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Mortal Kombat Warriors Information

Warriors Index
Name: Sonya Blade
Clan/Race: The U.S Special Forces

Sonya Blade

Former Clan: None
Status: Alive
Origin: Austin, Texas
Known Relatives:
Major Herman Blade (father)
Erica Blade (mother)
Daniλl Blade (twin brother, deceased)
Sonya is a member of a top US Special Forces unit. Her team was hot on the tail of Kanos black dragon organization who were the murderers of her partner. They followed them to an uncharted island where they were ambushed by Shang Tsungs personal army Captured by Shang Tsung Sonyas special forces unit was taken hostage their only hope was the tournament. Shang Tsung promised to release the entire team Sonya was chosen and was now able to take part in the tournament called Mortal Kombat. With the other chosen warriors she manages to defeat Shang Tsung and free her unit.

After the first new tournament Sonya Blade turned up missing she was held captive by Shao Kahn during the second tournament but is later rescued by Jax who embarked a rescue mission into the outworld and found Sonya being held captive with her nemesis Kano. By freeing Sonya Jax also frees Kano. Kano then uses the chance to escape arrest.

After returning to earth she and Jax try to warn the US government of the looming outworld menace. Lacking proof they watch helplessly as Shao Kahn begins his invasion. Sonya defeats her archenemy Kano high atop a skyscraper near Shao Kahns fortress. During Shao Kahn's invasion of the Earthrealm, Sonya faced off with a Black Dragon member known as Kano atop a high building. She had dealt with Kano before, and she was intent on making this encounter the last. After Kano had dealt her a devestating blow, she feinted defeat to draw Kano in. When he was in position, she hurled him over the side of the building to the street below. She later reported Kano's death to the Special Forces. After her revenge was complete she continues her quest aside the other chosen warriors to defeat Shao Kahn during his invasion. After the defeat of Kahn and the world was returned to its normal state she has no problems convincing her superiors to form the outer world investigation agency devoted to protecting the earth against a possible future invasion from other realms.

After her journey into the Outworld and Shao Kahns near destruction of Earth Sonya becomes a member of Earths own Outworld Investigation Agency. Sonya and Jax also discovered the cyborg ninja Cyrax immobalized... caught in a instructional loop. They brought him to the Special Forces tech labs and restored his humanity. To show his gratification for releasing him from a digital nightmare, Cyrax pledged his services to the Special Forces and currently reports to the Outworld Investigation Agency. Sonya's first mission was to track down the last member of Kano's clan of Black Dragon, Jarek. This mission leads her to Lui Kang on his quest to aid the troubled Thunder God Raiden in Shinnok's war. She must survive long enough to warn her government of the new menace brought on by Quan Chi To help rescueing the world Jarek now finds himself fighting alongside Sonya and the earth warriors to help defeat the evil elder god Shinnok But after the defeat of Shinnok and his forces of darkness Sonya still wants to arrest him for the crimes he comitted Jarek refuses to turn himself in and proclaims that the Black Dragon lives on even with the death of Kano. Then when he tries to toss Sonya of a cliff Sonya manages to toss him off it instead Jarek dies and so the Black Dragon is believed.

While on assignment demolishing ancient inter-realm portals in the East, Sonya received a distressing message from Jax that the Outworld Investigation Agency had been completely destroyed by an accomplice of Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. A new thread from Outworld was imminent. But without their inter-realm portals, Jax and Sonya had no means to prevent the attack. Sonya also realized that there were now two agents lost in Outworld. The first was the ninja cyborg Cyrax, whom the agency had lost contact with some time ago. And now Agent Kenshi, originally sent to find Cyrax, was lost as well. She would have to find a way to get to Outworld and bring them home.

Sonya was visited by the God of Thunder, Raiden. He asked for her aid in the coming fight against the Deadly Alliance. Sonya agreed to join her old friend and ally, but she expressed concern that all inter-realm portals on Earth were now destroyed. Raiden instructed her to meet with the other heroes on the old istand fortress in the Lost Sea where he would adress this issue. The island had once been the location of her first Mortal Kombat tournament a decade ago. Now it was an abandoned reminder of the struggle between Earthrealm and forces of evil. Sonya arrived on Shang Tsung's abandoned island fortress and was greated by one of her allies against evil, Kung Lao. He seemed depressed, but would not offer an explination. By late afternoon, a small boat, apparently formed of ice, floated to shore. It was the Lin Kuei ninja, Sub-Zero, and his warrior-in-training, Frost. Sonya was not excited to see Frost, her first meeting with the new Lin Kuei recruit was not a pleasant one. By nightfall, the remaining Earthrealm warriors had arrived. As she and the other heroes waited for Raiden to appear, she came to the realisation that this time she had no plan of attack. All Sonya knew for sure was that somehow she had to rescue her fellow agents. As her Special Forces training dictated, no man would be left behind. Raiden eventually appeared and transported the heroes to a celestial portal to Outworld. Battle was imminent.

After the destruction of the Deadly Alliance, Sonya searched for the missing Special Forces agent Kenshi. She finally
discovered him badly beaten and near death apparently from hook- like wounds in his ribcage. She managed to return him to the rendezvous point where I transported them back to Earthrealm. Upon her return, Sonya was promoted to General and given her choice of command. She hand-picked a team to deal with new terrorist threats located on Earth. While in Outworld, Special Agent Kenshi had learned of a new threat to peace. The Red Dragon had awakened.
Fighting Style:
Kenpo: Kenpo is a western style modern variation of Japanese Karate. Kenpo was originally introduced to the Hawaiian Islands
as kenpo jujutsu and later adapted into wnat is now called Kenpo or Kenpo Karate. Currently, Kenpo is popular in Hawaii, Europe, New Zealand and the Americas.

Tae Kwon Do: Japan occupied and heavily influenced Korea from 1910 through the end of WWII. At that time, Korea gained its
independence and began reclaiming its martial culture. Several kwans arose, which were later combined into Tae Soo Do in 1955. In 1957 the stlye was renamed Tae Kwon Do. Japanese occupation influenced Tae Kwon Do through the introduction of Shotokan. Initially taught to the military, Tae Kwon Do is now a widely practiced sport. In many respects, Tae Kwon Do is the Korean equivalent of Karate, with more emphasis placed on kicking.

Kali Sticks: Kali Sticks is a martial art of the Philippines. The terms Escrima, Arnis and Kali are used to descrive the many
"stick" arts native to the Philippines. The jungle environment on the islands leads to the natural development of arts which utitlize sticks and/or long knives.
Extra Information:
Warriors Index

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