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Mortal Kombat Warriors Information

Warriors Index
Name: Reptile
Clan/Race: None


Former Clan: The Zaterrian Race
Status: Alive
Origin: Zaterra
Known Relatives:
Reptile is an actual reptile under his mask who comes from a lost race of reptilian creatures called Raptors. Possessing the chameleon like ability to blend into backgrounds.

As Shang Tsung's personal protector the elusive Reptile lurks in the shadows stopping all those whom would do his master harm. His human form is, by most, believed to disguise a horrid reptilian creature whose race was thought extinct millions of years ago. Although he is a difficult opponent he couldn't stop the chosen warriors from defeating his master and save their earth realm from an outworld invasion in the first new Mortal Kombat tournament.

Reptile was ordered by Shao Kahn to kidnap Kitana during the second new Mortal Kombat tournament, but was unsuccessful. When Kahn was defeated, Reptile was imprisoned in Edenia, and later freed by his emperor. Always a reliable servant to Shao Kahn, Reptile is chosen to assist Jade in the capture of Kitana during Shao Kahn's invasion. In contrast of Jade's instructions, Reptile is ordered to stop the renegade princess at all costs... Even if it means her death. But even with his skills Reptile was not able to capture Kitana as she allies herself with his former companion Jade.

Now a general of Shinnok's army of darkness, he was banished to the Netherealm for committing genocide against several species. Responsible for the death of thousands, Reptile is a dangerous ally to the forces of evil in Shinnok's war. But once again even Reptile isn't able to stop the chosen warriors in defeating the outworld menace. Again Reptile finds himself defeated, and with him the evil elder god Shinnok which brings him back to his previous master: Shao Kahn.

The Warrior known as Reptile has grown much stronger and more primal since his first appearance in the tournament. His physical appearance has morphed into something more animal than man. After Shao Kahn's defeat in Earthrealm, Reptile returned to Outworld to protect his master. His main duty has been to seek and destroy any possible threats to Shao Kahnb's rule. Reptile has slain many would-be rulers before they had a chance to gain momentum against the Emperor. The lastest threat to Shao Kahn is the united forces of Princess Kitana and Prince Goro. One one of his tasks from the Emperor, he witnessed the conversation between Shang Tsung and Quan Chi in which they agreed to assassinate Shao Kahn. Angry acidic drool seethed from Reptile's teeth to the ground below... Reptile knew he was no match for both sorcerors at once. He decided he could best serve hist master Shao Kahn if he could warn him of the impending attack. As he made way to Shao Kahn's Fortress, he was intercepted by a vampire woman called Nitara. She claimed to have information that would help his master Shao Kahn in the battle with Kitana's forces, Reptile knew he could trust her. He could sense no deceit. Nitara led Reptile across the plains of Outworld to the hidden location of Kitana's military encampment. If Reptile could get this information to Shao Kahn, the Emperor could send Kano's troops to smash them in a surprise attack. He had to get back to Shao Kahn immediately. When Reptile finally arrived in Shao Kahn's throne room, he was devestated to find the Emperor lying dead on the floor. Judging by the smell of magic in the air, he realized that Quan Chi and Shang Tsung had already sprung their attack. Reptile believed that his master's death was his fault. He should have returned to the fortress much sooner. In anguish over his failure, he wandered Outworld aimlessly, until he once again came across Nitara. Feeling the need to redeem himself, he pledged his life to her service. This time, he would not fail. He would protect his new master well. Nitara ordered Reptile to attack an Earthrealm invader. She instructed Reptile to weaken the outsider by biting his armguard. The battle from that point on would be easy. Reptile couldn't defeat Cyrax, but succeeded to destroy him arm panel.

Just after Nitara was able to retrieve the Orb she needed with the help of Cyrax, Reptile emerged in the very same place. Despite the strong sulphurous stench that filled the chamber, Reptile could smell that Nitara and Cyrax had been there recently. There was no sign of them now, except for some scattered glass shards and a residual trace of strong magical energies. His revenge would have to wait. Suddenly an expectant hush filled the chamber as energy cascaded around what appeared to be a dragon embryo. The tiny dragon stretched and the egg cracked. A beam of energy ripped out from inside and lanced into Reptile. His world was filled with roaring power as his squamous body was twisted and transformed. The ancient prophecy had been fulfilled: the Dragon King had returned.
Fighting Style:
Hung Gar: Hung Gar, namely "Tiger Fist," is the synthesis of Southern Shaolin styles of Chinese kung fu, and is based on the movements of the tiger and the Crane. Hung Hei Goon is believed to have been the original developer of the style. He bagan
openly teaching it about 1813.

Crab: Taught to Reptile by his ancestors, the style imitates the side movements and claw attacks of the crab.

Kirehashi: Much like a typical Broadsword, the Kirehashi has some minor difference that allow it to be used more efficiently by Reptile. Its weight and balance are changed from the sleek and slim blade of Kung Lao, to a more hefty and cruel instrument. Still, it retains a sharp edge with which it can be used to slash an opponent to shreds.
Extra Information:
Warriors Index

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