Shaolin Fist: The Shaolin Buddhist temple was established in China about 500 A.D. In about 539 A.D. a holy man named Bodhidharma left his monastery in Southern India to spread the Buddhist faith to China. During his travels, he visited a Shaolin monastery. The monks there were in such bad shape physically that they could not meditate properly, so odhidharma
developed an exercise program to get them into shape. The program included several Indian fighting style elements. Over time, a Kung Fu style grew out of this training, aided by the fact that many of the priests were retired soldiers and generals.

Mantis: This is a newer martial art, developed in 1600 A.D. by Wang Lang in the Ming Dynasty in Northern China. Wang Lang based this martial art on observations he made of a praying mantis fighting a cicada. The art later splintered into a number of different variations including Seven-Star, Plum Blossum, Six Combinations, and Secret Door. For the most part, Seven-Star is a hard style avoiding direct opposition to the opponent's energy. This style is part of the Shaolin system of martial arts.

Broadsword: The Broadsword is known as the marshall of weapons, the arm of foot soldiers and Manchurian officials. Broadswords vary in length, but should generally reach the user's eyebrow when held upright along the arm. It's categorized as a short weapon. It usually has a two-edged blade and is designed for slashing rather than thrusting.
Extra Information:
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