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Mortal Kombat Warriors Information

Warriors Index
Name: Cyrax
Clan/Race: The U.S Special Forces


Former Clan: Lin Kuei
Status: Alive
Known Relatives:
Cyrax is unit LK-4D4 the 2nd of three prototype cybernetic ninjas built by the Lin Kuei. Like his counterparts his last programmed command is to find and terminate the rogue ninja, Sub-Zero. Without a soul Cyrax goes undetected by Shao Kahn and remains a possible threat against his occupation of earth during Shao Kahn's invasion. But Cyrax is captured by Sub-Zero and reprogrammed to defeat Shao Kahn. But once the Emperor's attack on Earth was foled Cyrax had no further instructions and shut down in a barren desert. He was recovered by Special Forces agents Sonya Blade and Jackson Briggs who restored hs soul through a dangerous technical procedure. In return for their help, he joined the Special Forces Outerworld Investigation Agency and become a scout in the realm of Outworld. His mission was to scout out potential threats from that realm and report his findings to Jax back in Earthrealm.

After the formation of the Deadly Alliance between Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. Cyrax was on a transport to Outworld where a reptilian creature ambushed Cyrax. His arm console was damaged in the struggle and with it his Inter-realm portal technology. He defeated the creature, but will had to find some other means to return to Outworld. After Reptile scurried away in defeat, Cyrax was approached by a vampire woman named Nitara who had been watching the fight. She offered to return Cyrax to his Earthrealm home if he could retrieve for her a mystical orb from it's hiding place. Nitara could not approach it herself, but Cyrax's Earthrealm technology would allow him to enter the harsh environment the orb had been concealed in.

Meanwhile, when Cyrax had not reported back from Outworld at the pre-designated time, Jax knew something was wrong. He send the new recruit Kenshi to search for Cyrax. Eventually, Agent Kenshi became stranded in Outworld as well when the Special Forces Outworld Investigation Agency was destroyed by a member of the Red Dragon clan. Jax and Sonya had to find some other way to return both Kenshi and Cyrax to Earthrealm.

When Cyrax went to get the Orb for Nitata, the enormous heat and pressure of the lava burned out Cyrax's sensors almost immediately. He cast about blindly in the infernal pit, searching for the orb Nitara had sent him to locate. Cyrax found it
resting upon a small submerged pedestal beneath the molten depths. As soon as he clambered to the surface, she demanded he hand over the Orb. Nitara had promised to return Cyrax to Earthrealm once the orb had been retrieved. Taking her necklace in hand, she uttered a mystical incantation. A swirling portal opened around Cyrax and he only had time for a solemn bow before he was swept into the gateway.
Fighting Style:
Ninjitsu: Translated as The Art of Stealth, Ninjitsu is a term used to describe all the arts taught to a ninja warrior including
armed and unarmed combat, as well as camouflage and espionage. It is still a widely debated subject, but the term ninja has many possible histories. Some think that they were mercenaries who trained in stealth and martial arts and were employed as spies, saboteurs, and assassins. Others counter this argument and state that they were actually samurai warriors who needed to cover their faces to take such drastic action and hide who they really were. Whatever the derivation, ninja has become a word that instills fear and an appreciation for their talent.

Sambo: Sambo is a style of wrestling developed by the Soviets in the early 1930's, originally conveived as a means of unarmed crowd control for the police. The art is a distillation of over 20 folk arts native to the Soviet Union as well as Greco-Roman
Wrestling, Judo, Jujutsu and Free Style Wrestling.

Pulse Blade: This weapon is standard issue for the Lin Kuei cyborg Ninjas and is a deadly instrument in and of itself. The
Special Forces tech department further modified Cyrax's Light Sword into a Pulse Blade, which now has more power and has become a truly devastating weapon.
Extra Information:
Warriors Index

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