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Mortal Kombat Warriors Information

Warriors Index
Name: Scorpion
Clan/Race: None


Former Clan: Shirai Ryu
Status: Alive
Origin: Earth
Known Relatives:
Wife and Child in his former life
A renegade Japanese-born Lin Kuei warrior named Takeda returned to his homeland and offered his services to various lords and generals, many of his skills and techniques were soon copied and learned throughout Japan, eventually "evolving" into the art of Ninjitsu. Unlike the Lin Kuei, the art of Ninjitsu involves the use of weapons and magic's that can be mastered by any human with enough practice. The Ninja never existed as a single collected clan, but rather worked as a loosely connected spy network made up of several small clans, the first Ninja clan was the Shirai Ryu, founded by Takeda himself, making them instant foes of the Lin Kuei and Takeda a target for assassination. Takeda became a respected warrior, leading a group of guards. But Shang Tsung, with aspirations to kill Kung Lao, send a magical and poisonous Scorpion to bite him, which altered his flesh and soul to that of pure evil. Takeda became the undead Scorpion who eventually escaped Shang Tsung's control, holding allegiance with no one.

Scorpion was given a chance by his demons to return to life in order to avenge his death, but in doing so, he would lose his memory of his wife and child forever. He chose to return, bent on revenge against Sub-Zero. Scorpion, in the form of a reincarnated specter, soon learned of Sub-Zero's intentions to compete in the Mortal Kombat Tournament and followed the Lin Kuei warrior onto the boat...Like Sub-Zero, Scorpions true name and origin are not knows by the most He has shown from time to time distrust and hatred towards Sub-Zero. Between ninjas this is usually a sign of opposing clans. But the true reason of Scorpion being hatred towards Sub-Zero is not what it seems. Years ago Scorpion was marked for death by his Lin Kuei clan Sub-Zero killed him in fair combat where only one man could come out alive Scorpion died leaving a wife and child in his former life unprotected as he heared they also were a victim of Sub Zeros horrors. But then... Scorpion returnes to the realm of earth... which allows to avenge the death of his family in a tournament called Mortal Kombat When Sub-Zero and Scorpion eventually meet, Scorpions powers are too big for Sub-Zero, when Scorpion has the chance to kill his sworn enemy he suddenly has the feeling that that this Sub-Zero could not be the the man who killed his family and clan, and he spares his life.

The hell-spawned specter rises from the pits. After learning of Sub-Zero's return. He again stalks the ninja assassin following him into the dark realm of the outworld where he continues his own unholy mission. He again enters Shao Kahn's tournament for a second chance to avenge his death But now again he is not able to find the freezing ninja and fullfill his unholy quest with the avenge of the death of his family in this second Mortal Kombat tournament. Scorpion disappeared from Sub-Zero's shadow. Because of his death he got trapped in earth's Hell And in the pits of Hell he waits for his chance to rise up from them. When Shao Kahn makes a failed attempt at stealing the souls which occupy the Hell of earth Scorpion is able to escape from the nether region. Free to roam the earth once more Scorpion is enlisted by the emperor to aid him in his quest to destroy the chosen warriors. For the third time corpion is not able to kill his sworn enemy Sub-Zero After the chosen warriors destroyed Shao Kahn with his allegiance earth is returned to normal For Scorpion this could only mean one thing...HELL. Here he waits for another oppertunity to find Sub-Zero and to put an end to his life.

In hopes of gaining Scorpion as an ally in the war against the elder gods, Quan Chi makes the death ninja an offer he cannot refuse LIFE...This in exchange for his services as a warrior against the elders Scorpion accepts but hides underulterior motives. The ninja spectre Scorpion had assumed for many years that Sub-Zero killed his family and clan, but now discovered that the true murderer was the sorcerer Quan Chi. After revealing his treachery, Quan Chi then attempted to send Scorpion to the 5th plane of the Neterrealm. Thinking quickly, Scorpion grappled with the sorcerer at the last moment and they were both transported to that forbidden realm. This turn of events boded well for Scorpion as his strength increased the longer he remained there. Quan Chi's powers, however, proved to be useless against him. Scorpion hunted Quan Chi relentlessly throughout the Netherealm, trashing him every chance he could. Eventually, Quan Chi enlisted the help of two Oni to protect him from the onslaught. When Quan Chi finally discovered a way out of the Netherealm through a strange portal, Scorpion refused to follow him. He emerged in Outworld but in a different location, fa from his prey. He can still sense Quan Chi's presence and will hunt him wherever he runs to. Quan Chi emerged in an ancient tomb in Outworld after which he would form a Deadly Alliance with Shang Tsung.

The hunt for Quan Chi had led Scorpion to the palace of Shang Tsung. Scorpion entered the palace through a hidden passage. As he made his way through the lower levels, he was discovered by the two Oni he had
previously encountered while in the Netherealm. Shang Tsung had secretly allied with Moloch and Drahmin as a backup defense against Quan Chi. The two Oni had been hidden in an underground chamber and were
periodically fed mortals to keep them satisfied. Scorpion fought well but was overpowered by Moloch and Drahmin. Although they could not consume the ninja spectre, they devised another means for eliminating their foe that would satisfy their cruel nature. The Oni brought Scorpion before the portal to The Heavens that Shang Tsung had tapped as a source of limitless souls. They hurled him into the Soulnado and his hellspawn body was ripped apart by the purity of that realm.
Fighting Style:
Hapkido: Hapkido is the martial art of Choi, Yong Sul. Mr. Choi was born in Korea, but was brought to Japan as a young boy. Eventually he was adopted into the household of Takeda Sokaku, head to Daito-Ryu Aikijutsu. Mr. Choi lived and studied with Takeda Sokaku until Sokaku's death. At the end of World War II, Mr. Choi returned to his native Korea and supported himself and his family by teaching a "new" martial art, Hapkido, which was based on the Daito-Ryu Aikijutsu he learned in Japan. Later elements of traditional Korean arts were incorporated into the style.

Pi Gua: Pi Gua means "armor wearing boxing" and was originally beleived to be a subset of Tong Bei QUan (white ape). The style is usually attributed to Wu Zhong of the Hebei Province of China. Baji Quan and Pi Gua have long been closely associated and are often taught together.

Ninja Sword: A favored weapon of the Shinobi, it's similar to the katana but with a straighter blade. It was made more for
piercing the armor of samurai than slicing.
Extra Information:
Warriors Index

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